Tunnel of Bones

Tunnel of BonesTrouble Is Haunting Cassidy Blake Even Than UsualShe Plus Her Ghost Best Friend, Jacob, Of Course Are In Paris, Where Cass S Parents Are Filming Their TV Show About The World S Most Haunted Cities Sure, It S Fun Eating Croissants And Seeing The Eiffel Tower, But There S True Ghostly Danger Lurking Beneath Paris, In The Creepy Underground CatacombsWhen Cass Accidentally Awakens A Frighteningly Strong Spirit, She Must Rely On Her Still Growing Skills As A Ghosthunter And Turn To Friends Both Old And New To Help Her Unravel A Mystery But Time Is Running Out, And The Spirit Is Only Growing StrongerAnd If Cass Fails, The Force She S Unleashed Could Haunt The City Forever Darker, stranger, and far French I said this once and I ll say it again ghosts from the 1880s ARE OUT That s it, they ve had their time Give me millennial ghosts in Coldplay t shirts who deal primarily in vintage memes, watch Buzzfeed Unsolved and Brooklyn Nine Nine religiously and sing it s Britney, bitch at 3 am just to aggravate you Victoria Schwab, I m begging you Does this woman ever stop writing to, like, breathe Eat Go to the loo Update Cover reveal as if we needed further reasons to read this I hope this one is as Humerus as book 1 pun intended Even better than book one. This book comes out a few days before my birthday, and honestly I feel blessed. ..But I want it now please whines at an unfair world Oh my, oh my, oh my This cover looks hella good. Ready for this next adventure HYPEEEEED