Sweet Temptation

Sweet Temptation An Arranged Marriage Standalone Mafia Romance The First Time Cassio Meets His Fianc E, She Calls Him Sir After Losing His Wife, Cassio Is Left To Take Care Of Two Small Children While Trying To Establish His Rule Over Philadelphia Now He Needs A Mother For His Children And Someone Who Can Warm His Bed At Night But In A World As Traditional As His, Choosing Your Wife Is Duty Not PleasureRules Have To Be Followed, Traditions Heeded That S How He Ends Up With A Woman A Girl Barely Of Age She May Not Be What He And His Children Need, But She S Lovely And A Sweet Temptation He Can T Resist Giulia Has Always Known She Ll Marry The Man Her Father Chose For Her, But She Never Expects To Be Given To Someone So Much Older Suddenly She S Supposed To Be A Mother To Two Small Children When She Hasn T Even Held A Baby BeforeGiulia Quickly Realizes That Cassio Isn T Interested In A Relationship On Equal Footing Her Mother Has Warned Her That Men Of Power, Like Cassio, Don T Tolerate Insolence Tired Of Being Treated As A Nanny, Giulia Decides To Fight For Her Version Of A Happy Family Sweet Temptation is hands down a masterpiece and one of the best books Cora Reilly has ever written and I don t say this lightly, trust me, since Twisted Pride has been my top favorite until now Cassio, Giulia and the kids have stolen a piece of my heart and left a permanent mark on my soul I had very high expectations for this story and I m than happy to report that they ve all been surpassed If you re a huge sucker for the single parent, arranged marriage and age gap tropes like me then this Mafia romance will be right up your alley This book can be read as a complete standalone without having any knowledge about Cora s previous work So if you aren t acquainted with her Born in Blood and Camorra Chronicles series than you will be totally fine picking this one up But be warned, once you aquire a taste for her great writing style and addictive Mafia bad boys you won t be able to stop Mark my words This must read is tragic and devastating at times but also heartbreakingly beautiful and deeply touching Cassio is in his early 30ies when he loses his wife and is now a single parent to his son Daniele and daughter Simona He knows that he has to remarry since his small children need a step mother Choosing a wife as a man in his position is a duty and not pleasure So Cassio ends up with pretty, lovely but barely off age Giulia who is completely overwhelmed with the situation and the expectations thrown her way Maybe she isn t the mother figure his children need, but she is definitely the woman he craves This story had a slightly different feeling to Cora s other Mafia books because she put the focus on the main protagonists and their development and growth as individuals and as a couple There s a mind blowing huge twist she came up with that left me speachless and with my jaw on the floor Cassio Moretti is a Made Man who is refreshingly different Yes, he rules over Philadelphia with an iron fist and is well known for his brutality and coldness But that s only his professional face he needs to keep up as an Underboss in order to be respected by his men At home he is the loving and doting father and caring and loyal husband He is without a doubt the most compelling hero Cora has ever written in my eyes His arranged marriage to Giulia was supposed to be a union between Philadelphia and Balti and give his children a new mother But this broken man got so much out of it than he has bargained for His new wife s brand of honesty, her patience and understanding have breathed life into him again Giulia Rizzo is the proverbial heroine of this story She showed strength, backbone and willpower I was deeply impressed by her Giulia took on a difficult and challenging task for an 18 year old by marrying Cassio knowing that she now had to take care of two small children, warm her much older husband s bed and be the mistress of the house She didn t have any experience but she was determined to make her marriage work and gain the kids love and trust Giulia was very clever and outspoken She didn t bow down to everything her husband demanded She chose her battles wisely In the Mafia world which is dominated by men she had to learn the subtle art of getting her will with a smile and kindness.I ve absolutely adored Cassio and Giulia These two were made for each other Two halves of a beating heart Their interactions with Daniele and Simona, who were both adorably cute, were so endearing and precious They both loved them unconditionally and never left out an opportunity to show them how much they cared Their strong family bond made me teary eyed and emotional Sweet Temptation is pure perfection from the first till the last page I strongly encourage you to pick up this fantastic story and let the intriguing characters put you under their spell Cora, my queen, I once again bow deeply to you and your unsurpassed talent I m giving this gem 6 stars I d never been a man for the sweet things in life, I suddenly craved it Sweet Temptation was everything that I expected and MORE It is a mafia romance standalone that revolves around the arranged marriage of the young and quirky Giulia Rizzo to the ruthless and recently widowed Cassio Moretti who is a single father to two adorable children.Although this book isn t a