The June Boys

The June Boys The Gemini Thief Could Be Anyone Your Father, Your Mother, Your Best Friend S Crazy Uncle Some Country Music Star S Deranged Sister AnyoneThe Gemini Thief Is A Serial Kidnapper, Who Takes Three Boys And Holds Them Captive From June St To June Th Of The Following Year The June Boys Endure Thirteen Months Of Being Stolen, Hidden, Observed, And Fed Before They Are Released, Unharmed, By Their Masked Captor The Thief Is A Pro, Having Eluded Authorities For Nearly A Decade And Taken At Least Twelve BoysNow Thea Delacroix Has Reason To Believe The Gemini Thief Took A Thirteenth Victim Her Cousin, Aulus McClaghenBut The Game Changes When One Of The Kidnapped Boys Turns Up Dead Together With Her Boyfriend Nick And Her Best Friends, Thea Is Determined To Find The Gemini Thief And The Remaining Boys Before It S Too Late Only She S Beginning To Wonder Something Sinister, Something Repulsive, Something Unbelievable, And Yet, Not Impossible What If Her Father Is The Gemini Thief What an astonishing, captivating, complex, dark, dazzling, deep, dreary story After you read its blurb you may imagine how a book s story can affect you so deeply and put your emotions everywhere Not easy to read, absorb for every reader There is a Gemini thief out there taking three boys and holding them as his captivates from June 1st to the June 31th of the following year He can be anyone He can be she Your pervert uncle, your lovely father, your talkative mother, your creepy teacher or the salesman who tried to convince you buy bibles The thief is smart, never leaving traces, keeping his identity disguised.I loved balanced, honest, genuine relationships and deep bond between the characters All of them were well rounded and relatable characters I loved Thea, Nick, Aulus, Gladys and Tank.At some parts the story moved back and forth too many times which was a little confusing so I went back to read some pages again to make sure I didn t get any wrong assumptions But this is brave, dark, unique, gripping book questioning everyone s motives and confuses the hell of you This one also killed my spider senses and I couldn t find the identity of this vicious, terrifying thief.It was fresh, brand new, different approach, I love YA thrillers And this book is one of the best examples of them.Special thanks to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for sharing this incredible book s ARC COPY in exchange my honest review For a long time this brilliant author s Four Three Two One is on my tbr list and I should get this book into my hands sooner because I enjoyed her creative writing.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter I have read and loved a few Courtney Stevens books in the past so I expected to feel the same about this one, but that was so not the case This was. extremely disappointing The story was SO hard to follow and I kept tripping myself up because it is told in a somewhat nonlinear format but I didn t realize that until right at the very end and it was so damn confusing I also feel like the ending had no grounding in the plot and came completely out of nowhere not in a good way Honestly y all I desperately wanted to love this one but so much of it just. didn t make sense and I am SAD. 3.5 stars rounded up The Gemini Thief is a serial kidnapper who has haunted the state of Tennessee for the past decade Every year, seemingly without reason, three boys are taken, kept for a year and then released.When one of the currently kidnapped boy s body is discovered, however, it is assumed the Thief has escalated He has never killed before Was it an accident Either way, authorities and citizens alike become desperate to get the bottom of the mystery.Thea Delacroix has been seriously hunting the Thief ever since her cousin, Aulus, disappeared Not everyone believes she is correct when she says he was one of the Thief s victims, but she knows it s true.Unfortunately for Thea, she begins to suspect her own father may be responsible His eccentricities definitely make it possible for him to be the culprit everyone is searching for.What should she do The story follows Thea and her closest friends as they investigate her father and follow leads in an effort to find the missing boys.Interspersed throughout the narrative are letters written from her cousin, Aulus, during his captivity These are penned, The Elizabeth Letters.Through the letters we get a glimpse of how dire the situation is for the boys remaining in the Thief s grasp.A couple of things, there were some pretty series formatting issues with the copy of the e ARC that I read Particularly during The Elizabeth Letters things were so jumbled, it was hard to tell what was supposed to go where.With this being said, it made this one a little hard to rate I am positive that these issues have been cleared up in the final copy.Therefore, I am basing my rating on what I know this story to be well written and intense.I thought the writing was great The intensity was high throughout the whole story There are aspects of this that are hard to read It is dark and the author doesn t shy away from showing how desperate the boys in captivity are.I also wouldn t say it was uplifting, however, there is a message of hope, higher power and meaning In my opinion, it was a solid YA Mystery Thriller, best enjoyed by individuals who like their stories to go dark and stay there.While not for everyone, I personally enjoyed this I have a feeling if I would have read a finished copy, as opposed to the ARC, I would have ended up giving this a solid 4 stars.Thank you so much to the publisher, Thomas Nelson, for providing me with a copy to read and review Regardless of the formatting issues, I did have a good time reading this Well, that s disappointing.Part of the reason this was so difficult to read is because of the same issue that multiple other readers stated in their reviews the formatting of this e arc is almost unreadable There are random pictures inserted in the middle of words, creating a jumbled mess and disrupted flow The story itself started out strongly, but proceeded to slog in the middle, with an ending that left too many unanswered