Bad Billionaire New York Bachelors #3

Bad Billionaire New York Bachelors #3[PDF / Epub] ☂ Bad Billionaire New York Bachelors #3 ✐ Stefanie London – Annie hatte ihr Leben im Griff Hochbezahlte Karriere Check Schickes Appartment Check Sexy Mann mit dem sie alt werden wollte Check Nur dass ihr Verlobter sie verlassen hat um seine Karriere anzukurbel Annie hatte ihr Leben im Griff Hochbezahlte Karriere New York Kindle Ó Check Schickes Appartment Check Sexy Mann mit dem sie alt werden wollte Check Nur dass ihr Verlobter sie verlassen hat um seine Karriere anzukurbeln Als ob das nicht schon schlimm genug wäre waren da die Fotos auf allen Society Blogs die ihn mit einer Frau zeigten die ihren Hochzeitsring trug Annie wollte sich nicht nur an ihrem Ex rächen sondern alle Frauen davor warnen sich Bad Billionaire Kindle - von Playboys fernzuhalten Doch leider ging das nach hinten los und nun ist sie die meistgesuchte Frau in New YorkJoseph hat in seinem Leben viele Fehler gemacht Aber keiner war so schlimm wie die Liebe seines Lebens zu verlassen um im Ausland Karriere zu machen Nun ist der Manager wieder in New York und will Annie zurück Er versucht alles um sie zu überreden ihm eine zweite Chance zu geben aber je stärker er Billionaire New York PDF/EPUB ì sich bemüht desto mehr stößt sie ihn von sich Doch als Hacker herausfinden wer Annie wirklich ist ist Joe der einzige der ihr helfen kann   Von Stefanie London sind bei Forever by Ullstein erschienenBad Bachelor New York Bachelors Bad Boss New York Bachelors Bad Billionaire New York Bachelors . Dramatic emotional and sizzlingBad Influence is a heartwarming passionate second chance romance that takes us into the lives of the resolute intelligent Annie and the charismatic hardworking Joe as they discover that even though they let each other slip away once the heart wants who the heart wants and some things are worth fighting forThe writing is smooth and crisp The characters are smart lovable and alluring And the plot is a wonderful blend of life love familial pressure friendship sizzling romance introspection happiness and a little dangerBad Influence is the third and final story in the Bad Bachelors series and even though it’s a little bittersweet to say goodbye to the characters we’ve come to know and love from the previous novels it is nevertheless a lovely way to catch up on the whole gang and give Annie and Joe the happy ever after ending they deserveThank you to Stefanie London and Sourcebooks Casablanca for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review These characters sound too immature view spoiler The MCs are engaged and had plans to both move to Singapore but when her mom gets a cancer diagnosis she decides to stay but doesn't talk to the H about it He gets angry and goes anyway getting engaged to OW in record timeIt's the old Lack of CommunicationBig Misunderstanding TropeThey both sound super immature I'm not up for the frustration hide spoiler The Bad Bachelors series has been such a treat overall I have to say though that this finale was easily one of my most anticipated books of 2019 I couldn't wait to find out about the woman behind the Bad Bachelor app that was wreaking havoc in NYC and all about the man who broke her heart Bad Influence delivered a strong romantic story that I am most definitely going to be revisiting in the futureJoe and Annie used to be the IT couple before an unfortunate event forces them to break up with each other the eve of them leaving for a new life in Singapore Joe leaves to pursue his dreams in Singapore while Annie decides to stay behind in NYC Broken hearted she creates an app for the women of NYC Though her intentions were originally to safeguard the women of NYC hearts the app soon creates trouble than she imagined I'll be honest in the first two books I wasn't 100% sure that I liked Annie especially after her refusal to help out her friend Remi in the second book London had to work hard to make her character work for me and she did a wonderful job We finally get to see the motivations behind Annie's actions Underneath it all was simply a woman who had been deeply hurt by someone she loved It was hard not to sympathize with that When Joe returns into her life out of the blue she doesn't uite know how to handle her emotions His return as well as the threats she has been getting in regards to her app force her to think about the conseuences her app was having on people's lives She goes through uite a bit of an emotional journey here and I was very pleased with how her character turned around in such a positive way It was obvious that Annie wasn't a bad person Instead she was someone with principles that didn't always work in her favor Joe was a new introduction to this series and I wound up really loving his character as well He was a driven man almost to a fault Although his passion hard work and desire to please his parents were admirable it had also cost him his