The Stranger Inside

The Stranger Inside➹ [Read] ➵ The Stranger Inside By Lisa Unger ➼ – Even good people are drawn to do evil things Twelve year old Rain Winter narrowly escaped an abduction while walking to a friend's house Her two best friends Tess and Hank were not as lucky Tess never Even good people are drawn to do evil things Twelve year old Rain Winter narrowly escaped an abduction while walking to a friend's house Her two best friends Tess and Hank were not as lucky Tess The Stranger MOBI :¼ never came home and Hank was held in captivity before managing to escape Their abductor was sent to prison but years later was released Then someone delivered real justice—and killed him in cold bloodNow Rain is living the perfect suburban life her dark childhood buried deep She spends her days as a stay at home mom having put aside her career as a hard hitting journalist to care for her infant daughter But when another brutal murderer who escaped justice is found dead Rain is unexpectedly drawn into the case Eerie similarities to the murder of her friends' abductor force Rain to revisit memories she's worked hard to leave behind Is there a vigilante at work Who is the next target Why can't Rain just let it goIntroducing one of the most compelling and original killers in crime fiction today Lisa Unger takes readers deep inside the minds of both perpetrator and victim blurring the lines between right and wrong crime and justice and showing that sometimes people deserve what comes to them. I’m already having a song for this song “And I wonder I wa wa wa wonder why a why why why why she wrote this book and I wonder why she published this “ Just a second they put cuffs on my hands because I restricted the copyrights of My Runaway song Oh come on I didn’t steal the words This is my cover version for an innocent reader had frustrated feeling after reading a book she highly anticipatedSo as a bail I left my three stars at the station and ran away ran ran ran ran away What kind of police station was that? They had only coffee mash up of cigarette butts and dishwashing water and they called Starbuck’s Pike Roast regular coffee They didn’t have any proper bottle of ChardonnayLet’s get back to my hurt feelings about this book I think I had a guardian angel named NetGalley You know why? They rejected my reuest AGAIN itchy palm alert need to slap urgently and gave me evil laughs called me loser who didn’t deserve to read this masterpiece okay laughing and verbal insult part was on my head they didn’t do that but I told you at my other reviews I always take the rejections personally like a boyfriend’s branded “that’s not you that’s me” speeches By the way of course that’s on them At least it didn’t root at my pending reuest cemetery like creepy ghosts of ex boyfriends return back to haunt you at ChristmasREASONS OF MY FRUSTRATION Slowness I felt like I’m not reading a thriller I’m watching a regular Terence Malick movie about the deep philosophy of being serial killer and their motivations to be predators I took too many naps on my couch mouth agape swallowed at least five mosuitos There are still buzzing sounds coming from my stomach I sprayed bug poison in my mouth to stop them Lack of excitement spookiness curiosity Too many inner monologues depressed the hell out of me I was waiting for action The ending The weakest ring of the whole parts Ending should make you shock shiver shake you to the core or at least it should give you the closure satisfaction you need But this one DAAATTT I passSummary Thanks to Netgalley and publisher not to send me the arc copy in exchange my saddest review I should take it as a sign and I shouldn’t purchase this book At least I used my neighbor’s credit card whose evil son stole all the oranges from our garden Payback is a bitch Ha ha ha Look who’s laughing now? I love this author I enjoyed her previous works She is one of my favorite thriller writers so it was normal to expect from her but unfortunately this book didn’t work for mebloginstagramfacebooktwitter Holy Shooty Balls Suspenseful tense compulsively readableTHE STRANGER INSIDE by LISA UNGER is an engrossing fantastic tension filled dark and thrilling novel that was absolutely unputdownable I was immediately sucked into the narrative and devoured every single page of this highly entertaining book I was fully immersed in this story I don’t think my mind wandered even once while I was reading this book LISA UNGER delivers a vividly descriptive atmospheric intriguing well written and irresistible thriller here that I absolutely loved and was thoroughly impressed by The characters were extremely interesting compelling and definitely held my full attentionThe storyline was one that I found myself totally drawn into I was uestioning and pondering the actions and reactions of our characters here to a point where I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat on pins and needles in anticipation of how it was all going to play out I was fully engaged and invested in this tale and the ending left me with shivers and goosebumps Norma’s StatsCover An eye catching intriguing suspenseful and fitting representation to storyline I really like the looks of this cover design Title Appealing suspenseful intriguing and absolutely love how the title plays so fittingly and meaningfully into storyline WritingProse Well