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Just Listen❰Reading❯ ➶ Just Listen Author Sarah Dessen – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Last year Annabel was the girl who has everything — at least that's the part she played in the television commercial for Kopf's Department StoreThis year she's the girl who has nothing no best frien Last year Annabel was the girl who has everything — at least that's the part she played in the television commercial for Kopf's Department StoreThis year she's the girl who has nothing no best friend because mean but exciting Sophie dropped her no peace at home since her older sister became anorexic and no one to sit with at lunch Until she meets Owen ArmstrongTall dark and music obsessed Owen is a reformed bad boy with a commitment to truth telling With Owen's help maybe Annabel can face what happened the night she and Sophie stopped being friends. The best way out is always through This book kept me thinkingHow many times did you answer to the uestion how are you with just fine or I’m ok?How many times did you feel like your heart was breaking but you couldn't make it right?How many of your dark inside secrets have made your heart break a little bit every day?How many times did you need help but you didn't know how to ask for it?How many people tried to be part of your life but you kept them in dark?How many times when someone got too close to you did you push that person away?How many times did you have so much to tell but didn’t find the words?How many times silence got so loud that you couldn't bear to listen to it any longer?Someone said that the mp3 players were made for the people that can’t handle their own thoughts So tell me how many times did you get yourself lost in music not wanting to hear the rhythm of your own heartbeat?Too many times to countThere are secrets that we keep safe in our heart there are things that could hurt the people we love if we let them out there are friendships lost between the layers of time and there are people that get to know us better than anyone because they know how to look into our heartFor all these there is this book – about broken hearts and lost dreams about loneliness and silent cries about being too late and second chances about love in every form we can find itAnd for all those people we need to do one thing just listen In this story we meet Annabel a girl that has lost her old friends her old life and eventually herselfShe doesn’t know what to do with her life she doesn’t know how to be part of her family that seems to be falling apart she doesn’t know how to say “I’m sorry” she doesn’t know how to say what’s wrong with her and she doesn’t know what to do with all the bad things that happened to her and she didn’t say a word to no one aboutWhen one boy from school Owen starts hanging with her and challenging her to put into words her real feelings as they are the chaos that her life has become seems to get bigger and the only way for her to make things right is to start being honest with the people around her her mother her friends even Owen and than that to be honest with herself Plus there's the fact that music is a total constant That's why we have such a strong visceral connection to it you know? Because a song can take you back instantly to a moment or a place or even a person No matter what else has changed in you or the world that one song stays the same just like that moment You would think that telling the truth is as easy as breathing but is it? Who decides if a lie is big or small; if a lie can make us happy or sad? And if we say the truth will it make a difference? And how do you know whom you can trust with your secrets? And how do you know if they will believe the truth or they will think that it’s another lie?How do you say what you want when you don’t even know it and how will you face the truth when you’re trying to run away from it?Yes we live in a world full of lies – some of them are meant to make us feel better some are meant to make us cry; some of us can make the difference between a dark secret and a light lie but most of us are starting to forget what being honest really is not to say all that you think but to think all that you saySo the next time your heart is telling you its truth just listen Yeah Don't think or judge Just Listen This review can also be found at ReadingAfterMidnightcomBlog EN | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Bloglovin' | Blog RO Am I the only person who is tired of Sarah Dessen?I loved the first book of hers I read Someone Like You but unfortunately it seems like the books of hers I read the formulaic her writing becomesIt seems like every novel she writes follows this structure1 Girl with very uncommon name is unhappy about something in her life2 Girl with very uncommon name meets Boy with very uncommon name3 Girl and Boy decide to date4 Big major conflict in story happens that causes girl and boy to doubt each other and they have a huge fight and then breakup5 In some versions of the story the boy and the girl get back together but in some they don't Either way the relationship that occurred causes the girl to realize something really profound about herself or her life or blah blah blahGagWhy is this author suggesting to our teenagers that they can't overcome the obstacles in life without a boy to help them through it? And she's even a teacher in creative writing She's got to realize that by this point everything she writes is starting to sound the same I might be the only person who's not looking forward to her new bookUPDATE May 2015 I thought it was especially interesting seeing as I had previously written this review that I recently received what was purported to be a personal letter from Sarah Dessen Imagine my initial confusion Did she read my review and wants to reprimand me? Is she distraught over its content? Does she want to discuss how I arrived at my conclusions? which later turned to laughter as I realized that it was really an advertisement for her new book Saint Anything She claims that the story means a lot to her and that she hopes it will mean