part of the Born in Blood Mafia the Camorra Chronicles, the main characters were mentioned in some previous books I was instantly intrigued by Giulia when she was introduced in Twisted Emotions As we know, she is the older cousin of Kiara Vitiello who we now know as Kiara Falcone from the Camorra Chronicles Moreover, she is also Luca Vitiello s cousin, who is the Capo of the Famiglia As for Cassio, he is Luca s most loyal and powerful Underboss that rules over Philadelphia.This story Wow I was left wanting and Giulia This girl This young bride This strong and sweet woman She came like a hurricane and managed to win everyone s heart, including mine She is simply amazing She is caring, sassy, quirky, stubborn and patient Barely of age, Giulia suddenly finds herself marrying a man she hardly knows, expect all the horrifying rumors circulating, and responsible of taking care of two young children along with a wayward dog Overnight her complete life changes But despite all the challenges thrown at her, Giulia never cowered She instantly took control over the household, determined to bring happiness and make the Morettis smile again That she did With time and much determination and patience, Giulia won the hearts of Daniele and Simona Her love for them was undeniable Her interactions with them made me swoon and filled my heart with happiness countless of times Another thing I absolutely loved about her is how she stood up for herself and her loved ones Despite the old fashioned practices of their world, she never changed who she was just to please others, not even for her husband She stayed true to herself She never ceased being witty or wearing her quirky clothes.Now, let s talk a little about Cassio Moretti The ruthless Underboss that recently lost his wife and was left with Daniele and Simona His children are everything for him He would do anything to see them happy again Cassio is a very intriguing character He is loyal, protective and possessive But he also has flaws and vulnerabilites I absolutely adored him Seeing him with the children made me swoon and melted my heart The young and strange girl he married didn t only bring light into his kids life, but also his own lonely one She healed this small family with her optimistic and unconventional self Cassio and Giulia couldn t be different, yet they fit and complete each other seamlessly Their igniting chemistry OMG They burned the pages I just loved them so much together.Sweet Temptation is a must read It definitely has Cora s signature writing style but at the same time it feels different too in the good way The character development in this book was so well executed ST will make you swoon, laugh, cry and fan yourself It was such a beautiful story that focuses less on mafia action compared to other books And I loved that Seeing the Morettis journey to finding contentment was so pleasing to read ARC kindly provided in exchange of an honest review. After finishing Twisted Hearts, I was rather unsure if I want to read this book or continue with this whole series Well, not a series what is it even Since we had two series and now a stand alone But then I thought that I sort of liked the little glimpses we got on Guilia and Cassio in the Camorra series, so, yeah, I decided to read it Why do I have a feeling that it s pretty obvious what I m going to say about this book since I started this review with this Explanation Anyway, I really liked the first third It was fun, and I thought redemption Guilia was super fun, one of the best female characters in this whole thing She knew who she was she had personality, hobbies I ll get to that later , personal style and opinion I enjoyed the push and pull between her and Cassio It was interesting to see how they would make this work Plus the situation Cassio already having two kids was so different from all the other books in the previous series It was just the shiny new thing Don t get me wrong I was annoyed by Cassio s behaviour but at least was not as bland as for the rest of the book.And the thing I need to say here is that I thought that I disliked Guilia s parents in Kiara s books but let me tell you now that I m 100 % sure that I cannot stand them even a bit But then it started to drag For multiple reasons And the biggest one was that I was not feeling Guilia and Cassio I did not feel any chemistry between them In the first third, maybe a bit but then for the rest of the book No, nothing Plus he still kept thinking about her as a child and teen which was killing any chance for some chemistry And every time he called her honey I just could not, it felt so weird and not fitting For me, this is not Guilia s and Cassio s book It s Guilia s and Cassio s children s book Because this was a story about how Cassio got the perfect nanny for his kids You see, she never really held a child before but same for one child crying the first time she held her and the second one acting a bit aggressively the next day she s Mary Poppins She even got a previously untrained and clearly neglected dog to listen to her commands Anyway, I do not get what the huge deal was that Cassio needed a wife to care for his children He just needed a better staff Like, what sort of staff who cares for the kids was just so bad that they did not go shopping for six months to buy the children new clothes which fits them