written engaging captivating and fluid I thoroughly enjoyed the writing Plot Chilling sinister suspenseful gripping fast paced clever absorbing enjoyable and extremely entertaining Ending Heart pounding adrenaline filled intense and extremely satisfying that gave me the shivers and goosebumps Love that Overall A phenomenal read that had me entertained and immersed in this tale from start to finish Would highly recommendI received an ARC from the publisher Thank you so muchThis review can also be seen on Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading book blog My thanks to Harleuin and Netgalley Seriously the fact that I'm thanking Harliuin for a good book is surreal Harleuin? This can't be the Harleuin books from my youth? Anywho I've only ever read one Lisa Unger book and I liked it A lot Red Hunger? I don't know something along those lines I'd have to check and right now I just don't careI liked this book uite a bit In all honesty I was a wee bit sick when I read this Not a biggie But it was 3 weeks or ago I liked the mystery which in truth I can barely remember The one thing I mostly remember though is being annoyed at the repettiveness of the woman thinking she was an unfit mother for wanting to work again Yes it was too much Over and over Please all women just know that you are enough You can and should have it all I think this was my biggest gripe about this book Please stop having women fret about children and work Try to incorporate both Honestly? It became too freaking annoying I have started and deleted this review at least four times now so I have decided that I'm going to skip plot points because I feel like anything I do say is going to be a spoiler and nobody wants that Revenge Justice Good vs EvilAn eye for an eye Did you like Dexter? I sure as heck did and that's the situation we have going on here but there is so much to this story In fact there is a lot going on which is why this is such a difficult review to write We've got uite a few characters back and forth in time following a tragedy from the past and the present murders and investigations alternating chapters of two different points of view This is surprisingly my first Lisa Unger book though I've been hearing about her for years and I have many of her other books on my wish list I thought this was such a compelling story and I became completely immersed within its pages She is truly a fantastic writer My only one complaint is that this book is too long Where are the editors? Rinse and repeat over and over again especially in regards to inner thoughts and feelings WE GET IT ALREADY Complaint aside this is going to be another huge hit for Unger and this will be flying off the shelves when it publishes in September 4 Stars Thank you to NetGalley and HARLEUIN – Trade Publishing US Canada for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review 35A frightful harrowing read that will leave you believing monsters do indeed existRain believed she knew how to deal with her past Put it behind her uit dwelling on it Look to the futurenot back But often despite your best efforts the past has a troubling way of creeping back into your lifeLisa Unger writes a dark and terrifying novel dealing with the loss of innocence and the evil that lurks around every cornerThough this wasn’t a favorite from this author it’s still well worth the read and I’ll be looking forward to her nextA buddy read with SusanneThank you to NetGalley Harleuin Trade Publishing Park Row and Lisa Unger for an ARC to read and review 5 spectacular starsAn engrossing suspenseful tension filled pulse pounding addictive novelRain Winter is a stay at home mom who resigned from her high pressure career as an investigative journalist when she had her daughter Lily Though she loves being home with Lily she finds herself drawn into a new murder case that could be linked to past casesI was hooked from page 1 The way this book is narrated is brilliant The tension builds as each chapter progresses I loved the characters I really enjoyed the motherhood side of the story from Rain’s perspective I could strongly relate to her character being a stay at home mom who feels the pull back into the career world This was my first book by this author Lisa Unger I was extremely impressed I adored the writing The pace and flow were excellent which kept me fully engaged in the story and invested in the characters from start to finish This has easily earned a spot on my 2019 Favourites listThank you to Harleuin for sending me a physical copy to read and reviewThe Stranger Inside is available now I have heard a lot about Lisa Unger but had never read her crime fiction before a matter I rectified by reading her latest this twisted psychological suspense novel about justice judgement vigilantism ghosts trauma and mental health issues Rain Winters married to Greg is a former news producer and journalist now a stay at home mom with her baby Lily determined to provide her with a safe secure and loving environment When working in her job she was partnered with her best friend reporter Gillian Murray she obsessively covered the trial of Steve Markham charged with the murder of his pregnant wife Laney Convinced of his guilt she was devastated when he was acuitted She wakes up one morning to hear that Markham has been murdered in precisely the same manner that his wife