Hell's Kitchen Homicide: A Conor Bard Mystery

Hell's Kitchen Homicide: A Conor Bard Mystery[PDF / Epub] ☉ Hell's Kitchen Homicide: A Conor Bard Mystery By Charles Kipps – Oaklandjobs.co.uk A fast paced debut thriller “with great characters and hot action” says Stuart Woods—from an award winning television writer and producer whose credits include the crime drama hits Law and Orde A fast paced debut thriller “with Homicide: A eBook ´ great characters and hot action” says Stuart Woods—from an award winning television writer and producer whose credits include the crime drama Hell's Kitchen PDF \ hits Law and Order and Columbo When a corpse is discovered at the edge of the Hudson River homicide detective Conor Bard is called to the scene Kitchen Homicide: A Epub Ù The victim turns out to be Walter Lawton a hugely successful criminal defense attorney with rud ties to the Mafia Among the prime suspects is Lawton’s chic Kitchen Homicide: A Conor Bard eBook æ sexy wife who stands to inherit two hundred million dollars and was having an affair with one of her husband’s most dangerous clients Did Lawton’s ruthless wife kill him with the help of her Mafioso lover Or the elusive Albanian gunman Or was it one of Lawton’s bitter clients who murdered him And how does Monica the intriguing young Albanian woman Conor becomes involved with fit into the picture Conor Bard soon becomes enmeshed in a web of secrets lies and seductionAnd his own life may be in jeopardySet on the streets of New York City this tantalizing blend of authentic fast paced action crossing plot lines and complex multi faceted Kitchen Homicide: A Conor Bard eBook æ characters marks the start of an exciting new mystery series. I think that the timing of which I read the book made me rate it higher but nonetheless a 4 stars without uestion It was an easy read with a good plot that keeps you hook thought out and the story moves along uite well without that dreaded feeling that the author is just staling to fill up the pages The book as a little bit of everything suspense action drama and even sarcastic humour between two long time partners cops Good story believable character what can I saya must read for those looking to be entertained A good read but somewhat a bit too easy to anticipate the twists Good story that moves well keeps the reader entertained; the characters are pretty one dimensional with the main character being of interest to a lot of women and his partner always wanting to eat While the novel is enjoyable it isn't hard to figure out who did it I wasn't pleased with the ending but it fit Conor's characterDespite Conor's many women friends there isn't explicit sex or extreme profanity which gave this an additional star Very well written I like fairly short chapters and Mr Kipps obligedI found the book intriguing and easy to keep track of the characters The ending was not what I was expecting but was surprising and one I felt was right for this particular storyMr Kipps is a wonderful author for sure This was simply an entertaining book Enjoyed the story line liked the characters and the author's writing style First I've read by Kipps but I'll be interested in reading Enjoyed the city the protag walks to his precinct and to restaurants and interesting insight into the Albanian takeover of Italian restaurants A little too pat though all wrapped up in the end Almost a 5 star but for the ending which was a big disappointment for this reader This was to me a mediocre detective crime drama book The plot was the book's shining point and even though it was fairly predictable it was still fairly entertaining What I didn't like about the book was the voice and viewpoint from which it was told To me it read like a really poorly crafted film noir I was not surprised when I read that the author has worked in law and order criminal intent I found the dialogue that came out of the mouths of the characters to be totally stereotypicallike something you would see on bad crime drama tv I will not read anything else by this author it's way to kitchy and stereotypical for me uite enjoyed this run of the mill mystery by an author who writes scripts for Law and Order and CSI I think Characters well developed and plot moves along at a nice pace The twist at the end was forseeable but not predictable the identity of the murderer which I enjoyed The decision Detective Conor Bard had to make in the end was bittersweet but I think I admire and respect him for it Hopefully this will be the first book of a series because I would love to know what happens to some of the characters Personally I think this is a very underrated novel The writing is good though not spectacular but it's the story that I believe makes this book truly great For the most part it is your standard police procedural You have a detective with some sort of uirk in this case a wannabe rock star with a wisecracking partner The dialogue is fun and playful and the mystery is spectacular The book has its share of predictable moments but it is truly worth the journey

Hell's Kitchen Homicide: A Conor Bard Mystery eBook
  • Hardcover
  • 307 pages
  • Hell's Kitchen Homicide: A Conor Bard Mystery
  • Charles Kipps
  • English
  • 20 November 2016
  • 9781439127902