Seventeen Wishes The Christy Miller Series Book 9

Seventeen Wishes The Christy Miller Series Book 9[Reading] ➷ Seventeen Wishes The Christy Miller Series Book 9 By Robin Jones Gunn – Teens across the nation have made this series from Robin Jones Gunn a bestseller Readers can find out for themselves why the series is so popular as they too become friends with Christy Miller She bec Teens The Christy Miller Series eBook ´ across the nation have made this series The Christy MOBI î from Robin Jones Gunn a bestseller Readers can find out for themselves why the series is so popular as they too become friends with Christy Miller She becomes the perfect role model for today's teens by making a commitment to Christ in the first book and then growing in her walk with the Lord Seventeen Wishes PDF or in the next eleven books Throughout the series Christy learns about friendships dating becoming responsible waiting on God being faithful and God's rewards for Wishes The Christy Miller Series PDF/EPUB ² obedience. WARNING I get a tiny bit sappy in this review Enjoy because IT'S NEVER HAPPENING AGAIN I hopeChristy spends a week as a camp counselor at a Christian summer camp and has a bit of a flirt with another counselor1 Ginger eyes Jones Gunn keeps describing this character over and over as having ginger eyes I know what ginger means re hair red hair But the little girl can't possibly have red eyes can she? Ginger root is a browngolden color perhaps the girl has tawny eyes? oO Jones Gunn needs to give me some clarification on this matter or occasionally use a different description2 Christy knows that this counselor Jaeson is a bit of a player player He's romancing a different girl every week because new counselors come every week and the old ones leave They never do anything not even hold hands but he takes her on a late night picnic on the lake super romantic and teaches her how to shoot a bow and arrow and how to canoe This makes Christy feel a bit weird she's developing a tiny bit of feelings for this guy but at the same time she knows it's all pretend This is one of the reasons she doesn't let him kiss her which is smart The girls in Christy's cabin are gaga over Christy and Jaeson being a 'couple' and are constantly trying to get them together and teasing them3 Children Okay let's say first that I'm a feminist and do not think all women should be mothers or that all women like children or something BUT now that I've established that I think it is a real challenge to be around a little escuincle or escuincla and not start getting attached to the kid For a man or a woman it doesn't matter little kids have something magical about them They are sweet innocent cheeky smartmouthed intelligent curious and fearless Even if you start out grumpy like I hate kids I'm never having one I challenge you to spend a month living withcaring for a kid and not developing feelings for said kid and I don't mean like just eating dinner with the kid every night I mean having to raise that kid up even if it's only for a month Kids win you over They melt your heart even when you don't want them to and deliberately try to hold on to your disgust for kids This is one of the reasons I enjoyed the film MALEFICENT so much And learning that you can love a kid that kids aren't the monsters you thought they were DOESN'T MEAN that you have to have kids of your own one day you can be an awesome auntuncle or great auntgreat uncle or you can be the cool older cousin who lets the kids have second desserts Children really are great treasures and a blessing in people's lives but it doesn't have to be YOUR OWN KIDS you can love your little niece nephew cousin or great niece and be an amazing friend and role model for them And you can still pretend to be really grumpy about kids Or insist that you STILL DON'T LIKE KIDS but you do like this one this special little one who thinks the world of you OKAY ENOUGH MUSHY SAPPY GARBAGE blergh I can't believe I let my fuzzy feelings come out like that Just pretend that never happened Seventeen Wishes by Robin Jones Gunn is the ninth book in the Christy Miller series In this book Christy volunteers to be a counselor through her church at Summer camp Camp Wildwood with her best friend Katie but at the last minute Katie backs out so Christy is all alone babysitting a bunch of rowdy fifth grade girls And can I just say this book is SO much like volunteering at Vacation Bible School except it's both boys and girls in a group and you don't stay overnight The kids are always running around The tip that Jessica another counselor gave to Christy You can never love too much is SO true when it comes to watching kids especially at activities like Summer camp The only thing I couldn't relate to was the romance LOL that's funny Sorry I kind of went off on a rabbit trail there ANYWAY Back to the book I felt Jaeson was a little unnecessary overall He just weirded me out the entire book tbh Like what are your intentions here dude? And Christy for Pete's sake what are you doing? You've got Todd every girl's dream boyfriend and you are off frolicing with this Jaeson fellow??? ????I feel like he was literally just to add a romantic aspect to the book It would have been a great book even if Jaeson was just another guy friend for Christy Four stars out of five Good book and I could relate to it Like a lot XD The endings are always my favourite parts because they make me smile and tingle with all the feels Todd continues to annoy me I'm not real clear on this whole defrauding concept Is this Puritan times? I had a lot of mixed feelings while reading this book Christy is amazing but sometimes her decisions can drive me crazy I know it’s her story but I am so deep into the series that I feel it’s mine too I love the Christy and Todd story and I get nervous every time she does something that could change it You can imagine how I felt when she had a summer camp crush on Jaeson a fellow summer camp counselor In contrast she can also be so surprising and an awesome leader I thought it was amazing how Christy handled the surprise of being a camp counselor instead of a camper I doubt I could have enough patience to take care of fifth grade girls for a week and on top of that try to lead them to God This book had a lot of great added humor brought by the summer camp kids and Christy’s own clumsiness The ending of this book gave me a lot of hope and anticipation for the next one This book brings up the topic of kissing a lot but no detail is given about it This book is appropriate for kids 11 and up It was alright Not my favorite Christy Miller book but certainly not the worst of them I did like Christy’s relationships with the girls in her cabin and of course Todd and Doug just make me smile anytime they show up Jaeson was too pushy and didn’t feel like a necessary character; I felt his only role was to trick us readers into thinking Todd and Christy aren’t going to end up together But I’m sure they are That’s my hope anyway 😉 This book felt like filler but again it wasn’t terrible Onto the next one Rereading all 30 books before Becoming Us is published ♡♡♡ Christy the forever friends were my first fictional friends that I ever made I feel as if they are real I literally see them in crowds of people and that I could hang out with them Oh to be 17 again Summer romance sharing faith as camp counselor Seventeen Wishes is written by Robin Jones Gunn this book is a Christian based romantic novel about a girl named Christy Miller Christy Miller goes to summer camp as a counsular to boy crazy cute little sixth graders She has toruble talking to them about God becasue instead they rather talk about the boy counsular Jaeson who flirts with Christy This week is packed with fun time romance and deeper relationships with the girls and God Summer camp was a blast making new friends and creating new memeories Right when she gets back home her friends and her aunt and uncle throw an ulitmate surprise party for her on the beach Christy is having the time of her life turining seventeen being able to hang out with her friends seeing Todd again and becoming closer to GodTwo things I liked about this book is that even though none of the girls talked much about God or listened in devotions one girl Sara took all of Chrity's words in and wanted to give her heart to Christ and she did Another thing I enjoyed about this book is when she still took the chance to go to summer camp even though Katie her best friend couldn't go The book was a pretty good length but it's callled Seventeen Wishes and most of this book is at camp and she still is sixteen then There was only one chapter when she turned Seventeen and I don't think it was enough A uote from this book that stood out to me was May the Lord make His face shine upon you and give you peace This uote is telling us that God is peaceful and does not harm he will work through you and in you when the time is right Another light hearted read about the lovable Christy Miller I don't know how Christy manages to get herself into some of these situations Seems hindsight is always better There were a couple parts of this book that I thought were a bit unrealistic but I still enjoyed reading it and of course I always want to know what is going to happen nextTaken from my book reviews blog

Seventeen Wishes The Christy Miller Series Book 9 MOBI
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