questions and seemed to pull a reveal out of thin air I think the idea behind this story is stellar, and I would happily try another book by this author, but I think overall this one just wasn t for me Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley. 01 18 2020 I m here because Nilufer said dark and dreary and other beautiful dark describing words and I m just gothic heart eyes The Gemini Thief could be anyone representation black side characters, ermmm i think that s it trigger warnings are listed at the bottom of this review and may contain spoilers 2 5 s t a r s I received an e arc from netgalley, but since hearing that the arc is quite different to the finished copy, I decided to wait and listen to the audiobook and I m glad I did I really enjoyed the female narrator, but the male narrator who was supposed to be narrating a teenagers voice sounded like a 45 year old man, which was weird I also can t imagine how reading the ARC would have gone, seeing people having so many issues with the formatting of it and how jumbled the content seemed to be, however, the finished copy was still super confusing because of one main thing There s two parts to the story, the first part being the main character Thea s narration of what happens when her and her friends try to investigate the kidnappings and find her missing cousin, and then there s letters placed sporadically throughout the novel from the perspective of her missing cousin, and in these letters, a character called Tank appears and he s also in the main story as well, so it seems that he s in two places at once which is impossible and hard to comprehend Basically, even though we see letters throughout the entire book, these letters only take place towards the end of the main story, if that makes sense So Tank isn t actually in two places at once He s in the main story in the beginning, and then involved in the letters towards the end of the story I have no idea if what I just wrote made any sense at all haha but hopefully that clears things up for some readers who are currently super confused like I was The mystery itself of who the Gemini Thief actually was, I thought was done really well It had me on the edge of my seat and constantly guessing and I kept changing my mind on who I thought it was Buuuuuut that s where the positives end for me unfortunately I didn t really enjoy any other aspect of it It was confusing, the characters overall seemed quite flat and one dimensional and I found myself not really connecting to any aspect of the story Quite disappointing, but A for the mystery aspect trigger warnings captivity, starvation, kidnapping, guns, gunshot wounds, blood, family members being imprisoned Thank you to NetGalley Thomas Nelson for the review copy Careful with that hope, he said Careful with that doubt, I retorted.I was worried about this one after reading reviews, but I actually ended up enjoying The June Boys The story is like a darker Nancy Drew A large cast of characters with a few main ones One being a victim whose POV is shown mostly through letters, and the other being the one trying to solve the Gemini kidnapping whodunit The start is a bit of an info dump, and the middle is a bit of a drag, but the last third of the book is entertaining and it outweighs any of the negatives for me It s real life scary and emotional and I loved that.While I do agree with other reviewers of the ebook copy, the formatting was quite a bit distracting I think certain parts of this story were confusing and less impactful because you re distracted by images of paper I d love to see what these notes actually look like in the final book, because I think they will be a cool addition and have the intended effect Monsters don t always look like monsters on the outside, and maybe they re not always monsters,If you re looking for a YA thriller that s like a Nancy Drew and Criminal Minds love child, then I highly recommend this story.Available March 3rd ARC The June Boys is simultaneously devastating, captivating, and edge of my seat thrilling I read it on the heels of a book I absolutely loved, and not only did it not disappoint, it held it s own.So the blurb pretty much captures what s going on here every year mostly , three boys are taken from rural areas in the Southern US, held for a year by the anonymous Gemini Thief minor quibble he changes about halfway through the book to Welder but apparently has also been that all along , and then returned Thea s cousin has been taken, but as a fourth and she s doing her best to both find him and prove he s another victim First and foremost, the writing is just delicious I read maybe a sentence of this book before requesting the galley, and I m happy to report the quality is consistently fantastic throughout Each word feels well chosen, polished and placed in order, but so organic that when the whole thing comes together it feels like it s found the place it was always meant to be There s a really luscious quality to this book, and I could happily re read it right now just for the pleasure of those beautiful sentences.The story itself captured me too, it s not just a work of art with beautiful sentences saying nothing that ever matters no, the emotional factors at play here feel real and raw, people bouncing off each other and finding comfort in turns This is a fantastic book, and I had a wonderful time Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher, I received a complimentary copy of this book Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. When Thea s cousin Aulus comes up missing she wonders if he is part of the June Boys who the Gemini Thief has taken captured As the mystery starts unfolding Thea starts to feel like maybe her dad has something to do with it Thea will do anything to find out who has taken her cousin The story was a good concept I liked the beginning but I felt like I never connected with any of the characters and I felt the story start to drag for me It took me a little longer to get through the book I just want to say thank you Netgalley and Thomas Nelson for a copy of this ARC for an honest review.

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