Fear of Missing Out

Fear of Missing Out➹ [Download] ➵ Fear of Missing Out By Kate McGovern ➼ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Everyone has a fear of missing out on something a party a basketball game a hangout after school But what if it's life that you'll be missing out onWhen Astrid learns that her cancer has returned she Everyone has a Fear of Missing Out on something a party a basketball game a hangout after school But what if it's life that you'll be missing out onWhen Astrid learns that her cancer has Fear of ePUB ✓ returned she hears about a radical technology called cryopreservation that may allow her to have her body frozen until a future time when and if a cure is available With her boyfriend Mohit and her best friend Chloe Astrid goes on a road trip in search of that possibility To see if it's real To see if it's worth it For Fear of Missing Out on everything. Rating 45 StarsAstrid was lucky She beat cancer once but it appeared that cancer wasn't done with her and this time fighting back seemed futile • Pro I instantly fell in love with each and every one of these characters Astrid was a no brainer but I also adored Mohit her mom and her little brother I wanted to group hug with them because I had just met Astrid and couldn't bear to lose her • Pro No sugarcoating this book got tough towards the end I am actually crying right now but no worries it was not all sad downer stuff because this story was filled with so much love and Wow What a testament about the life Astrid lived that she was surrounded by so many people who love her that much • Pro The right to die is uite a touchy subject and I really appreciated the way McGovern handled it The approach was honest emotional and thought provoking • Pro My heart broke over and over again for Astrid and I hated that she was in this situation but I admired her strength and her openness with her loved ones and her determination to decide how she would spend her final days • Pro I remember thinking how lucky Astrid was to have experienced something as wonderful as her relationship with Mohit Their love and affection for each other was a beautiful thing and I was glad we had that as well as her friendship with Chloe because it helped me get through the really sad parts • Pro McGovern didn't only let us view Astrid's pain and grief We also got to see how her illness affected all those around her and how they handled it Overall An emotional beautiful and thoughtful story about one girl's struggle with terminal illness and the choices she was faced withARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG | INSTAGRAM |TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS Astrid is dying of a brain tumor Her boyfriend Mohit and mother think a clinical trial will save her but even Astrid’s oncologist doesn’t agree Astrid considers cryopreservation freezing her body until a cure is found sometime in the future which comes at a hefty price Her best friend Chloe suggests crowdfunding with unforeseen conseuences The Internet always has an opinionI loved Astrid and her morbid sense of humor I’m a cancer survivor and know inappropriate humor is therapeutic I can also see how her mom and boyfriend wouldn’t like it but we do what we have to do to survive FEAR OF MISSING OUT addresses an important aspect of living with and dying of cancer Whose life is it? Do we live for our loved ones or ourselves? And how old do we have to be to decide when to forgo treatment? As we creep closer to death as a young or old person the choices we get to make become fewer and importantI didn’t like Mohit and his relationship with Astrid but loved BFF Chloe and her never ending support for Astrid Astrid’s mom was also a great character When I was growing up many people believed that Walt Disney had himself preserved for a future cure People swore by the story pre Internet so fact checking was difficult Spoiler alert he didn’t The idea of freezing the body for the future is both fascinating and terrifying Kate McGovern didn’t think through the cryopreservation lab which froze bodies at the moment of death Cancer kills the body and all it’s parts including the organs By the time the individual dies almost nothing in the body works so unfreezing the cancer patient to cure the brain tumor wouldn’t be feasible if the rest of the body was shot For the cryopreservation to work it’s have to happen before the organs started to go while the patient had a lot of life left to liveFEAR OF MISSING OUT is a uick enjoyable and flawed read We’re the ones who will be left behind to live with an Astrid shaped hole in the universe We don’t want to lose you before we have to And it isn’t fair to ask us to”This will be one of the hardest books to review in my opinion Astrid’s story hit really close to home and reminded me of how things went a short time ago It brought so many emotions out of me that I wound up crying my eyes out but it also brought me comfort in knowing that no one is suffering any Astrid thought that she was in remission but some serious symptoms send her back to the Doctor and she hears the devastating truth Her cancer is back and they may have limited options They can attempt chemo again and see if she ualifies for a clinical study but nothing is a promise When Astrid hears about this new scientific study