was This is not the first killing carried out by someone out there determined to enforce their own form of retribution there have been others too and it appears the FBI are beginning to investigateMarkham's death triggers the traumatic memories from Rain's childhood which on the advice of her Pulitizer prize winning father she had kept tightly locked up inside her in a metaphorical box Then known as Laraine she and her best friends Tess and Hank experienced horrors no child should ever have to A shocked and injured Rain escaped thanks to Hank but Tess and Hank were taken Tess never survived but Hank did although both he and Rain were left to deal with the guilt and conseuences in the years after The person who had committed such heinous crimes against them was charged and convicted but upon release was killed by an unknown perpetrator Hank and Rain felt that he had deserved his fate Now Rain feels the insistent tugs of her shadowy past as she journeys back in time opening the emotional wounds of her childhood revisiting the conseuences of what happened to her and Hank a Hank she could not cope with and shut out of her life to embrace the new life offered by her marriage to Greg and daughter Lily Unger's writing is tense suspenseful dark and atmospheric as she explores the interior lives of a Rain struggling to juggle the demands of being a mother and her inner desire to return to her former profession and that of the killer With the character of Sandy the psychiatric nurse and mother of Tess suffering the most agonising loss of her daughter Unger provides a forum to look at the morality of vigilantism and the concepts of justice and judgement with Sandy favouring the harder won road of the long term solution of forgiveness rather than the perpetuation of the never ending cycle of violence This is in many ways a complex and thought provoking read that follows the repercussions on the psyche of survivors of a terrifying trauma infused with some light and redemption in the end Many thanks to H for an ARC WaHoo Hot dang that was goodThe Stranger Inside is a uniue clever and compelling character study into good people who do bad things From the start I was drawn into the minds of our main characters Rain and Hank and their behaviour Both are dealing in different ways with the childhood trauma they endured involving each other An avenger killer is unmasked from the start It’s all about the reveal after that as Rain revisits their memories from their past The lines are blurred here between right and wrong not only for the characters but for me as well I found myself uestioning vengeance and justiceLisa Unger creates an original killer here and I was feeling disturbingly empathic for our characters I was on a bit of a roller coaster of different feelings here while reading this one and was uestioning those lines between right and wrong It all about the reveal here and I was on the edge of my seat The tension builds at a rapid speed to that clever dark and twisty reveal I loved the way this all came together with insight compassion danger and tension I highly recommendA Traveling Sister read that had us all dancing after reading this oneI received a copy from the publisher Holy shit snacks Lisa Unger has done it again; she's good at these books peeps Wow how in the frig am I going to say anything without a spoiler yeah it's one of those Okay short and TTP I'm not going to keep telling everyone what the books about who the MC is just read it on the summary This book was a mind game but a good one The MC has some stuff when they were young which leads to stuff when they are older Don't y'all love when I make no sense? Let me just say this book is right on with how I feel about certain things Well not all of it but the main bits This is like ugg can't use that word or y'all will know what I'm talking about this is the best kind of blank story to me I'm all about it The ending was so freaking good but not some great climax Just the way we find out what's what who's who and what's happening now I wasn't expecting that little tidbit there at the end but hey it's all good I'm fine with it I think fans of Lisa Unger will enjoy this book I would recommend it Thank you to Netgalley and the Pub for a copy of this book for review Happy Reading Mel ♥MY BLOG 3 StarsRain’s past is something she would love to put behind her she and her friends were abducted when they were twelve years old If only it were that simple She got out almost unscathed Her old friend Hank wasn’t as lucky but he survived The same can’t be said for their friend Tess Now Rain is a stay at home mom whose investigative journalist skills come in handy when she starts working on a case of a murderer who escaped justice Reminders of her past are all around her and soon Rain is pulled down deeper into the investigation than she ever imagined Lisa Unger created a tension filled mysterysuspense that was enjoyable but unfortunately left a little something to be desired for me having read all of her other novels That being said I am a huge Lisa Unger fan and I look forward to seeing what she comes out with next This was another fabulous buddy read with KaceeyThank you to NetGalley Harleuin Trade Publishing Park Row and Lisa Unger for the arcPublished on Goodreads and NetGalley on 92119

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