The Vanishing Deep

The Vanishing DeepBestselling Author Astrid Scholte, Returns With A Thrilling Adventure In Which The Dead Can Be Revivedfor A PriceSeventeen Year Old Tempe Was Born Into A World Of Water When The Great Waves Destroyed Her Planet, Its People Had To Learn To Survive Living On The Water, But The Ruins Of The Cities Below Still Called Tempe Dives Daily, Scavenging The Ruins Of A Bygone Era, Searching For Anything Of Value To Trade For Notes It Isn T Food Or Clothing That She Wants To Buy, But Her Dead Sister S Life For A Price, The Research Facility On The Island Of Palindromena Will Revive The Dearly Departed For Twenty Four Hours Before Returning Them To Death It Isn T A Heartfelt Reunion That Tempe Is After She Wants Answers Elysea Died Keeping A Terrible Secret, One That Has Ignited An Unquenchable Fury In Tempe Her Beloved Sister Was Responsible For The Death Of Their Parents Tempe Wants To Know WhyBut Once Revived, Elysea Has Other Plans She Doesn T Want To Spend Her Last Day In A Cold Room Accounting For A Crime She Insists She Didn T Commit Elysea Wants Her Freedom And One Final Glimpse At The Life That Was Stolen From Her She Persuades Tempe To Break Her Out Of The Facility, And They Embark On A Dangerous Journey To Discover The Truth About Their Parents Death And Mend Their Broken Bond But They Re Pursued Every Step Of The Way By Two Palindromena Employees Desperate To Find Them Before Elysea S Time Is Up And Before The Secret Behind The Revival Process And The True Cost Of Restored Life Is Revealed What a unique and interesting world I loved the whole world drowned by water concept It had a tinge of Waterworld but a hundred times better These characters I especially loved Lor He had so much guilt going on and he just needed some love Elysea was seriously a wonderful side character She was sweet, genuine, and unselfish Tempe, you couldn t help but feel for her, especially after being alone for the past two years and struggling to survive I swear, Scholte has the coolest worlds, best twists, and excellent writing I can t wait to see what she has up her sleeve next Update 8th of February Penguin Teen s preorder campaign is up If you preorder before the 3 3 20, you can enter your receipt and recieve an exclusive waterproof phone pouch US only Check out the details here Update 15th of December Pre order campaign with Good Choice Reading is live You can order a signed US hardcover and receive four character cards painted by me More info here The first spark of inspiration for The Vanishing Deep was back in 2015, before I wrote Four Dead Queens, when I was watching an episode of the Real Housewives of NYC and one of the housewives said she wished she could have just one day with her late husband The idea stuck in my mind What if it was possible to have one day with a deceased loved one Fast forward to early 2017, when I sold my debut Four Dead Queens to Penguin Random House USA and my editor asked if I had any other book ideas I suggested three and the one my editor picked became The Vanishing Deep The main character, Tempest Alerin, is a tough, unapologetic girl who would never smile if you asked her to or sensor her thoughts She s been scavenging the sunken ruins of the Old World for the past two years to fund the revival of her sister, Elysea But Tempest doesn t want some kind of meaningful final goodbye with her sister, she wants the truth to their parents deaths and the secret Elysea took to her grave about that fateful night The Vanishing Deep is a story of sisterhood, love and loss, and the lengths we will go to for the people we care about It s also a fantasy sci fi thriller which takes place in a world that s 99% water where the ocean is as deadly as it is beautiful.I hope you enjoy the journey I received an ARC of this title from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 3.5 5 starsRTC closer to publication March 2019 I liked I received an ARC from BookishFirst in exchange for an honest review Twenty four hours with your loved one didn t make it any easier to say goodbye, no mater what Palindromena promised There was no closure There never would be The Vanishing Deep has to be one of the most unique worlds I have ever read Scholte really knows how to have spectacular world building and such an amazing plot The book takes place literally on the ocean, the Old World which is our world today sank underwater The entire world went underwater and so now these people survive on reefs and metal buildings that they have built by diving under and collecting the Old World wreckage I really love how in depth the descriptions got, I think it made it much realistic, and I could picture this world and it was really astounding to even think about.We follow two characters, Tempe and Lor Tempe lives day by day just trying to get by because her whole family is dead Her goal is to get enough Notes to have her sister come back to life for 24 hours so she can ask her about what happened the night she died Palindromena is an island where they have figured out how to raise people from the dead for 24 hours, but it is costly Lor our other main character lives on this island, but he doesn t work there He is struggling with some grief of his own and hides in the basement away from everyone When Tempe finally gets enough Notes to have her sister come back, she makes her way to Palindromena and that s when Lor and Tempe s lives intertwine.I really love how fast paced this was and how it takes place within 24 hours, not to mention it s a countdown I was on the edge of my seat the whole time wondering what was going to happen next While I completely loved everything about this book, I really didn t like the ending A part of the ending was incredible, but I just felt let down I was blown