Catching Him (How to Catch an Alpha, #1)

Catching Him (How to Catch an Alpha, #1) From New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Author Aurora Rose Reynolds Comes The First Novel In The Fun, Sexy, And Thrilling How To Catch An Alpha Series.Leah Emerson Isn T Looking For A Man She S Looking For The Right Man But Her Mother S Idea Of A Great Catch Leaves Her Cold, And She S Pretty Sure Her Cocky, Arrogant, And Way Too Good Looking New Neighbor Isn T The One Either If Only Her Wayward Cat Would Stop Jumping Through His Window, She Could Get On With Her Life.Tyler Duncan Moved Into Town For A New Job, Not To Fall In Love But He Always Goes After The Things He Wants In Life With Steadfast Determination And He Wants Leah Emerson He Wants Her Smiles, He Wants Her Touch, And He Definitely Wants Her In Bed.Unfortunately, Someone Else Wants Leah In The Worst Way Now Tyler S On A Mission To Protect The Woman He S Falling In Love With While Proving He S Worth Falling For, And Leah Must Decide Whether Tyler Is A Catch Worth Catching This was filled with so much sugary goodness It s low angst, funny with a protective alpha and a sweet heroine that you can t help but love This is my favorite type of a light read It s stress free but still delivers what I want in a book Tyler is a take charge alpha who knows what he wants and he wants Leah Leah is a total sweetheart She s the type of heroine that everyone just loves to be around She has had some bad luck with past boyfriends and now she is taking her grandma s advice No chasing men If they want her, they have to make a move and Tyler is the right man for the job.We got so much couple time which I love to see in the books I read There is also some really great side characters as well as some cute scenes with kids I highly recommend this book, especially to readers who just want a fun, low angst read. Everything was going great The H is the h s new neighbor It was cute first meet And when her dinner burns while she goes off after her cat, the H takes her to eat out I was excited for their dinner but all the scoop we get about the dinner is while the h is thinking about it the next day No live details And then the next day she has a date with a guy who was her ex, which she don t want to go but it was pre planned mostly by her mother so she has to go We get the live details of that date.How Funny.Again that very same night the H invites himself at her house for beer We get some talking between them and again its over and we are at next chapter.What nonsense is this I mean I don t remember if the other books I read has the early meeting of the MCs fading to black Maybe I didn t care then but here I wanted the details I wanted to hear about their interactions maybe till they say goodnight Atleast there initial meetings.So the book goes on with them spending time together Then the H meeting h s family and friend Family is quite nosy and also happy that the h got a good guy I skipped quite a bit of the family part Because it was boring me Finally the H and h starts dating.I loved the h s cat and H s dog Both of the pets were cute Everything was going quite simple and sweet.The h s ex tries to create some drama view spoiler But everything is solved and then they H and h get there HEA hide spoiler This was super cute The two main characters actually talked to each other instead of assuming what the other is thinking which is always a plus in my eyes Adding the fact that they are super into each other and cutely so, a focus on family, and two really brilliant pets, this was really lovely I wasn t as much into the B plot of them being victims of arson and burglary but it didn t overshadow the main storyline.Content warning Arson, Burglary, Attempted Sexual Assault but the guy gets punched in the face , Cheating in the past , one of the pets get abducted but nothing happens to it I received an arc of this book courtesy of NetGalley and Montlake Romance in exchange for an hoest review. ARC received thanks to publisher Netgalley.pretty cute but it felt like something the author has already written. Aurora Rose Reynolds has done it again She continues to deliver feel good romances that leave you swooning and drooling over her sexy alpha men My favorite series by her has been and will always be The Until series and Catching Him has the elements I love from The Until Series making it an ultimate home run in my opinion A Must Read for her fans I just finished reading one of the funniest, sweetest and just overly perfect love stories I ever had the pleasure to read, Catching Him, from the amazingly talented Aurora Rose Reynolds When I heard that she was writing another series for Montlake Romance, I was on the edge of my seat waiting to get my hands on it And let me tell you that it was worth the wait Aurora nailed this book in every sense of the word and proved once again, why she is the queen of happily ever alpha romance I wonder every time how she comes up with all these characters and plot lines and always strives to give her readers her best work I than enjoyed being immersed into this story about two people unexpectedly finding love in their early thirties Both didn t play any games and knew exactly what they wanted I hate nothing than too much unnecessary drama But luckily there was nothing like that here Leah Emerson is young, beautiful and single She s a successful hair stylist with an own house and a naughty cat called Mouse Looking for a man is not high on her priorities list It s not like all women need a man to be happy, right Especially not such as cocky and arrogant Tyler Duncan This delicious guy is way too charming and sexy for