Abraham Lincoln (History Makers Bios)

Abraham Lincoln (History Makers Bios)[Reading] ➽ Abraham Lincoln (History Makers Bios) Author Jane A. Schott – Oaklandjobs.co.uk The History Maker Bios series offers introductions to the lives of historical figures found in the core of every history curriculum Filled with true stories historical photographs artwork and caricatu The History Maker Bios series offers introductions to the lives of historical figures found in the core of every history curriculum Filled with true stories historical photographs artwork and caricatures each title in this lively series will entertain and inform readers When people think about Abraham Lincoln they picture him in a tall black hat but what they don't know is that he actually kept his most important papers in that hat Discover how his love of reading and writing and his interest in law led him to politics and the presidency In this journey from a small log cabin in Kentucky to the White House understand what Lincoln's life was like. Abraham Lincoln was born into a poor family that lived in one room log cabins that his father Thomas Lincoln built himself As a kid Lincoln and his family moved a bit because his father did not want to live where slavery was allowed Abraham Lincoln held many jobs once he turned 18 and eventually moved to New Salem Illinois where he owned a convenience store While living in New Salem Lincoln often thought about ways to make Illinois better and decided to run for a position in state legislature When Lincoln finally got elected he decided to become a lawyer to be a better lawmaker for his state Lincoln got elected to the House of Representatives in 1846 and ran for state Senate but did not win In the next presidential election Lincoln was elected as the candidate from the Republican party Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery so when he was elected President many Southern states seceded and formed the Confederate States of America During Lincoln’s time at the White House he worked tirelessly to abolish slavery eventually passing the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution Lincoln was assassinated shortly after the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment by a Southern man who disagreed with Lincoln on slavery Great little book This whole series history maker bios would be a great addition to any children's library The simple reading level makes it great for young kids who have grade level or advanced reading skills yet this book would also appeal to older kids who may struggle with reading It's filled with great visuals and plain and simple facts It was recommended to me by my 6 year old nephew who told me he knows A LOT about Abraham lincoln I borrowed this book from him This book had great pictures and very straight forward facts so I can write notes of what pages to flip to and read to focus the main ideas I would like my students to learn But because this was very straight forward I'm not sure if students would really enjoy reading as much as seeing the pictures in this book But if I were to read this book it would probably be read along with few other Abraham Lincoln books to introduce who he is and what he did Feels like I have read about 50 of these mini biographies on Abraham Lincoln while my daughter and I are covering presidential history and the Civil War This one just didn't hold up compared to the majority of the books I have read Some of the facts were a bit off and it just wasn't written that well It was a good little biography about Abe Was done like a story so it was much enjoyable to read then just plain facts given in a list Cute little cartoon drawings to make it a little enticing for children Este é um bom livro infantil apenas para dar um peuena noção ue uem foi Abraham Lincoln This biography contains large print and simple sentences to accomodate all readers The information is thorough covering everything from his childhood to presidency

Abraham Lincoln Epub ¼ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 48 pages
  • Abraham Lincoln (History Makers Bios)
  • Jane A. Schott
  • English
  • 26 June 2015
  • 9780822501961