happiness Like Annie he too came to uite a few revelations in Bad Influence These two certainly had to overcome a lot before they could get back together but the journey was so fulfilling They talked they lashed out but most importantly they opened up about the hurt they caused each other Annie and Joe were both eually to blame for their break up and Stefanie London does not brush over that here They had to work hard to get back together which made their relationship very realistic Bad Influence had an intense but emotionally satisfying romance and as always London delivered on the chemistry There were also a few relevant side plots with their respective families that only added to my enjoyment of the storyBad Influence was a great way to end this series I'm going to miss these characters but I'm looking forward to seeing what Stephanie London writes next Annie Maxwell had her whole life figured outuntil her fiancé left her when his career took off If that wasn't bad enough every society blog posted pictures of him escorting a woman wearing her engagement ring Yeah well this is the hero she will forgive and end up with No thanks but no What would you do if you were New York’s most wanted woman but no one knew your identity until a hacker threatened to expose you? Hide and give into the hacker’s demands? Tell the world? Or ask your very much despised ex who just came back from a stint in Singapore for help? Annie Maxwell’s path is obvious Right? But let’s back up a bit With Bad Influence book #3 in the Bad Bachelors series Stefanie London tells the sexy swoony and heartwarming story about bank executive Joseph Preston and the love of his life Annie Maxwell who had their entire future mapped out in front of them until career and family tore them apart Annie had been upset after Joe left but when she sees the engagement ring that was meant for her on another woman’s finger she creates an app meant to help woman have a better dating experience She never expected the controversy or bad press it generated and certainly didn’t imagine it would be a threat to her safety But when push came to shove the man that had abandoned her was there to prove not only that she was his priority but that he had never stopped loving her Can they forgive their past transgressions? London pens a tenderly romantic deliciously sexy and delightfully witty story I enjoyed the balance between the story’s effortless flow the suspenseful plot generated by the threat against Annie the push pull and very present longing between the well developed main characters and the family and friends component that layered this storyI was hooked from the very start wanting to speed read or skip ahead to the very ending and know how it all gets resolved I almost did But I remembered why I love romance so much The enjoyment is in the journey in getting to know the characters feeling the attraction and romance that jumps from the pages reading how they work through problems to reach that glorious happy ever after And I wasn’t disappointed Bad Influence is book #2 of the Bad Bachelors series by Stefanie London It is a standalone second chance romance told from both points of view and has a happy ending I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley The excerpts are from that copy I am voluntarily reviewing this title Stalk me on FaceBook Twitter Instagram More reviews This book okay im annoyed about it joe asshat joe you move on fast when you didnt get your way get engaged to someone else and dont fight for the love of your life who you been with for 6 years cuz she choses to stay with her mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer??? Instead of leaving the country with you to follow your dreams? That your father wanted Also its taken you 3 years and your sorry 3 years no fighting or connecting Annie also it was mentioned your ex fiance was the one who called off the engagement not you so if she didn't would you have been back???now i would blame Annie also cuz she didn't fight for the relationship but i love my mama and well im on her side when it comes to standing by your sick mothers side i also skimmed many chapters ill be honest i really dont get why the engagement to another woman it was just mentioned the ex was never in it Every word i write down i get mad all over ughhh Bad Influence is the third and final book in the trilogy of stories involving the controversial websiteapp called Bad Bachelors a means for women to honestly rate the men they date  It’s a sexy second chance romance between the site’s creator Annie Maxwell and Joseph Preston the man she loved and had planned a future with until circumstances forced them apart three years earlier  I haven’t read the other two books but there’s enough background detail here for the newbie to be able to read this instalment without feeling lostOn the eve of their leaving the US and moving to Singapore where Joseph had accepted a highly prestigious