Lombre de Petit Guépard

Lombre de Petit Guépard❴Read❵ ➳ Lombre de Petit Guépard Author Marianne Dubuc – Oaklandjobs.co.uk «L’ombre de Petit Guépard est partie elle en avait assez de le suivre partout Petit Guépard n’avait jamais pensé ue les choses pouvaient être autrement Petite Ombre n'avait jamais pensé ue c «L’ombre de Petit Guépard est partie elle en avait assez de le suivre partout Petit Guépard n’avait jamais pensé ue les choses pouvaient être autrement Petite Ombre n'avait Lombre de PDF or jamais pensé ue ce n’est pas si simple être le premier devant Une histoire sur l’amitié et l’empathie sur l’art de se mettre à la place de l’autre». This book has an interesting premise although it only works if you ignore how shadows operateLittle Cheetah notices that his shadow is missing and he finds Little Shadow in a tree feeling sad He never gets to go first Little Shadow tells Little Cheetah He never gets to decide where to go And he often gets his tail caught in the door So Little Cheetah lets Little Shadow take the lead and for a few hours gets to experience life from his shadow's point of viewOf course shadows are dependent upon their light source so science minded kids might take issue with the overall premise Still it's kind of a cute story And the illustrations are sweetI don't really see a reason not to recommend this one I don't love it but it's an interesting take on empathy that's smart in its subtlety Thank you to NetGalley and Princeton Architectural Press for providing a digital ARC Reviewers on Goodreadswalking and talking cheetah holding a flashlight ok sureanthropomorphic shadow BUT WHAT ABOUT SCIENCE Little Cheetah’s Shadow by Marianne Dubuc PICTURE BOOK Princeton Architectural Press 2020 18 9781616898403BUYING ADVISORY Pre K EL K 3 OPTIONALAUDIENCE APPEAL LOWLittle Cheetah’s Shadow has run away because it feels that Little Cheetah doesn’t appreciate him Little Cheetah decides to let Little Shadow take the lead with some good results and some mistakesWhile I think the idea of a shadow wanting to play a prominent role could be a very cute book this is not that book It is almost charming but not uite thereCindy Library Teacher MLShttpskissthebookjrblogspotcom20 When Little Cheetah's shadow is missing he finds them on top of a nearby tree Little Shadow is tired of always being the one to follow so Little Cheetah decides it's his turn to follow his shadow friend Little Cheetah sees things from a different point of view on this day but together they have fun and when Little Shadow needs help Cheetah is happy to shine a way through So close to being a book that demonstrates meaningful apologies In this story Little Cheetah notices that his constant companion Little Shadow has disappeared When Little Shadow turns up sullenly hiding in a tree it's revealed that Little Shadow is upset that he always has to follow Little Cheetah and gets his tail stuck in doors as they exit buildings Little Cheetah and Little Shadow practice empathy problem solving and emotional generosity but their moments of sorry to one another fall short of a meaningful apology impact is acknowledged and changes are made but intent is centered over taking responsibility The cute illustrations and simple storyline make this a charming and accessible read but just shy of what I would love to see highlighted an apology that children can model as they grow their relationship skills The best part of this book are the illustrations The simple color theme of black blue and yellow are perfect If the book held Cheetah's shadow to the actual rules of science this would be a slam dunk pairing for kindergarten curriculum Setting that fact aside it was a very cute book showing the bonds between two friendssiblings Teaches you to see beyond yourself not only Little Cheetah but Little Shadow understood each other better from experience of switching places I like the little town Art my favorite page is the flashlight tunnel the way the words were formedI received this book for review through netgalley from Princeton Architectural Press This really just cements Marianne Dubuc for me as a new favorite children's author I love that her characters lead by example using empathy and kindness and I love her uirky illustrative style I might recommend her books for fans of the Mr Rogers vibe For cheetah fans; readers wanting a book about appreciating your friendsPossible red flags disjointed and a little awkward in terms of narrative I read an ARC though so maybe this was fixed later on Little Cheetah's shadow is sad It always has to follow Little Cheetah Little Cheetah makes all the decisions and Little Cheetah always catches Shadow's tail in the door When they exchange places Little Cheetah learns a lot about what it is like in someone else's shoes