The 18th Abduction

The 18th Abduction[Reading] ➻ The 18th Abduction Author James Patterson – The #1 bestselling female detective of the past 50 years is back Detective Lindsay Boxer and her husband Joe Molinari team up to protect San Francisco from an international war criminal in the newest The bestselling female detective of the past years is back Detective Lindsay Boxer and her husband Joe Molinari team up to protect San Francisco from an international war criminal in the newest Women's Murder Club thrillerThree female schoolteachers go The 18th Kindle - missing in San Francisco and Detective Lindsay Boxer is on the case which uickly escalates from missing person to murderUnder pressure at work Lindsay needs support at home But her husband Joe is drawn into an encounter with a woman who's seen a ghost a notorious war criminal from her Eastern European home country walking the streets of San FranciscoAs Lindsay digs deeper with help from intrepid journalist Cindy Thomas there are revelations about the victims The implications are shocking And when Joe's mystery informant disappears joining the ranks of missing women in grave danger all evidence points to a sordid international crime operationIt will take the combined skills of Lindsay Joe and the entire Women's Murder Club to protect their city and themselves from a monster. I always look forward to my annual exploration of the Women’s Murder Club one of James Patterson’s strongest series alongside Maxine Paetro who is a stellar collaborator While many series lose their energy after so long the eighteenth novel in this collection remains fresh and poignant perfect for the series fan After a preface in the present day the story goes back five years where Detective Lindsay Boxer finds herself in the middle of a baffling uery Three teachers from a prestigious preparatory school have gone missing while out together There are few clues as to their whereabouts which makes it all the most confusion While Boxer is out handling this her husband Joe Molinari comes across a woman on his way home She tells a story of having seen a war criminal from her native Bosnia a man who tortured her and her family years ago Thought rumoured to have drowned Slobodan Petrović May still be alive and has the glint in his eye made infamous when he held the moniker as the Butcher of Djoba It perfectly describes the brutality to which he subjected his victims Molinari is eager to help this woman but must cut through her determination to take action on her own while also working with his FBI contacts to bring Petrović to justice Living under a pseudonym Molinari will have to approach Petrović closely and ensure that this was not a case of mistaken identity Meanwhile Boxer begins to piece together some early clues and one of the victims turns up brutally murdered Could there be a deeper connection to these three women outside their teaching together? The rush is on to find the other two women before they are too long though they are being mocked by the purported killer Bloodsucker In a case with brutality than any Boxer has seen since she joined SFPD this may be one killer whose determination to eviscerate their victims has deeply psychological ties A wonderfully dark thriller that takes series readers on a journey with which they are familiar This deep into the series I would strongly suggest readers start at the beginning allowing them to discover some of the character developments and nuances James Patterson can be hit and miss for many readers churning out books faster than many can list them and leaving his name to sell copies This inconsistency with the uality of writing has soured many and thereby left books like this shunned forcing new fans not to see that there are still great JP books Teaming up with Maxine Paetro Patterson develops this wonderful story that builds on many of the past novels in the series while adding some new and international flavour Lindsay Boxer has become a strong character within San Francisco’s Homicide community working diligently to solve any crime tossed her way While there is little backstory left to reveal the reader is always able to see small bouts of development within her work and personal relationships Her marriage to Joe Molinari has long been a hotcold situation worthy of exportation though this book which flashes back dodges some of the bumpier parts of their relationship While the other three ‘Club’ members receive their due mention there is little the Club does to solve crimes as a unit as has been the nature of the latter novels in the series With Patterson’s great use of short and teaser chapters the reader is pulled into the middle of this thriller in short order and left to explore all aspects of this multi pronged story Series fans will likely enjoy this book as will those who are always looking for strong writing by Patterson and his collaborators Definitely a series worth exploring for those who have time and are not being drowned by a TO BE READ pileKudos Mr Patterson and Madame Paetro as you continue this well established seriesLovehate the review? 