Smart Kids Bad Schools 38 Ways to Save America's Future

Smart Kids Bad Schools 38 Ways to Save America's Future✤ [Download] ➼ Smart Kids Bad Schools 38 Ways to Save America's Future By Brian Crosby ➶ – In Smart Kids Bad Schools award winning author and educator Brian Crosby draws on his twenty years as a high school English teacher to offer a candid appraisal of why our schools are failing and what In Smart Kids Bad Bad Schools eBook ✓ Schools award winning author and educator Brian Crosby draws on his twenty years as a high school English teacher to offer a candid appraisal of why our schools are failing and what we must do to save them Crosby’s no holds barred critiue of the broken education system leaves no stone Smart Kids Kindle - unturned he is unapologetic and uncompromising in his exposé of how teachers administrators unions and parents all play a part in this national tragedy Crosby offers ideas to save America’s future and his proposed remedies are revolutionary He recommends bold measures such as lengthening the school day and school year forcing parents to volunteer at Kids Bad Schools Epub Ü schools abolishing homework outlawing teachers unions and cutting special education funding The result is a book that is likely to inflame passions on all sides of the political spectrum and in the process introduce new ideas to a debate that is in dire need of them. this book is one long rant from a really bitter guy but like a lot of rants there's some good stuff in here if you have the patience to wade thru the rest of the garbage my biggest issue besides his claim that HS teachers have much harder jobs than elementary teachers bc they have students clearly this guy is white middle class and teaches in a white middle class school worth the read but took some patience to get thru it This book is trash literally I can’t bring myself to donate it because I don’t want to subject anyone else to Crosby’s bizarre rant so I had to throw it away He hits on some things I agree with like a later start to school and extended school daysyears but his brash style and unsupported claims make this book irredeemably terribleTechnically I put it in the recycling bin because I try to be a good person Getting rid of this book was also an ethical imperative I found this book very intriguing The author pointed out a lot of flaws in the educational system school admin teachers community and parents Hollywood and professional sports play a negative role tooOne uote I found uite memorable was on page 218 It is hypocritical that teachers are expected to teach students how to be independent thinkers but when teachers exhibit their own independent thinking it is not solicited or desired Wow How many educational situations have you heard about school districts selecting curriculum materials WITHOUT ANY TEACHERS on the committee? THAT is insane I think any teacher administrator parent AND community member would find this book valuable to read He is an eual opportunity offender defender and ender You will find how you are wrong and where you are also right in regards to educationI will add this author was a teacher in a very challenging district So his views and experiences are harsh that experiences many teachers have facedIt is a longer book but a uick read in the sense that the 38 some odd chapters are short Awesome look into what's wrong with public schools in America Not only does Crosby give what's wrong he tells what we need to do to fix it with actual things we can do rather than oh overhaul the system generalities My personal favorite abolish the teachers' union Everyone needs to read this book Crosby has some really great ideas A whole lot of okay ideas A few objectionable ideas A handful of pipedreamsI would recommend it but the overall tone of condescending sarcasm makes it really hard to get through FuhgeddaboutitIt's an interesting book but not well grounded in actual factual research It's off the cuff from the streets preaching to the choir I don't have time for that While I appreciate his contribution I could have better spent a Sunday afternoonIt's a uick and easy read I'm not against many ideas but there needs to be a stronger push to advocate what has he done to change? Crosby begins his book with some compelling statistics that should cause one to contemplate the seriousness of the dysfunctionality of the current American education systemTwo thirds of eighteen to twenty four year olds cannot find Ira on a map; one third can't find LouisianaAmerican businesses spend an estimated 50 billion on training their employees in basic skills that should have been taught in schoolOne third of all high school students and one half of African American and Latino students do not graduate and this hasn't changed for thirty years despite reformsHalf of all high school dropouts are unemployedTwo thirds of imprisoned Americans are high school dropoutsIn the future as many as one third of the country's total available jobs may be outsourced That's forty two million jobsThe United states ranks ninth out of twelve industrialized nations in math skills tied with LatviaOne out of every four American children reads below grade level In his book Crosby lists 38 things that can be done to transform notr eform our education system while I do not agree with him on everything or on all of his points he writes as only a veteran teacher who has been in the trenches for over two decades can and there was a plug for the book from Ralph Nader on the back and I respect him His first recommendation is to build smaller and attractive schools and to get rid of those things that make schools like feel and operate like prisons his breakdown of this is very very interesting and I agree with this whole