JackpotFrom The Author Of The New York Times Bestseller Dear Martin Which Angie Thomas, The Bestselling Author Of The Hate U Give,Called A Must Read Comes A Pitch Perfect Romance That Examines Class, Privilege, And How A Stroke Of Good Luck Can Change An Entire Life Meet Rico High School Senior And Afternoon Shift Cashier At The Gas N Go, Who After School And Work Races Home To Take Care Of Her Younger Brother Every Single Day When Rico Sells A Jackpot Winning Lotto Ticket, She Thinks Maybe Her Luck Will Finally Change, But Only If She With Some Assistance From Her Popular And Wildly Rich Classmate Zan Can Find The Ticket Holder Who Hasn T Claimed The Prize But What Happens When Have And Have Nots Collide Will This Investigative Duo Uniteor Divide Nic Stone, The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Dear Martin And Odd One Out,Creates Two Unforgettable Characters In One Hard Hitting Story About Class, Money Both Too Little And Too Much And How You Make Your Own Luck In The World. Hold on to your seatbelts, you guys I got an early peek and this book is amazing A deeper review closer to the pub date, I promise Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestJACKPOT is the story of a teenage girl living about an inch above the poverty line She works at a convenience store clerk which is how she ends up meeting the woman who bought the winning lottery ticket and also the rich young heir, Zan, who ends up playing willing accomplice to her heist to notify the woman of her good fortune and, perhaps, get a cut of that sweet, sweet cash.I haven t read anything by this author before, although I do actually own her other book, DEAR MARTIN, and I had a lot of mixed thoughts while reading Ultimately, I do think I liked this book with reservations which I ll list out here.What I liked Realistic portrayal of what it s like living paycheck to paycheck I think a lot of YA and NA try to romanticize being low income, like you have no cred if you aren t starving It s always for a sacrifice or a cause and I hate that, because I think it feeds into the mistaken belief that people without money have done something to deserve that Rico s struggles to provide with her family and their sacrifices really hit hard I liked that a lot Diversity everywhere Rico and her younger brother are biracial and so, actually, is Zan There s a lot of interracial families in here, and lots of discussions about culture and not a whole lot of bigotry, while somehow also managing to talk about privilege and discrimination I think it s a very positive rep, for the most part, and I really liked that a lot I think a lot of teens probably will, too Female friendship Jessica was a great and supportive character, and so was her boyfriend, Ness The two of them as a couple were very cozy and I liked their interludes A good heist story I like the idea of kids going on adventures to win money Adventure stories were really big in the 80s and 90s and then kind of tapered off My generation grew up with those types of stories so it was nostalgic to see a similar one, but wearing grown up clothes YASWhat I didn t like The weird interludes with inanimate objects There s all these micro chapters narrated from the point of view of inanimate objects money, houses, pieces of paper, etc I didn t like that It was a bit too surreal and precious, and kept yanking me out of the story Whatever the author was going for, it didn t quite work and I wasn t a fan The sarcastic humor Same problem with the inanimate object interludes it felt like it was trying too hard There were a few moments of genuine humor in here but it felt like Rico had to have a retort for literally everything and eventually it got exhausting and annoying Rico was not a very nice character and while I get her struggles, she was really hard to like I never warmed up to her, especially at the end when she reveals her true colors as to how far she ll go to get the winnings The romance I didn t really buy it I didn t like Rico, so I didn t see what Zan saw in her and why he took all her attitude and meanness It wasn t a very positive relationship Zan had problems too and was too pushy and privileged and sometimes sexist, but he didn t make me recoil the way Rico did with all of her actions The ending Not going to say anything else on this because spoilers, but yeah.This wasn t a bad book and ultimately I did end up liking it than I disliked it, but it won t be topping any of my favorites lists any time soon I think people will either love or hate this one, tbh, depending on how they feel about the main character and her humor Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 3 stars Haven t read this yet, just combatting an absurd rating from someone else who has certainly not read it Will update when I ve actually read it. Wow