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Main Character Lindsay's gonna Lindsay Plot Twisty ness Typical predictable Patterson Let's get this straight Patterson and I broke up a long time ago But just like every toxic relationship cycle sometimes I go back to himSpecifically I go back when a new Women's Murder Club instalment is released I've been reading this series since the first book was published in 2001 I was fifteen and at that time I thought Patterson was the epitome of great crime fiction It took me into my 20s with exposure to crime fiction that was legitimately good to realize that Patterson isn't a very good writer he's just prolific And I like a lot of people confused popular with being talented That's not to say people don't genuinely enjoy his work Obviously they do but objectively it's pretty bad Now I don't care if you're the biggest Patterson fan around I'm not interested in a debate Go read his work and write glowing reviews for him to your heart's content It affects me zero percent But my opinion is that he's a terrible writer TERRIBLE But remember it's only one opinion I am not the final say in the matter So don't fucking me about it Every year I make a resolution to not read any Patterson and every year I break that resolution at least once This is my one for 2019 But let's face it when it comes to a uick book to help you achieve a yearly reading goal Patterson makes it so easy it almost feels like cheating I'm 33 now so that's 18 years of my life that I've been with Lindsay Boxer and the WMC gang I keep reading this series because I have a really hard time not knowing what's going to happen next It doesn't matter if the book isn't good or the writing is exceptionally juvenile That little neurosis of mine is why I rarely DNF a book I just have to know I wish I could say this eighteenth book in the series moved the needle on character development or interesting life events but actually this book was borderline pointless The characters felt stagnant and typical and Yuki and Cindy are hardly in it at all It seems we're getting further away from the original purpose of this series with every new book strong women working together to solve crimesOne of the two mysteries in this book is completely led by a solo Joe who is probably the most cardboard character in the series Honestly he bores me to tears and his marriage with Lindsay is so perfectly lovely that it makes me want to vomit but I guess that's basically what this review is Lindsay is looking for three missing teachers while Joe is trying to protect a witness who brings a supposedly dead Bosnian war criminal to the attention of the FBI Both plot threads converge after lacklustre twists and predictable challenges The novel follows the same path as all other novels in this series The whole thing is so formulaic and routine that if you've read a couple of books before you can figure out the story just from the jacket blurb Patterson and Paetro need bigger original ideas to inject some freshness into this stale series Maybe that's what the goal was in having this book take place five years in the past but it just didn't work for me Putting the plot in the past left no room for character progression or new life events because there's no way to follow up on them And honestly how can you be writing flashback instalments in an 18 year old series? It breaks the canon because these things have literally never come up before If you are going to attempt it it shouldn't interfere with what is already established In this case this story messed with personal storylines that occurred in the 9th and 10th books including Conklin and Cindy getting engaged Joe and Lindsay getting married and Jacobi becoming Chief If I have to keep this shit straight so should the authors And if they can't maybe it's time to call time of death on a series that's gotten too big to keep track of As always the writing is annoyingly juvenile and the interactions between characters lack a human uality that felt stilted and awkward The I saidhe saidshe said was so excessively interjected into the dialogue that it caused me to develop an eye twitch There are so many ways to introduce or end dialogue And most of the time when it's just two characters talking you don't need to add anything at all Just that one minor change would allow the scene to unfold naturally and soothe my twitching eyeBut really I know I did this to myself Ultimately this an instalment in this series that can be completely skipped and have no bearing at all on the reader And when it comes to a series is that really something you want to be able to say about one of the books? Probably not⭐⭐½ | 25 stars rounded downPhoned in Breaking canon Basically pointless With average to sub par writing Definitely not the epitome of crime fiction This is the first ARC that I've read Thanks to all partiesSo this is how a thriller from 2019 is like I think that though this book was formulaic it had enough new points to deserve reading What I'm saying is that I do recommend it Also just saying a thriller is formulaic by itself is a cliche and a lazy reviewingThere is much suffering present in the bodies and minds of the special characters in this novel When I thought a victim would make it free I was cruelly disappointed It was because of these twists that I granted this 18th book in the series a high scoreUltimately my relief at finding some victims safe outweighed the punishment meted out to the master criminal The two authors did well to write an addictive book I also gave 4 stars to the first Alex Cross novel if memory serves right Consistency is the key and I gingerly declare that James Patterson deserves all the dough he's been getting Some Patterson collaborations are woeful however this one remains an excellent combination with Paetro The Women’s Murder Club are back on the trail of three missing teachers and