Diccionario de símbolos tradicionales

Diccionario de símbolos tradicionales[BOOKS] ✭ Diccionario de símbolos tradicionales By Juan Eduardo Cirlot – Oaklandjobs.co.uk A valuable reference this informatively entertaining volume presents a key to elucidating the symbolic worlds encountered in both the arts the history of ideas Alphabetical entries clarify essential m A valuable reference this informatively entertaining volume presents a key Diccionario de PDF \ to elucidating the symbolic worlds encountered in both the arts the history of ideas Alphabetical entries clarify essential meanings of each symbol as drawn from religion astrology alchemy numerology etc black white illustrations. Okay I didn't read it word for word but I did go through the whole book Yes you can get a lot of this type of information online but it's handy to have it in book format both to flick through for inspiration and to do a uick check on particular words I've used it as inspiration both for creative writing and for naming a company It's not a bad idea to make sure your chosen name doesn't mean death or the root of all evil ; My wish to understand the historical and literary concepts of a symbol lead me to this book As with any dictionary it is not meant to be devoured whole; a rather targetted approach would be closer to how you would read it waking up from a badsymbolic dream looking for inspiration naming your brandusername some creative endeavour or searching for meaning behind the ending of some film It is in no way the personal interpretations of the author it’s a very academic book where the target audience I presume already has some sort of idea about the psychology of symbols particularly within a historical context therefore not particularly suitable for a humble beginner like myself There is a lengthy introduction to sort of try and rectify what a symbol is and what it isn’t and a nod to Carl Jung’s idea of the “collective unconscious” which plays out as the main theme for each symbol All in all a recommended addition to your existential shelves A solid older reference to some of the most interesting topics concerning symbolism I was first directed to this book over twenty years ago It still is valuable reference book for when I am doing research for the back story of a character or just for a deeper understanding on things seen in film hope to read in depth some day Great if you need to know some of the meanings of a symbol It's not comprehensive but a good guide A Dictionary of Symbols Hardcover by Juan Eduardo Cirlot Dust Jacket in rough conditionJungian symbolism relates to the human experience of sexuality in both mind and body Has a bibliography index This book discusses the particular symbols and ideas related to those symbols popular in everyday culture It does this in a scholarly manner that is really interesting Sometimes the entries are really short when you expect them to be pretty long Take Prester John for instance I know he was supposed to be some legendary King of Christendom back in the Middle Ages but I never thought he would only have one sentence devoted to him It covers all of the Tarot Cards all weapons that I could think of and all animals of any symbolic significance So this book is pretty cool if you like symbols and it has a bibliography that you can use to further your research I read the whole thing through but you might just want to find a particular entry Either way this book was enjoyable and uite fascinating An unapologetically Jungian inspired dictionary of symbols In limited space covers a number of cultural manifestations of each symbol with a latent argument for some sort of generalizable meaning Well written with interesting art pieces Particularly helpful for those interested in mythology or the archetypal uality of dreams This is an awesome book It's a part of the 25 books i recieved for Christmas It provides the knowledge which would enable someone to read pretty much anything i don't understand why ben gates and riley didn't just buy this book instead of going to ben's mom Good basic reference for a collective unconscious version of symbolism Can be applied toward art literature dreams and anything else that hits your radar Good for reading into children's and outsider art than probably necessary Also fun just to open anywhere and read

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  • Hardcover
  • 419 pages
  • Diccionario de símbolos tradicionales
  • Juan Eduardo Cirlot
  • 19 June 2014
  • 9780802202505