a lot to me too In this case however me simply refers to everyone this blanket book suggestion was sent to Such disappointment I have with today's marketing generalizationsUPDATE September 2017 If you liked this review you may want to look at my review of Sarah's other book That Summer where I expand on the other things I think are missing from her worklike the fact that her protagonists don't seem to have any real personalitiesor friends This is going to sound stupid but I'm hyperventilating writing this review I hardly ever buy books but I bought this one as a present for my sister she introduced me to Dessen and of course I just happened to read it too I've read this book four times the most I've re read any book and I know it inside and out but I don't think know I won't be able to do it justice Here goes nothingFirst of all I could probably write a whole dissertation on Owen He's is just so AWESOME really that word doesn't even cover it but I will refrain about talking about him too much keyword try Annabel Greene is your typical beautiful middle class girl but we all know that the surface isn't always what it seems She is hiding a terrible secret that she won't even admit to even herself It only takes one night to change everything Everything from Annabel's relationships to the description of the glass house is pitch perfect The storyline hits so many things Eating disorders modeling music huge in this story anger high school dynamics family relationships and so many other relevant topics but it never feels like it's being stuffed It's told with the right amount of realism and the pacing is right on The one thing among many others that struck me the most was Owen's policy of always saying the truth After reading this I always feel a little conscious of what exactly I'm sayingEverytime I read this book I still laugh at the same parts still anticipate certain scenes and still cringe at the heavy moments Annabel comes to know that she really was never alone as she felt because in reality she was always only a hand reach away from people that are willing to just listenWhen this song plays I always remember this book if theres one thing i know for certain its that i wish i had sarah dessen novels in my teens this book came out when i was in high school so it makes me a little regretful that its taken me nearly a decade to read it there is just something about her stories that i know teenage me would have greatly valued this story in particular deals with a much heavier topic than im used to from SD but im glad for it view spoilerrape and sexual assault hide spoiler There comes a time when the world gets uiet and the only thing left is your own heart So you'd better learn the sound of it Otherwise you'll never understand what it's sayingThis was spectacular After the disappointment that was Saint Anything I wasn't motivated to try another Sarah Dessen novel for a while However I was looking for a nice summer read and Just Listen popped into my head Many of my friends told me that it was their favourite Dessen book mine is The Truth About Forever and I decided that it was time I read itSarah Dessen's books are always the same it's a typical American chick lit novel A pretty main character who pretends everything is perfect high school cliues surburban moms and a cute handsome love interest You could narrow it down to that but it's so much Sarah really managed to surprise me Behind the facade of the typical light summer read hides a thoughtful story Maybe that is because my expectations were so low but I didn't think that I would love this book so much The only things I could criticise is the rather plain main character and her father A husband and father of three daughters shouldn't evade arguments He shouldn't run for cover when the talk turns to menstruation or buying tampons He should man upThere are a few things you should know before you go into this book It deals with difficult topics such as depression eating disorders and rape But in my opinion Sarah Dessen handled them extremely well and I am again surprised that she dared to bring so much heaviness and depth to this novel That is also what impressed me the most thoughI wonder if Sarah's newest book is just as good as this one I might just have to check it outFind of my books on Instagram 45 stars I really really liked this book I definitely feel for Annabel and her family I loved how big a part music had in this story as well as friendship This book shows the importance of family and friends speaking up for yourself and of course listening to those around you This was my first Sarah Dessen book and I'd definitely love to read another Annabel Green lives in a glass house literally But even inside of the glass house that her father built she realizes that it is easy to hide secrets It is easy to hide the fact that her mother has become a different person since her grandmother’s death That her oldest sister has moved away leaving a gaping hole in the familyIt is easy to hide the fact that her other sister is suffering from an eating disorder that her parents choose to dismiss until it’s almost too late Like her family Annabel also has secrets to hide It is easy to cover up the reasons why her friends no longer talk to her But why is Annabel Green so keen on hiding from her friends and family? She seems to have the perfect life – great friends a nice family and a promising career as a model At least she did until that night last summerThe only person she seems to connect with any is another high school student who is a loner by choice Owen teaches Annabel that she needs to be honest with everyone – including herself She has been ignoring the one voice she should have been listening to all along – her own When it comes to music other people’s opinions or Annabel’s inner monologue Owen’s advice remains the same don’t judgejust listen Just Listen now replaces This Lullaby as my favorite by Sarah Dessen and has earned a well deserved place among my favorite YAs of all time This is one of the most beautifully written novels I’ve ever read and I’m still a bit sniffling as I’m writing this