Wowowowow I think this book made my brain explode a little bit, but in a good way So much to think about after finishing this one I ll write of a review once I process my thoughts better, but for now preorder this one Nic never disappoints, but she REALLY did something great with Jackpot. ooh this was so great the writing style, the characters, the plot, the pace, the discussions of race, money and privilege, the mystery, the romance, the relationships, the chapter structure it was all brilliantly addictive and made it incredibly easy to highly recommend I m still slightly unsure about how I feel about the ending but other than that, this was a fantastic book and one I enjoyed each and every moment reading. Don t pickup this book if you have things that need done I repeat, DON T PICKUP THIS BOOK IF YOU HAVE THINGS THAT NEED DONE. omg omg omg omg omg omg1 Nic Stone, can you please write me a husband Because I fell in love with Justyce when I first read Dear Martin and this book came out on my birthday, so it was a sign right and now I m in love with Zan and dies 2 It s the first romance driven plot I loved in a long, long time.3 The end killed me It took me by surprise, which barely ever happens any, and I m still not over it.4 It s so much than just a romance.5 NIC STONE I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH, THANK YOU FOR THIS GEM. I really enjoyed this one tackles class issues while still telling a really entertaining story.RTC Thanks to the publisher for providing an advance copy for review Read of my reviews on Alright, I m a total Nic Stone fan girl I literally did football maneuvers in a ballroom to make sure I got this ARC But, this one felt..off.The story is told from Rico s POV with side anecdotes from the winning lotto ticket, her little brother s toy soldier, and other inanimate objects in an effort to offset Rico s unreliability I wanted a deeper exploration into her partner in crime s thoughts I also didn t like the constant reminder of how poor she was It was redundant and often came across as melodramatic This coming from someone from a low socioeconomic background Things I did love, Jess as a character was phenomenal and exactly who Rico needed to help her put her life in perspective Also, the bathroom scene with Rico and her mom was done to perfection All that to say, I m still a total Nic Stone fangirl, but I didn t love Rico with the same vigor and gusto that I loved Jupiter Charity Sanchez. Review also posted on you to the publisher for providing me with an arc via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Last year I read both Dear Martin and Odd One Out by Nic Stone and really liked them both I love Nic Stone s writing style and how unique and important her stories are Jackpot was a fun, heart warming novel that had me crying and laughing, I m so excited for this book to be out in the world so everyone can experience this story Jackpot follows Rico, a senior in high school who works nearly full time at a Gas n Go to support her family, when she isn t working or at school Rico looks after her younger brother After selling a jackpot winning lotto ticket Rico thinks her luck will change, but only if she can convince her popular, crazy rich classmate Zan to help her track down the ticket holder who hasn t claimed the prize.I loved Rico, she was hard working, caring and admirable Coming from a low socioeconomic background and constantly struggling to make ends meet Rico has sacrificed so much for her family and that hit me so hard I related to Rico and her struggles a lot Rico was a great main character, she wasn t perfect, she was flawed and was very judgmental at times but I loved watching her development.I really liked Zan, I wasn t sold on him at first but I enjoyed his character development and growth I adored Jax, he was so sweet, positive and innocent, I loved how much Rico cared for Jax, their bond was beautiful I also really liked Finesse and Jess, I especially enjoyed watching Jess and Rico get closer and confide in each other.One of the most unique things about Jackpot was the small chapters narrated by inanimate objects, such as a house they visit to the winning lottery ticket, it was an interesting way to provide an outside perspective Jackpot discusses so many important issues like race, socioeconomic status, health care in America and parental pressure, I think the discussion on all of these was so well done and important Overall, I really liked Jackpot, I ended up reading it in only a few hours because I became so attached to these characters and this story Nic Stone is such an important voice in the book community and I can t wait to see what she does next.

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  • 11 August 2019
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