banking job Annie learned her mother had breast cancer  Instead of talking to Joseph about it she shut him out of the decision making process and decided she needed to stay at home to support her family and be with her mum  It’s a decision that anyone would make in a similar situation and Joseph understood that – he was close to Annie’s family too – but what hurt him so badly was that Annie made her choice without even consulting himAnnie barely kept herself together after Joseph left but it wasn’t until a year later – when she saw a photo of him with a glamorous woman on his arm in a gossip magazine that proclaimed the couple’s engagement – that Annie decided to channel her anger and hurt into something that might help other women to avoid similar heartbreak  So Bad Bachelors was bornSpeculation is rife as to who is behind the site and Annie has become used to the volume of mail she receives – both thanking her for creating it and calling her every kind of hateful bitch under the sun  Some threats are worse than others but Annie has not so far reported them to anyone not wishing to compromise her anonymity  Now though one particular angry commenter has taken things a step further; when Annie receives a photo in the mail that was clearly taken by her own laptop camera she realises that someone is actively stalking her and that whoever it is has somehow managed to hack into her computer  Which makes her wonder – what other aspects of her life has this person gained access to? And what are they planning to do?  Blackmail?  Worse?Ms London does a really good job of conveying Annie’s fear and sense of isolation when she realises she’s being stalked  If she files an official report her identity will be revealed and she doesn’t want to worry her friends or family by involving them if it all turns out to be a stupid hoax  There is literally only one person she can turn to for help – and he’s the last man on Earth she wants to askBefore taking the job in Singapore Joseph had planned to use his expertise in IT to set up a company specialising in online security  But he allowed himself to be persuaded by his cold exacting father that the move abroad would be the best thing for his career – and he stayed in Singapore for three years before realising it was the wrong move for him  He’s returned to New York where he’s the youngest ever CIO at another major bank and has decided it’s time for him to start pursuing his own ambitions and life goals rather than to continue the attempt to win his father’s approbationHe and Annie might have a lot of baggage between them but there’s no way he’s going to turn down a reuest for help not knowing how much it must be costing her pride to ask  Annie tries to tell Joseph as little as possible about the stalker and certainly isn’t willing to own up to the reasons behind it – until another message makes it clear they’re not messing around and that they’ve hacked into Bad Bachelors and uncovered some very damaging informationThe time Annie and Joseph spend together of course enables them to thrash out their issues and for them both to finally admit that they each bear an eual weight of blame for their break up  They are still strongly attracted to each other and have never really fallen out of love but Annie can’t help being incredibly wary; she knows Joseph is a decent guy but the weight of his family’s disapproval of their relationship Annie’s mum used to be the wealthy Prestons’ domestic help and the long shadow cast by his father only added to the pressures on their relationship – and she isn’t prepared to go back there  But Joseph has changed  The years away have given him confidence in himself and his abilities and have shown him what he really wants from life  And what he really wants is AnnieRatings sites and apps are nothing new or unusual and the anonymity offered by the internet gives those determined to be unpleasant a place to hide every day you’ve only got to look at Twitter to see that  I appreciated the author’s exploration of the online world we now inhabit and the way she shows clearly how something that was originally intended to be helpful has grown beyond its creator’s original vision and become something that is probably hurting as many people as it has helpedIf you’ve been following the series Bad Influence rounds things off nicely  Joseph and Annie are well drawn complex characters they have great chemistry and I was mostly rooting for them to get back together I say mostly because my opinion of Annie in the early stages was coloured by the fact that I found her view that the break up was all Joseph’s fault to be immature – especially as it was herdecision not to go abroad with him As the book progressed however and I saw her character growth as she began to let go of her anger and to own up to her part in what happened I started to come around and to think that perhaps she did deserve Joseph after all That said the reasons