Well, actually only the two year old boy had small clothes, somehow the infant had appropriately sized clothes You don t need a wife to buy clothes for your children, just get a better staff So, Cassio He s a major idiot His obsessive and controlling behaviour was way too much I secretly hoped that Guilia would set all the clothes he wanted her to wear on fire Everybody, including Cassio, kept saying how cruel Cassio is but the problem is that we did not really get to see it Since there was almost no mafia business in this book we did not get to see Cassio in working mode and therefore it was just the talk, he certainly did not do the walk So, and now to the big plot twist view spoiler The whole Gaia thing and poor Cassio being all broken because he s just so evil and he s the reason his wife killed herself I m sorry, it was just so pitiful that I did not care at all Gaia was probably made to be the villain in Cassio s story But it was so over the top that it did not work Plus it very much felt like Cassio s perspective All I have to say is that There are always three sides to a story Yours, Theirs and The Truth Maybe the whole issue comes from Gaia sleeping with her half brother Like, please don t At least make it a step brother if anything So, because of this, it just felt so forced to make Gaia as bad as possible that it became a satire It just got so much in a bad way that I stopped caring about the whole situation Minus the half brother thing because no But I was upset by how Cassio was treating the dog than anything to do with Gaia.Plus the fact that the children are not Cassio s just screams another book in future hide spoiler 3.5 Here goes. I ve been waiting for this book for months I m a fan of the mafia universe Cora has created and these were characters we got a glimpse of in previous books There was a sense of familiarity and a need to know of them And we did Was it everything I wanted or expected Yes and No Yes, because I expected their dynamic to be similar to what I read and No, because I had expectations for conflict and well, badass mafia stuff I suppose But then again, that s my own failing, because even without guns and bloodshed this was a solid read This is a book that analyses the progression of an unlikely relationship Heavily influenced by their age she is barely 18 and he is 31 the characters try to build trust and form a bond This is set against a mafia background, which means there are constraints placed on them as individuals and as a couple They didn t choose each other and the circumstances in which they got married weren t really welcoming of a romantic scenario The book is not explicit when it comes to violence, I could call it tame in that regard, and as I said before, this is strictly about the relationship between the leads and how it develops over time, so I m gonna judge it from that angle, because you can t judge a fish for its ability to climb a tree If you expect certain mafia tropes to appear, don t hold your breath I mean, yes, there is talk about the place of a woman in that world, there is constant surveillance and bodyguards for her, and he is often away spreading mayhem or you know counting dough, whatever mob bosses do but apart from that you won t get much else. Giulia the heroine was the opposite of what a virginal 18 year old betrothed to a mafia boss usually is She took everything in stride She wasn t naive nor did she have over the top ideas good or bad ones about what her married life or fianc would be She had a goal to make herself comfortable in her new life She didn t cry or lament, and also didn t have unrealistic expectations which I think, in the end is what worked in her favour Their whole relationship progressed at a slow, easy pace and we got to see it change through small slice of life moments and seemingly inane conversations which bridged the gap between them This book was kind of a testament to the fact that you don t need big catalyst like dramatic moments for things to advance in the story There are some slightly dramatic scenes but nothing too much To some, the whole story might seem hugely anticlimactic because when you read mafia, age gap, arranged marriage together in a description you think drama but this was about the ability to make a relationship work against the odds those descriptors bring Both Giulia and Cassio were solid leads I was surprised at how Cassio was portrayed because there was such a big contrast between his work and personal facade He was this capable, ruthless guy as a mob boss but at the other end of the spectrum, in his personal life, he was less mature and capable to deal with things than Giulia I suppose his early examples of how a relationship looked like shaped his attitude He had no tact in approaching his new bride and kept blaming his own misgivings on the fact that he was a realist whereas she was an optimist On a final note I want to reiterate that this did not read like a mafia story but like a close look at the progression of a relationship set within that world This has little to no angst It was good I enjoyed it Did it blow me away No Is this the kind of thing I would re read No Twisted Pride and the Camorra mafia still remain my favourites to read about over and over if the mood strikes Maybe it has to do with the fact that girls there seem to do with their lives than be