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Raised By Unicorns❰BOOKS❯ ⚦ Raised By Unicorns Author Frank Lowe – Oaklandjobs.co.uk I am honored to recommend this book to ALL parents It relates to all families tolerance and love — Greg Berlanti writer producer director Raw and unfiltered Lowe breaks new ground highlighting the I am honored to recommend this book to ALL parents It relates to all families tolerance and love — Greg Berlanti writer producer director Raw and unfiltered Lowe breaks new Raised By PDF/EPUB or ground highlighting the dire need for further exploration Hearts — Foreword Reviews A powerful eye opener — Amanda Hopping Winn chief program officer Family Euality Council  Raw personal and uncensored this must read book gives us insight as to what it’s like to be raised by same gender parents and how that can impact one’s life —Eric Rosswood author of  The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads and  Journey to Same Sex Parenthood In recent years the world has been saturated by endless blogs articles and books devoted to the subject of LGBT parenting On the flip side finding stories written by the children of LGBT parents is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack Now that the world is accepting than ever of non traditional families it's time to create a literary space for this not so uniue shared but completely individual experience In  Raised By Unicorns Stories from People with LGBT Parents Frank Lowe has carefully edited an anthology that reflects on the upbringing of children in many different forms of LGBT families From Baby Boomers to Generation Z it features diverse stories that express the distinctiveness of this shared journey and of each particular family It's visceral raw and not always pretty but love is always the common thread Lowe candidly reveals true accounts of this particular niche of humanity while simultaneously creating a moving snapshot of the world in which we live  Raised By Unicorns guides the reader through an empathetic journey that is nothing short of compelling and poignant We've all heard the phrase raised by wolves Now we have a window into the complex world of being Raised By Unicorns. I'm not one yet but sometime within the next year or I could very well be a ueer Dad This identity is actually one that I'm looking forward to because I suspect it will make me one of the cool parents but as this book clearly demonstrates just because someone is gay doesn't make them cooler or lamer than anyone else It just makes them a parentThis collection of stories by children of LGBT parents a wonderful new addition to the collection of ueer discourse because it further validates the community as a collection of people who possess an enormous capacity to love The charge against LGBT people is that they are too hedonistic or that they lack the moral fortitude to be parents but as this book demonstrates there are a wide variety of personality types within the ueer community and a great many of them manage to create loving homes for children This book then is timely as it is relevant because the topic of ueer families is one that is particularly contentious and these narrators and voices offer up their lives as proof that the ueer population is not defined solely by their sexual expression but also by their ability to love and raise well rounded childrenThe stories in this book are not always happy and in fact some of them are heartbreaking as abuse from others and internalized shame is a common theme but what unites every narrator of this book is their conviction that they came from a strong home one that taught them how to be themselves and encouraged this in their developed personalitiesI'm going to be a ueer dad one day and hopefully if I've done my job right my kids won't even clarify it that way they'll just call me dad A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsRaised by Unicorns is a collection of essays written by people who were raised in LGBT families There are fourteen essays altogether; the youngest contributor is 15 years old and the oldest is 47 One theme stood out particularly strongly to me the reader regarding the various experiences of this mix of teenagers young adults and middle aged people there is with rare exception some element of shame associated with falling outside the so called traditional family Sometimes that shame is overtly communicated by snide comments or exclusion from and by one’s peers Other times it is self inflictedRead Camille’s review in its entirety here As someone who enjoys slice of life stories I was very interested in reading Raised By Unicorns Being completely ignorant of what children of LGBT parents might go through I found Unicorns to be much different than I anticipated it wasn't all rainbows and glitter though there were a fair amount of rainbows More importantly I didn't expect how much I would relate to these stories Anyone who's ever had a family secret can identify with the authors whether it be an alternative lifestyle religion incarcerated parent addiction teen pregnancy or some form of abuse In fact to uote The Woman Who Refuses To French Braid Her Hair an account by Emily GrubbsI want to prove that anyone can relate to my experiences All people experience pain rage shame and