for their separation are really flimsy so I had to do a bit of hand waving away in order to accept it and get to the meat of the story  Also on the negative side the identity of the stalker is just an odd choice and the reveal is contrived and anti climacticOtherwise though Bad Influence is an enjoyable contemporary romance that combines a look at some very relevant issues with a sensual love story and a hard won HEA  It earns a recommendation Annie Maxwell made a life changing decisionwithout consulting with her significant other so Joseph Preston continued on with their plans without her I enjoyed this storyline and the characters in this third book in the Bad Bachelors series I love how Annie created the “Bad Bachelors” app and kept it secret for so long I did however get annoyed with the denial on Annie’s part for their breakupshe kept blaming him and expecting an apology and that part bothered me This had some good laugh out loud moments the towel scene was hilarious heartbreak love good extended characters and some heat I really liked JosephAnnienot so much I did like the last couple chapters of the book and especially the epilogue Overall I enjoyed Bad Influence by Author Stefanie London and would recommend it I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads so here is my reviewAnnie thought she had her life figured out the perfect man with his dream job taking them around the world Then her life comes crashing down and she makes a decision that affects them both and Joseph leaves New York without herNow three years later she thought she was over him until they literally crash in to each other and the old feelings come back at full force She tries to stay away from him but when something happens with her computer she only trusted one person to look through computer and that one person is JosephJoseph Preston though going overseas would be the thing that would make his father proud of him but all it did was make him push him Now Joseph is back in New York and the younger CEO in the banking world and still all his father can do is complain Joseph finally wants to do what he wants and that is to make himself happy To do that he must make Annie accept that he is sorry for the way things ended when he left And maybe they can move forward and rekindle their relationshipAnnie created Bad Bachelors as a way to help with the pain of losing Joseph and she thought it would help other women to find the a good man And she kept her identity a secret until she needed to tell Joseph before he started working on her laptop When Joseph finds that a hacker is threatening Annie his protectiveness comes out Can Annie forgive Joseph and they both move on together? Or will they be able to remain friends if nothing else? Will the hacker be found out before something happens to Annie? What will happen to Bad Bachelors app? Can Annie and Joseph survive his parents if they get back together?I have loved this series and this one has been my favorite couple with the suspense added to the story And the ending is perfect I would recommend reading this series but please read them in order so you don't miss anything The last of the Bad Bachelors series and I couldn't put this one down This is Annie and Joe's storyAnnie is the creator of the Bad Bachelors app that took off after her long term relationship with Joe ended over her choosing to stay with her Mother after she was diagnosed with cancer and not going to Singapore with Joe For Joe this was a non negotiable Soon after his arrival she sees her engagement ring on the hand of another woman and that pushed Annie out her heartbreak slump into forming this Bad Bachelors app As we know from the previous books her tracks are covered well and no one knows she's behind the app except her two best friends who found out by default It did cause some problems with them initially but things resolved Joe returns home after his time in Singapore and sees Annie Joe's main problem is he's the overachieving son who no matter what he does will never measure up to his father's unrealistic and cruel expectations The guy is a real horses backside and Joe does his best to avoid him Yet Joe still struggles There's a major curveball in the story and someone has found Annie out She tells Joe and through some of his connections and his own skills try and track down who is threatening Annie and to expose her and worse to expose JoeThe twists are turns in the story are so skillfully written we have reuniting of Joe and Annie Annie still keeping her secret until she is forced to tell Joe about the app and the underlying suspense of who might be after her and the threats I couldn't put this one down and really loved Joe and Annie Annie was a little stubborn at times but that's who she was I loved Joe This is the kind of book that I thought about after I finished reading it I don't run into those often Bravo Stephanie Fantastic story I loved every single minute