housewives in the Camorra I have nothing against that kind of thing, but I just like it when women are asked about their interests and when they are given proper consideration as individuals not just their place as a wife by their romantic interests I realise they don t ask or try to do anything either but it still rubs me the wrong way The Famiglia as opposed to the Camorra mafia, that Cora writes, seems very entrenched in its beliefs when it comes to women and I wish the men would be aware of that and give their partner choices.This book filled a gap, because now we have the story of two people that intrigued us before Would I recommend this Yes, but I would make the stipulation that this is fairly light story, so don t be fooled by the tags attached to its description. Sweet, Spice Everything Nice Holy Batshit, Robin Stick a fork in me, I m done Cora Reilly did it again She blew my mind with her Sweet Temptation, as I imagined she would I was hooked from the beginning, glued to the pages and wishing it would never end This book had it all alpha male hero, brave heroine and the most perfect story Cassio Moretti is the Underboss of Philadelphia Single dad, as his wife recently died

Luca made him Underboss because the two of them were alike both irrevocably cruel, pitiless, and built like bulls

Giulia Rizzo just turned eighteen when she had to marry Cassio and become a mother to his children They weren t prepared for each other He hated her bangs, quirky dresses, and her obsession with sunflowers.She feared him, but stood her ground.

Maybe because of her age because she was still youthfully optimistic, naively reckless, and daringly unconventional

The fourteen years age gap between them soon vanished Her determination to fix everything and everyone that was broken in her new house, the sassy attitude, the sizzling chemistry they shared since the very beginning are just a few of the things that make this story so incredible Everything turns heartbreaking complicated, secrets surface, but it was such an emotionally beautiful experience Trust me when I say, this is your next book hangover You ll become addicted and left wanting MORE.This is definitely a standalone, but it would be a pity to miss out all the other Cora Reilly mafia novels Each one is better than the other Sweet Temptation will be released March, 10th Pre order exclusive to Apple Books This will be a LIVE release on all the other platforms Want info on this tour Sign up below Cora has a NEW master list for her readers, sign up today Check out my blog for info It would be an absolute honor to have you as my guest on my blog too Stop by anytime you want ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Sweet Temptation is the much anticipated standalone about Cassio Moretti, Underboss of Philadelphia and his much younger bride, Giulia Giulia, barely an adult, suddenly finds herself responsible of taking care of two small children, a rambunctious dog and a controlling husband Will Giulia be able to put together this broken family and find her happiness and a place for herself in the Moretti family There was such little known about Cassio prior to this book that made his character all the intriguing Compared to the other mafia men in this world, he felt slightly less unhinged, controlled but at the core of his being lay a truly caring, compassionate father and husband who strives for nothing but the happiness of his family.Giulia was such a breath of fresh air Although young, she has a way about her that makes her so much mature for her age In terms of traits she was just the perfect mix of witty, sassy, kind loving Her patience and approach towards all the roles that had been thrown her way overnight made her character and circumstances that much unique Sweet Temptation was such a contrast to Cora s other mafia romances, mainly because of how extensively the development of the Moretti family was shown It was truly a pleasure reading about how Cassio Giulia interacted with the children and amongst themselves and learnt how to become a unit Sweet Temptation is one delightful treat you don t want to miss For safety gang safety info H not a manwhore He was married to his ex wife for 8 years but it was a loveless marriage can t explain too much about his previous relationship as it is too spoiler y He has been celibate after her death The h is a virgin No OW OM drama. I have never been so put off by the word honey before I don t know about you but I think Cassio s dirty talking needs a little work Preferably from Nicolas Russo because that guy can swing it like no one else does Cassio Moretti 31 is the Underboss of Philadelphia and recently widowed Desperate for a new wife to mother his two small children he s too busy being a grump and killing people to change diapers he agrees on an arranged marriage with Giulia Rizzo who s a few months shy of 18 and obsessed with all things sunflowers.The book is set in the same mafia world as the one in Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles I have only read the first book of that series and it s enough to make me steer clear of the rest bcs I hate Bound by Honor with a passion Sweet Temptation focuses not so much on the badass mafia shenanigans as it is on the relationship between our main leads Don t expect a lot of gore and action sequences bcs you would be