Cryopreservation she is ready to learn and travel to Arizona to see the facility With the help of the internet and her vlog crowd funding helps her her boyfriend and best friend make their way to Arizona to do just that Astrid has a fear of missing out on life for the now and the future Will this new break in science be the answer she’s looking for? Or will the inevitable take over?This was devastating beautiful and it broke my heart all over again No one really understands what goes through your mind when your life is controlled by an illness and this sheds a lot of light on that I wanted a different outcome but that wouldn’t have been the honest truth Fear of Missing Out was a fantastic book but not for the unstable If you recently lost someone to cancer this may not be the right book to read right now I’m saying this from experience because I felt as if I’m reliving that day all over again But definitely give this book a try because it’s one of the best in this genre Just promise to live your life to the fullest and be happy This emotional book uses the point of view of a cancer stricken teenage girl to show the way terminal illness affects the lives and minds of those afflicted with them Astrid Ayeroff the main character was a 16 year old girl from Boston who had a reoccurring brain tumor called an Astrocytoma Although her mother and her boyfriend Mohit believed that she would beat the cancer that she had beat once before she’s not too convinced leaving her to consider another option cryopreservation the freezing of a dead body in hopes to revive it someday in the future The contradicting feelings of all of the characters add a dramatic dynamic to the story that makes you want to keep reading The way everything is described in such detail makes the story feel much real almost as if I’m living the story myself Also the fact that the main character was a teenage girl not much older than I am helped create sympathy that someone so young is meeting such an early demise Knowing the thoughts of Astrid added a sort of intimacy as if you were reading her diary The author generally did a great job of making the story seem almost tangible like you could just reach out and touch the characters and visualize the setting In my opinion the icing on the cake is the many diary like lists of what Astrid will miss once she passes away One writes “Things I’ll miss when I’m deada partial list The view from the top of the Bunker Hill Monument; Lying next to Mo and talking; Lying next to Mo and not talking; Mo’s Adam’s apple; Wondering what will happen next To be continued” McGovern 59 The way Kate McGovern was able to write such a small list and still convey so many emotions shows her prominent style of writing The way she uses vivid details and powerful figurative language throughout these lists and the rest of the book strongly helps make the story feel much real while displaying her author’s craft I found myself relating to some of the main character’s feelings about life love and other teenage things Personally as someone who isn’t emotional when it comes to books or movies this was the first book in a very long time that made me tear up with its morbidly inevitable ending So I’d definitely recommend this book especially to teenagers since they may be able to relate to some of her teenage struggles and sympathize with Astrid in the same way I did Books on cancer are always emotional to read about especially if anyone next to you has been affected by it and this book is no different It will have comparisons to The Fault in Our Stars and that's just both being really good books about the end of lifeFear of Missing Out by Kate McGovern tells the story of Astrid who after battling cancer once finds out it returned again after going in to remission With the help of her friend Chloe and her boyfriend Mohit she decides between two options letting the cancer take its course or freezing her body in a new scientific treatment in the hopes of being awaken in the futureThis book explores hard subjects the biggest being the right to decide how you're going to die especially if you're a teenager Astrid's mother wants to get her into chemo and medicine trials but Astrid wants to choose for herselfBooks like this explore the thin line between what we must do for our own self peace and other's expectations The author shows great understanding of the debate and the hardship of letting go No choice is easyThe novel does a good job of not going in too much to one direction or another I've seen similar YA books that only want to concentrate on teen romance or other drama but this book sticks to the point what cancer or end of life choices mean to people and relationships in a meaningful mannerSo there's no real scenes of teen romance or even foul language and that makes for a great book that doesn't play to the YA stereotypes that so many bestselling YA books do today This book actually presents a good premise to its readers without pandering to them and that makes it much effective this was why its comparative book Stars worked as well tooTo say goodbye is never really to say goodbye A sad book but meaningful that by its ending will have you in tears Good reading and well written I should not have read this a week after my grandmother died from cancer But this is a beautiful book