heartedly from the lighting natural light is rare but healthy to bells gates etc He also believes schools should start later in the day when students are awake that administrators are too caught up in punishing kids but that they do not do it effectively that most administrators either were not teachers or have been away from it so long that they do not remember its challenges that useless school meetings for faculty should be turned into productive time for teachers to collaborate or work independently that new teachers should not be thrown into the worst classes that there needs to be mentoring and training for new teachers that teachers should be treated with respect and paid and many other common sense things that I appreciate having taught high school for the last eight years Crosby is sick of politicians and bureaucrats driving education policy and feels teachers should be given a say is what is done in our schools and I agree But for the most part teachers are as Crosby terms it part of the sweatshop schoolhouse and may be given respect in lipservice but not in reality This book has a lot of interesting ideas Sadly most of the good ones are not new later start time increasing teachers' salaries school days etc and most of the new ones are not good cutting special ed kicking struggling students out without attempting to determine factors behind their behavior forcing immigrant families to assimilate etc Overall Crosby seems to have little regard for experiences that differ from his own He is unconcerned with non gifted children who do not come from academic environments and is downright cruel to special needs students Further he comes across as hypocritical often contradicting his own ideas from chapters earlier when the results no longer suit him For example in one early chapter he makes a valid point about the malicious behavior of teachers when students miss class for a field trip He states that education does not always have to occur in a school classroom However later he criticizes Armenian parents who allow their children to miss school in remembrance of the Armenian genocide With no statistics or evidence to back himself up Crosby decides that these students are not going to church or engaging in other cultural activities as they claim but are in fact using the anniversary of a genocide to slack off He even decries the assemblies and speakers regarding this event that rob him of valuable education time In another chapter he criticizes students who miss school to attend political protests Wouldn't an educator agree that missing a day here or there to attend history in the making is acceptable? What happened to a full education that includes the world and not just school? The difference is that Crosby is no longer in control and is no longer the one benefiting In general some parts read as a manifesto of a well spoken and experienced but unfortunately unemphatic teacher and others read as the ramblings of a bitter old man who does not feel the need to cite his sources There are many points about American education that some readers may find interesting If you want to get mad at the system I recommend the parts on standardized testing If you want to get mad at Brian Crosby I recommend the chapter on special education Some of Brian Crosby's 38 ways to save America's future are things you've heard before like making sure we have a highly ualified teacher in every classroom and getting parents involved in their students' education Others reuire deep thought and a lot would have to go into implementing them Some of his ideas surprised me for example he thinks we should have larger class sizes But he goes on to explain that larger class sizes in the context of smaller schools would provide a personal educational experience He definitely made me think and does provide ideas to transform all different areas of education Whether it's really the fix all for America's schools I'm not totally sure The one thing that really bothered me about the book though is that he makes a lot of generalized statements and provides some specific statistics without really citing his sources I wanted some footnotes or a list of sources at the end or something When an author does this I don't know how much stock I should really put into the things he's saying He could have made up half the stuff for all I know It also bothered me that he kept saying things like no ualified teacher has ever had a hard time finding a job and there are way too many jobs and not enough good staff to fill them and most of the teachers in classsrooms today are uncertified Again uncited Frustrating things to read when you are a good ualified teacher looking for a jobBottom line I appreciate that he has some revolutionary ideas and the book definitely got me thinking but I have some major issues with the way he presented his facts This book will really make you think I agree with the author that American Public Schools are one of the great things about this country but also one of the things that need the most help in order to make of a difference His ideas are great and most are revolutionary I really love the idea of letting teachers have a say in how their classrooms are run how students are taught and really just utilizing their hard won expertise There are SO many good ideas in this book Now I just need to figure out how to get these kinds of ideas working in my school district before my daughter starts school

Smart Kids Bad Schools 38 Ways to Save America's Future
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  • Smart Kids Bad Schools 38 Ways to Save America's Future
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  • 21 March 2014
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