disappointed This is considerably a light mafia read.This might not be the best realization of the age gap marriage of convenience trope in mafia romance this author s ever put out, but this is still a solid read The progression of the main leads relationship is relatively slow and developing through a lot of family time, mundane activities, and frivolous conversations As someone who s really into heartwarming domestic scene, this book sufficed it.I m not gonna lie, the first 30% to 40% was a MESS I didn t like how Cassio and Giulia got into their first intimate scene together on the first night after their marriage It was highly uncomfortable, absolutely un sexy, and honestly quite manipulative I don t see why he didn t take the hint Luca gave him Oh wait, bcs being a gentleman with a little compassion and not shove your little sword inside a frightened 18 year old virgin s hole is a weakness I had a hard time with Cassio s character, but he redeemed himself in the second half of the book He s hard on the outside which is why him calling Giulia honey was a little jarring to me On the other hand, I liked Giulia s character She s the kind of person who knows what is expected of her and instead of being a brat about it, she finds ways to make it work for her.To sum up, I enjoyed this book for the most part What I adored most about it was definitely all the cute moments with the kids Aside from the bloody sheets tradition and a few cringey lines, I liked the sunshine grumpy dynamic between the leads The book gets a little tedious after the reveal of Cassio s backstory, but it picks up again a couple chapters during the ending phase. Giulia encompassed that word love , that feeling, in every action, every smile, every fiber of her being Yes, Sweet Temptation has the arranged marriage trope But no, this isn t like any other book Cora has written before Don t get me wrong, this is still as captivating and addicting as her other books, but the way she built the characters and the plot was somehow different and enchanting than usual Giulia and Cassio s relationship surprised me in a good way because they really had to learn how to deal with their differences in order to be a happy couple The scenes were Giulia was trying to convince Cassio of something were endearing and funny as hell He was frustrated with her most of the time, but you could see it was just a front because he was actually smitten with her Their banter was simply amazing and I love that their relationship was light and carefree Well, as light and carefree as a relationship in the mafia can be lol Individually, Giulia captured my heart ever since the beginning and now she s my favorite female character in the BIBMC Camorra world She s just like I imagined she would be quirky, unique, sweet, funny and so strong Even though Cassio s reputation scared her, she stood up to him every step of the way Giulia knew what kind of relationship she wanted and she never settled for anything less In a world where women aren t allowed to stand up for themselves, Giulia s non nonsense attitude was truly a breath of fresh air.My favorite thing about Giulia is that she never changed who she was to fit the trophy wife mold Regardless of what other people thought, she was always sure of herself Also, I loved that her transition from a teenager without any responsibilities to a young wife and mom happened naturally and effortlessly Nothing about it felt forced On the contrary, it felt like she was part of Cassio s little family all along Seeing her fighting like a lioness to protect Cassio, Daniele and Simone was everything She handled every adversity with such grace and patience that it was impossible to not fall in love with her.I have to say I was worried Cassio would be a 2.0 version of Dante, but thankfully, that didn t happen He was ruthless, broody and liked to control every single thing in his life, but you could clearly see that he wasn t a bad person He always treated Giulia and his children with the respect they deserved and even when they got on his nerves, he never took his frustrations out on them The best thing is that he respects them because he loves them with all of his heart and not just because it s his duty Further, the way he finally let go of the past and embraced his present and future was incredible His growth as a husband and father is honestly one of my favorite things about this book I also loved that Daniele and Simona weren t just there to fill the space They weren t forgotten at all and actually had scenes than I thought they would have That made me really happy because it s rare to find books where the kids are treated like human beings that deserve love and attention A nice plus is that their scenes made the book even cuter and emotional Sweet Temptation wouldn t be the same without them, that s for sure Overall, I feel like this is Cora s most consistent book She found the perfect balance between developing Giulia and Cassio s characters and their relationship as a couple and as parents Even though the action scenes only happened towards the end of the book, I wasn t bothered by it because this is a book focused on their family and how they started to trust and love each other So yeah, if you like the opposites attract, grumpy sunshine, age gap and single parent tropes, check out Sweet Temptation on March 