Maybe even 25 stars This book could've been so much And I kinda hated her boyfriend which was a strange feeling 25 the point five because it made me cry at the end which is stupid since I felt no attachment to the characters and literally nothing happened for 300 pages Ooof This book was hard It hurt and it was beautiful I loved Astrid and how complicated she was and how she wasn't interested in pleasing others I love that she has this team around her that loves her and supports her but they're also selfish so it gets complicated I loved this story and how it unfolded and I only wish it was a little longer so certain aspects had a little time to play out At it's heart this is a story about living by our own terms making our own choices and doing what's best for us before anyone else because nobody else knows exactly what you're going through That's a reminder I think we all need even if we aren't dying 16 year old Astrid knows that she is dying After spending 9 months battling a brain tumor she gets 2 years of relatively normal life before it came back with a vengeance In that time she dedicated herself to science and understands what is happening far too well than anyone her age ever should She has a boyfriend and dreams of a future as a scientist and now they're shatteredShe knows only too well that the chemo and other treatments will be even worse this time but they'd only be fighting a losing battle However her mother is an eternal optimist and pushes Astrid to get accepted into an experimental treatment program What she seems totally unable to grasp despite Astrid and her oncologist both trying to tell her is that the experimental treatment isn't a cure It would only buy her some time she might be in the control group that gets the placebo so she wouldn't benefit from any breakthrough and that sometimes experimental programs are even harsher on the recipients than established treatment protocolsAs an aside I will note that the last statement is absolutely true My mother was in an experimental protocol for colon cancer after other treatments failed and it was so debilitating that she dropped out of the study and elected hospice insteadBut she agrees to apply just to appease her mother because she feels guilty about subjecting her to so much by herself Her father is an absolute total fuckwit He decided to divorce when Astrid was 12 because his calling was to live off the grid in Arizona living in a commune and avoiding modern conveniences Which is fine if that's what floats your boat but that doesn't give him the right to insinuate that Astrid got her brain cancer because of television and microwave exposure Needless to say there's no love lost between daughter and dad over that asshat commentSo Astrid is still weighing her options when she meets a young scientist who is working in the field of cryopreservation literally freezing her entire body or just her brain in hopes of one day being able to revive and cure her He invites her to come visit their facility someday and see if it is the right choice for herUnfortunately the facility is in Arizona and she lives in the northeast The process also costs about 30k and they're strapped after paying all of her medical bills But her BFF talks her into creating a vlog to get people to donate; even if she can't raise enough for the process then maybe at least they'll get enough for her to satisfy her scientific curiosity and visit the facilityHer boyfriend and mother are both opposed to the idea of her travelling cross country but her BFF's mom has an RV she's willing to let them use and Astrid convinces her mother that she's entitled to one great adventure since there are so many things she'll likely never get a chance to experience Her boyfriend reluctantly comes along He and BFF don't get along so it's a real challenge for them to be in a vehicle together for several days together As they leave Astrid can already feel her body weakening from the cancer's faster than usual growthAlong the way they stop at a couple of kitschy roadside attractions before hitting Arizona and dropping by to see Daddy Dearest Things don't go well in part due to a surprise I won't spoilThen they finally get to the facility and meet the director and take the nickle tour It's a combination of fascinating and horrifying but his enthusiasm over Astrid as a potential future resident there grates on her boyfriend's last nerve on the subject So the return trip starts with everyone's nerves on edge He can't believe she's even thinking about it while her interest is clinical than enthusiastic; she isn't committing just wanting to get all the factsDon't want to say too much because it would result in spoilers but suffice to say that Astrid decides what she wants and defends it to her family and friendsTough novel that pulls no punches; you know at the start that there will be no miracles for her Astrid is a likable character although her constant gallows humor about her impending fate wears on her mother's nerves And she has an encyclopedic knowledge of what is happening now and will happen in the future as her body begins to fail due to the relentless cancer And without giving away anything I'd agree that she made the right choice given the circumstances of her particular situation

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