fearFreuently finding themselves straddling between the worlds of gay and straight self proclaimed unicorn kids are a uniue group that hasn't had much representation previously Forced to grow up too uick unicorn kids speedily identify their own views on sexuality gender and love to serve as a champion for their LGBT loved ones to curious and judgemental outsiders The reoccurring themes of trauma and shame felt by the authors may be surprising to readers as it should be If these feelings were not inflicted upon them by those with puritanical morals the unicorn kids would have a normal childhood Raised by Unicorns may prove eye opening to those with a conservative background or studying sociologyI feel Raised By Unicorns is informative for those of LGBT orientation sharing their history and bridging gaps between various sectors Raised By Unicorns provides perspective for new members of the community on how children fit in showing that the children have suffered the same stigma as their parents Covering stories pre and post Marriage Euality Unicorns may also help connect the younger and older generations For LGBT couples who are thinking of adoption or parents who came out later in life Raised By Unicorns may reveal a glimpse as to what the children may go through and how others have handled the life change Lastly for current unicorn kids Raised By Unicorns can provide solace showing them they're not alone and that it gets better To these ends the author Frank Lowe has wisely and helpfully included resources at the end of the book including a personal favorite It Gets Better I reviewed this book which was provided for free by the publisher However I do not receive any compensation for reviews All book reviews are my personal and subjective opinionFor book reviews and other content follow me on my blog It was a wonderful experience to hear from the children of pioneering LGBT parents These essays show us that yes ueer families are like any other family They have their ups and downs their mistakes and regrets but with the added stress of a society that doesn't always want to see them The authors ranged in age from 15 through their late 40s all genders and sexualities of their own They talk about the ease and difficulty of figuring out their own identity the bullying the acceptance and dismissal from the gay community for the children of gay parents and most of all the love they have for their and from their parents Their stories and memories are important for us as now than ever LGBT adults have options for having children We can learn from these initial generations of how we society can do better to make sure the children of ueer parents are being treated well and not shamed I highly recommend this book for people that were raised in the gay community to find camaraderie to people that have always wondered if gays could adeuately raise children to allies and to LGBT folks wondering if they should have children My only wish is that this book had been a little eual in representation as the majority of the writers were raised by lesbians I imagine that's probably because it was likely in the past for women without a husband to have custody of a child than a man without a wife Hopefully in the future we will see stories from children raised by gay men a range of essays from people of various ages and experiences I had the privilege to edit this fantastic anthology of stories They range from younger to older and every kind of experience that you may have growing up with LGBT parents I was happy to be a part of this project and give these people the much deserved voice they needed Not blaming the individual writters but the contributers are overwhelmly cis gender middle class white people The intersections between sexual orientation and gender identity with class race abelism aren't addressed properly Although many of the contributers say 'growing in an LGBT family makes them open minded' the myth that being ueer gives you a free pass not being a racist continues It's a shame this book didn't represent a diverse crowdTo leave on a positive note great to read stories about being raised by an LGBT parents because representation mattersEspecially the essay written by Jenny Gangloff Rain 'I am not an ally' is thought provoking The biggest takeaway from this book is that divorceseparation is what messes kids up and that can happen in any family unit regardless of sexuality As a ueer person with lesbian moms I did see myself in this book and there were also some things I couldn't relate to; so it was definitely a good read for me to see that even though I have ueer parents my experience isn't the same as others with ueer parents Always a good reminder Great Book No Doubt; HoweverI was disappointed in not seeing stories about gay men couples parenting All the parents were a single female female couple or a single divorced father; no male couples Also most stories were from daughters who are mature would have liked a better balance of sons and daughters DNFEh It’s okay I only had a few stories left but I realized that I didn’t have to make myself finish it if I don’t like it Definitely written for straight people to read about ueer families As a ueer in a ueer family it was extremely lackluster

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