10th ARC kindly provided by the author and The Next Step PR in exchange of an honest review OMG Cora Reilly what have you done to me My feelings are all over the place I expected a great story from you, after all you re my unquestioned queen of Mafia romance, but with Sweet Temptation you gave me much than that I seriously have no idea how you re ever going to top this book, because you ve put up the bar so high I m in awe of your out of this world talent and how you easily manage to make me so invested in your stories and characters I was already sold on Sweet Temptation because of the arranged marriage trope with a huge age gap between the two main protagonists This is not an uncommon occurrence in the Mafia world, because spouses are often strategically chosen and not out of love Duty might be how Cassio s and Giulia s marriage started, but it turned into something , something so heartbreakingly beautiful and epic like no story Cora has ever written before After losing his wife Gaia, Cassio Moretti is left with two small children to take care for alone As Underboss of Philadelphia he already has his hands full with ruling over his territory and protecting it from the Bratva Duty demands that he marries again in order to give his children a mother, so arrangements are made and his bride is chosen The barely eighteen year old Giulia Rizzo, daughter of Balti s Underboss Felix, Luca Vitiello s uncle But after meeting her for the first time, he s not so sure that he s made the right choice Giulia doesn t seem to be what he and his children need, even though she s very lovely and smells like strawberries Refusing to be only treated as a nanny and available body to warm her husband s bed at night, Giulia is determined to fight for Having no experience with small children, she s willing to learn and take good care of them and their father But the past has thrown a dark shadow over Cassio and his kids, making it hard for them to love and trust But sweet Giulia is ready to do everything in her power to make her marriage work and her little family heal There are not enough words to describe how perfect Cassio and Giulia were together, even though they both couldn t have been different Cassio was the serious, proper alpha who had the reputation of being one of the cruelest Underbosses of the Famiglia He was a man who craved being in control and didn t trust easily But he had many great qualities too Once he allowed himself to love someone, he protected and cherished them with all his being I loved how possessive he was in regards of Giulia He s not like any other hero Cora has written before And I loved him exactly because of that Giulia was a compassionate, young woman who was strong willed and stubborn if she wanted something I loved how she didn t put up with Cassio s intimidation tactics and dared to talk back and taunt him She surprised and impressed him in many ways Once Cassio dared to open up to her and got a taste of her sweetness, he couldn t stay away from his young wife Giulia made him feel young, happy and at peace But the most amazing thing about her was how understanding, patient and loving she was with his children She was the best thing that could have ever happened to them all In case you re wondering if this story is all hearts and flowers, I can assure you it s not I have to give it to Cora Reilly that she totally surprised me with the direction the story took I never saw the big surprise coming My jaw was on the floor and I really needed a moment to grasp what these revelations are going to cause Now that I ve reached the end of my review, my heart hurts and my soul aches, because I m so not ready to let Cassio, Giulia and the kids go I loved little Daniele and Simona so damn much Thank you dear Cora for creating this unputdownable masterpiece and giving me a new favorite book and couple of yours I wish I could give this story 10 stars, because this is exactly how much it deserves Bravo BETA REVIEW AHHHH Sweet Temptation was absolute Cora Reilly perfection I was engrossed from the very first page and could not stop reading Cassio and Giulia were exceptional This was the perfect single dad, age gap, arranged marriage, MAFIA story Reilly completely blew me away because she was able to portray the fiery chemistry between Giulia and Cassio while simultaneously portraying the burgeoning emotional connection between them This story was pure 5 STAR GOLD Sweet Temptation was edgy, SO SEXY and addicting We see Cassio Moretti, a newly widowed, single parent to two young children set to marry Giulia Rizzo to help raise his children But he has no idea that his young wife has her own ideas about what kind of family life she wants to have with her new husband and children and sets to completely rock her older husband s world GAH I can not stop thinking about this incredible book It was angsty and compelling and filled to the brim with mafia goodness Fans of Reilly will recognize a fan favorite Capo and some familiar names I completely fell in love with this standalone story as the author was able to show how the hardened and wary Cassio, falls in love with the young woman he never saw coming Giulia s love, optimism and quiet strength was a foundation for him to rely on I can seriously can pages and pages about how I loved this incredible story Read this today Bravo 5 Stars Ratula