his own good After a disastrous first encounter, Leah hopes to never see him again But unfortunately for her, he s her new neighbor next door and can t be easily avoided Especially not after he shows up constantly at her door with his cute dog Bruce Tyler Duncan was always determined and never had problems going after the things he wanted He s recently moved from Tennessee for his new job at a construction company From the moment he meets his stunning neighbor, he decides to make her his Unfortunately for him, someone else wants Leah too Tyler will do everything in his power to protect the woman he s falling in love with, while proving he s the kind of guy worth falling for Can their new found happiness prevail against all odds Oh boy how much I adored Tyler He was the epitome of an alpha male sexy, confident, protective and possessive And to top that all, he was good with kids and animals Marriage material anyone I would have said yes to him in a heartbeat The way he loved and cared about Leah made me swoon hard.Leah was sweet, compassionate and a little impulsive But Tyler loved that about her She was a loyal, gentle soul with a big heart and the best auntie to her niece and nephews I loved her so much She deserved a guy like Tyler in her life Their chemistry was out of this world Aurora didn t only create two perfect main characters, but also some loveable side characters like her best friend Cassie, her parents and her two brothers Even the pets were adorable and made me laugh out loud I strongly encourage everyone to read this amazing book I promise you, it will be worth your time and money I m putting this beauty on my most favorite reads shelf and giving it 5 stars. Tyler s possessiveness isn t really subtle, Whatever As long as you re not seeing him again, I don t give a eff what your reasons are I loved this book, I fell in love witj Tyler he was just all about his girl. Review to come Sigh It has been a long time since I read a book with an Alpha in it and Tyler was all Alpha Loved the way he wormed his way in and would not take no for an answer, Leah was great too she had been burnt before and was set that the next time that the man would do the chasing and chase Tyler did They were great together and the family and friends were all great characters This book was swoony romantic, with great humour and a little mystery thrown in I will certainly be reading the next book in the series. Catching Him is the highly anticipated first installment in the new rom com series called How to Catch an Alpha by the queen of insta love stories and OTT Alpha heroes Aurora Rose Reynolds This amazing book was the perfect mix of sexy, funny and entertaining I loved everything about it from the well paced and engaging plot to the playful humor and the charming and intriguing characters Aurora truly outdid herself here and delivered a story about a kind hearted, sweet single woman in her early 30ies who has long ago given up hope of finding the one until she catches the attention of the hot guy living next door The message of this story is that although we re all desperately searching for love, love sometimes finds us on its own when we least expect it The dating scene these days is, to put it mildly, complicated and finding your soulmate is a true challenge But regardless one shouldn t settle for less in order to not be alone.Leah Emerson is a successful hairdresser and working along her mom and grandma in their salon She is living with her naughty and full of attitude cat called Mouse Since Leah is done making the moves in a relationship and all the game playing and confusing mixed messages, she is currently not looking for a man Although her next door neighbor is very tempting with his smiles, possessive touches and stolen kisses Tyler Duncan moved from Tennessee to Mount Pleasant, a small town in South Carolina, after a friend of his who owns a construction company offered him a job as a foreman Tyler is cocky, charming and he always goes for what he wants in his life with a steadfast determination And he wants Emerson heart and mind Even his dog Bruce adores her But Tyler is not the only one wanting her He needs to convince Leah to trust him and to prove that he s a guy worth falling for I m so besotted with the hero and heroine of this fantastic story They were such interesting and relatable characters Leah is so loving and caring with her pet, friends, family and customers at work She has everybody under her magical spell without even realising it Leah is a woman you would want as a best friend who is reliable and always there when you need her without asking questions No wonder that Tyler wanted her from the moment he met her And trust me guys their first encounter was absolutely hilarious and one of my favorite scenes in the book I appreciated that Tyler made such an effort to win Leah over without beating around the bush He knew that she was worth it I truly worship the ground Tyler walks on He is loyal, hard working, honest Leah describes him as every hope, dream, and wish wrapped up in the perfect man Therefore it s not surprising that she fell head over heals for him I loved their flirty banter and the intimacy between them Their sizzling chemistry inside and outside the bedroom will set your reading device on fire Catching Him is hands down a read you don t want to miss out on It s a must for every avid rom com reader who also loves a little bit of suspense factor thrown into the romance I m already hooked on this series and can t wait for the next book I m sure that Aurora will as always knock our socks off with her incredible talent I m giving this gem 5 well deserved stars.