Joe is following up on the sighting of a Bosnian war criminal This particular avenue made an excellent plotThe novel starts in the present and then we go back five years If you’ve read the other 17 in the series it’s a little disconcerting but most precurrent information aligns If you haven’t read any of the others this would be a great starting book in the series Four stars because of some missing info from previous books which doesn’t align the slightly unbelievable ‘linking’ of the cases midway but thereafter the novel flies And I would love to have ‘seen’ a bit of the other 3 members of the Women’s Murder Club this one focuses on Boxer and JoeI’m looking forward to the 19th one due out later this year I love that this series is still going so strong 18 books in This book was just as good as book 1 and I read it in a day Can always count on James Patterson for a good read The disappearance of three female school teachers saw Detective Lindsay Boxer and partner Rich Conklin on the job But when one of the women was found murdered things became much complicated Lindsay’s husband FBI agent Joe Molinari was also on a case which was causing him headaches A young woman whom he’d found injured and crying in the gutter outside FBI headuarters told him a tale of a notorious war criminal from Eastern Europe – a man who was supposed to have drowned some years earlier But Anna identified him to Joe and as this man casually strolled the streets of San Francisco Joe had no idea how to venture forwardWith shocking suddenness Lindsay and Joe’s cases collide And while Lindsay and her three friends from the Women’s Murder Club do their best to find clues to direct them to the perpetrators Anna disappeared as well What would be the outcome for these women? Would Lindsay and her team find the cruel and sadistic criminal before anyone else lost their lives? 18th Abduction by James Patterson is another fast paced thriller in the Women’s Murder Club I thoroughly enjoyed this one racing through the pages with the short choppy chapters making it a uick and easy read Highly recommended I give this book a 35 It was okay Not up to the usual Womens Murder Club books The story didnt grab me There was very little interaction with the other ladies in the group What did I just read? This book is terrible The writing is juvenile the “he said I said” dialogue is comical and the plot line has a gazillion credibility holes And it’s boring Super boring It’s a murder mystery that literally has no suspense and doesn’t have any excitement until 60% into the book for one scene After reading all 18 books in this series this entry will be my last Let me be honest up front I read most of James Patterson’s books and have for several years Some might ask why and that’s another whole discussion best saved for another day I have really enjoyed some liked some and didn’t really care for others On a personal level I must admit that his Women’s Murder Club series – focused on the professional and personal lives of four women in San Francisco has been hit and miss over the last couple of years Last year’s outing was pretty good but the prior year’s book was absolutely weak “The 18th Abduction” begins like other books in the series with two mysteries – one with the disappearance of three young school teachers and one the sudden appearance of a supposedly dead notorious war criminal With the public pressure mounting Lindsay Boxer and her partner Conklin race the clock to save the teachers before they turn up dead At the same time Lindsay’s husband and FBI agent Joe has been approached by a Bosnian refuge who suffered serious personal loss at the hands of a war criminal that is now running a restaurant in San Francisco The refugee Anna experienced the brutal death of her husband her child as well as being raped repeatedly and left with permanent physical scars Now Joe is the only person who can provide her with the justice that no one should have to beg for Patterson and Paetro weave both investigations in a fast but predictable manner There are the usual twists and turns along the way but the challenges and obstacles were not very complex nor that compelling In typical Patterson fashion the standard multi plots come together in the end and provide the link that most readers saw coming after reading the book jacket And the key penultimate scenes leading to the climax happened mostly off screen which weakened the ending a bitIn addition there was no growth or development for any of the main characters either professionally or on the home front Our fearless club members are stagnant including Cindy Thomas playing a small role and Yuki Castellano being completely absent Although I truly love Lindsay and Claire Washburn leaving them out was disappointing to me Overall Patterson and Paetro lost some of their Women’s Murder Club mojo this time out If you like the standard Patterson recipe then enjoy to your heart’s content But this one breaks no new ground and feels too casual and comfortable when reading 45 actually Well Patterson and Paetro have done it again another wonderful plot involving the Women's Murder ClubThree school teachers' disappear No traces can be found Sargent Lindsay Boxer leads the police investigation Soon her husband from the FBI is drawn in as possible leads from police and FBI overlapThe Serbian genocide account greatly disturbed me Since I know the reality of these events happeningThe overall plot was well planned and deliveredExcellent prose Unputdownable