review The story is mainly about Annabel who despite her beauty and popularity just wants to keep to herself and opts to hide her true feelings and problems being the youngest daughter of three girls in her family Seeing her parents already going through so much especially with her middle sister’s illness she decides to unburden her own family by burying in silence her deepest darkest trouble and attempts to live her life by simply trying to forget until she becomes friends with Owen who could be uickly described as a teenage Hulk with constant earphones and a faithful servant of honesty and straightforwardness Together Annabel and he are dubbed as Beauty and the Beast but I love that they both don’t care especially Owen who has this admirable refreshing character and personality I learned uite a lot from him especially from his effective anger management techniues and his passionate perspective about music even if his choices are mostly eccentric This is one of those YA contemporaries that managed to hit so many targets in just one story It also managed to shoot me straight to the heart resulting to unavoidable waterworks even though there were so many times the characters and dialogues cracked me up too I love that the story is rich in themes especially on family how it portrays both the dark and bright side of every family how every individual member sometimes goes through something so dark but that is what family is for to be there for you no matter what I also love the individual stories of Annabel and her sisters that put so much meaning and layers in the story contributing to this one whole meaningful theme that resonated throughout the novel I also admire the emphasis on the power of music its ability to heal to connect people and to make important memories lingerJUST LISTEN Two very short and simple words consisting of one simple sentence but these two words will now mean so much to me and hopefully to people out there as well because whether we admit it or not a lot of people spend time talking than really listening I take back my most recent comment on Ms Sarah Dessen’s books because she has exceeded herself in this novel She has earned both my awe and respect for coming up with this beautiful piece that gripped touched inspired and most of all enlightened me and I would wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToocomUp until now THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER has always been my favorite Sarah Dessen book Now that I've read JUST LISTEN however I think there's a tie The characters of this latest release are so honestly real their dialogue perfectly placed that you can't help but be pulled into the life and times of Annabel Greene Of course everyone thinks that Annabel has the perfect life She's a model who has been in television commercials in print ads and in fashion shows at the local mall She's popular at school even if it is mostly because she's best friends with Sophie the high school girl who demands attention Her father is an architect who designed their house of glass; her mother lives for Annabel's modeling; she has two older sisters Kirsten and Whitney who are both former models themselves Under all of that perfection of course lies the real Annabel The one who suffered from something so horrible at the end of the last school year that she's lost not only her best friend but her self respect Her family is so consumed with Whitney's eating disorder with Kirsten's college life far away in New York with keeping everything under control that Annabel doesn't tell them what's happened the things that are still happening every day she goes to school just dreading the day She doesn't want to add problems to the mix; in fact she lies by omission simply avoiding the truth rather than shattering her family's illusions But then Annabel meets Owen Armstrong a boy she once watched punch out another student then calmly walk away Owen keeps to himself never seems to be without his iPod and doesn't appear to need any friends But after he reaches out a hand to her literally after she's sick outside of school one day a budding relationship of friendship begins to build between the guy who never lies no matter what and the girl who lies to protect other's feelings namely her own I loved JUST LISTEN Owen is a character that will immediately grab your interest especially with lines like for me not saying how I feel when I feel it is a bad move So I don't do it Look at it this way I might be saying you're fat but at least I'm not punching you in the face As for Annabel the things she's holding inside are tearing her apart and in the end it's the strength of her sisters that gets her to ask for help The characters of Kirsten and Whitney are complicated and complex and I have to admit that there's a part near the end of the book in which the sisters come together that had me crying like a baby As for Annabel it's not all about telling the truth but about listening not just to others but mostly to that voice inside of her this is what happens when you try to run from the past It doesn't just catch up it overtakes blotting out the future the landscape the very sky until there is no path left except that which leads through it the only one that can ever get you home Half way trough this book I realized that I was scared Scared because it took me back to the place in my mind which I don't have any dessire to go back ever again I used to have a friend like Sophie I had a eating disorder when I was senior there was owen who helped me to wake up but he was just a friend It took me two years to recover completely and it was awful I used to stop eating when things in my life were out of my control and it gave me false sense of some kind od meaning stability When everything else was out of my reach my body was one thing I controled And don't for one second think that now I don't have moments when I feel tempted to slip back It follows you always and you have to fight with yourself all the time So girls read this book And don't be afraid to look for a help

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