away with the plot twists that happened at the end, but I finished going, Wait WHAT that s it I really did enjoy this book and now I m really looking forward to reading Four Dead Queens. Prepare to be swept away by this thrilling new story from Astrid This book has it all a countdown, adventure on the sea, cool creatures, and one of my favorite sister relationships I ve ever read I LOVED it My mother used to say that change happened For everyone People changed, people could enact change But that was bullshit Change happened to you Life, and death, they happened to you And there was nothing you could do about it You either held on for the ride or got swept away in the storm Astrid Scholte4.5 STARSSIDENOTE to the publisher and author PLEASE give this book a map to match this wonderful world building sort of like Pangea or Atlantis feel Four Dead Queens had really great artwork and I expect the same for this book I really enjoyed this book and it will give you all the feels family, friendship, and love The ending was unexpected and felt a little rush but it was better then I expected Someone obviously has to die I thought it would end up a happy ending and Astrid Scholte DID NOT disappoint If you loved Four Dead Queens, I definitely recommend this stand alone for 2020 WOW Beautifully written and just simply amazing Dear Booklovers Add this book to your TBR Preorder this book.Purchase this book.You are WELCOME I am genuinely at a loss to come up with a constructive review I would ordinarily couch my criticisms in between some compliments but I can t do that here, mainly because I just don t have much to say that is positive The concept has potential The world in which The Vanishing Deep takes place is some kind of dystopia created when a giant continent of ice melted and caused the oceans to rise and cover the land The people now live on loosely joined man made floating cities that are located near whatever land still exists In this world there are few ways to make money, and on the island of Palindromena scientists have discovered a way to bring the dead back to life, but only for 24 hours It costs an outrageous amount of money, and Tempest spends the two years following her sister s death saving every note she can just to bring her sister, Elysea, back in the hopes she will learn what happened to their parents years before.And that s it That s the premise That s where my admittedly very weak compliments end Because the characters, aside from Tempest, were one dimensional and had no real motivations The book relies on the countdown clock to create tension, but it s hard to stay engaged in a story with no real antagonist or motivation beyond a simple 24 hour timer There s a villain, but they re not introduced until than halfway through the 420 page book, and even then they don t stand up to scrutiny There s one moment of danger and it passes almost instantly The book relies on the end to satisfy the reader, but there s no real conflict I kept reading because I was hoping there would be a twist, even if it was predictable, and when it finally came, I was bored out of my mind.I feel terrible writing this review I want so badly to have something positive to say I also seem to be the only person who feels this way, so it s entirely possible I am an outlier and most other people will find this book exciting, or at the very least, entertaining. Thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for a chance to review this book First off, kudos to the author for creating a unique setting for THE VANISHING DEEP I was swept away pun intended from the first chapter It was Astrid s way of giving us these deep, realistic characters that drew me in She has a way of writing protagonists with such emotion, and I loved that The world was incredibly different than anything I ve ever read Tempest lives on one of the few reefs that survived after an ice cap melted and flooded the world They live off of fishing and foraging the world before with diving expeditions The life the author gave to this scenario was impeccable from the way they dressed to the small things like how people earn their keep It was because of all this that the idea of having a place that brings pretty much brings the dead back to life for 24 hours seems very fa fetched One one side we have these simple people trying to survive after a world catastrophe and then we have an institute where technology is so advanced, I just couldn t wrap my head around it I loved the idea that Tempest revived her sister so she could find out the real cause of their parent s death and how they had to escape the institute to uncover the secrets that ultimately lead them to a bigger conspiracy Believe me, and I loved all that But there were some things that had me scratching my head that I never got answers to, and it felt as though I was being glossed over because there was no explanation, and they all hoped us readers wouldn t notice All in all, solid ideas, too many unanswered questions, and mild confusion. I could not put this book down Astrid Scholte s writing is so captivating, and I loved the premise of this story, and all its twists and there are many, many wonderful twists There s to every character than meets the eye, and Tempest is such a compelling, strong character, who has a deep, complex connection with her sister Reading this reminded me that I should call my sister often I also really liked reading the story from two different perspectives Tempest s and Lor s, and seeing how differently things that were said or done could be interpreted.I don t want to reveal too much here, but suffice it to say, this is a must read, especially if you liked Astrid s debut novel, Four Dead Queens I received an ARC

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