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Kingdom of Twilight❴Read❵ ➳ Kingdom of Twilight Author Steven Uhly – Dunkle regenreiche Nacht im Herbst 1944 Der Laut eines Schusses jagt durch die Gassen einer kleinen Stadt in Polen abgefeuert von einer Jüdin auf einen SS Sturmbannführer 37 Jahre alt Tags darauf we Dunkle regenreiche Nacht im Herbst Der Laut eines Schusses jagt durch die Gassen einer kleinen Stadt in Polen abgefeuert von einer Jüdin auf einen SS Sturmbannführer Jahre alt Tags darauf werden Menschen öffentlich hingerichtet Willkür und Widerstand sind gleichermaßen Teil der gewaltigen Kingdom of eBook Ø Anfangszenen des Romans der mit großer emotionaler Kraft einen Erzählbogen von den letzten Kriegsmonaten bis in die jüngste Vergangenheit spannt Königreich der Dämmerung berichtet vom Leben einer jüdischen Flüchtlingsgruppe von einer umgesiedelten Bauernfamilie aus der Bukowina von den ungeheueren Lebensumständen der Entwurzelten in den Camps für »Displaced Persons« und verwebt dabei Weltpolitik und den Lebenswillen der häufig im Untergrund agierenden Menschen zu einer bislang nicht erzählten Wirklichkeit der Jahre nach Steven Uhly bettet das Schicksal dieser Menschen in die historischen Ereignisse Ihre Wahrheitssuche in der sich die Frage nach Schuld und Erbe spiegelt führt aus dem Grauen der Vernichtung in den zupackenden Mut einer neuen Generation Diese Geschichten sind es die Königreich der Dämmerung zu einem zeitgenössischen historischen Roman über die Kraft des Lebens und der Veränderung machen Steven Uhly ist mit seiner ebenso präzisen wie poetisch facettenreichen Sprache stets nah an den Menschen und zieht uns in den Bann mit einer Leuchtkraft die unsere eigenen verborgenen Wahrheiten spüren lässt. This is a vast book which impressed me with its historical research and breadth of material but it's so panoramic in its shifts between Poland its sweep across Europe and into Israel and so broad in its timescale from about 1943 to 1980 that the characters got lost submerged beneath the weight of so much pressure of story As a result this records events very well but the book feels emotionally detached people are there to represent the story rather than the story evolving organically from the characters I was left interested in what happens but unmoved and I wanted to be made to feelThe book is structured to start in Nazi occupied Poland in the second half of the war as the Red Army advances and here we get to know a small group of characters fairly well Then as they're displaced the story launches into a jagged timeline so that in one chapter we're still in the war in the next we're with different characters in 1955 then back to 1944 with a different character again and forward to 1980 back to 1967 in Israel and so on It's awkward and unsettling and in the leaps continuity of character is lostThe sections concerned with the mass emigration to Palestine and the establishment of the state of Israel are interesting but the subject gets a bit lost in all the backwards and forwards movements and what turns into a family saga of convoluted identities and relationships So this is a hugely ambitious book but it feels like the documentary side overwhelms the novel a closer clearer focus on the characters would have carried the story better and made it impactful for me Thanks to the publisher for an ARC via NetGalley My full spoiler free review Lungo e complesso affresco che accompagna per molti anni le vite dei protagonisti in particolare Anna e Lisa La prima schiava ebrea al servizio di un ufficiale delle SS sopravvissuta ma come un relitto scartato dalla marea al ritiro del suo padrone a causa dell'avanzata dell'Armata Rossa dopo essere stata più volte violentata; la seconda a sua volta sopravvissuta ancora infante alla morte della madre a sua volta ebrea ma tratta in salvo da una famiglia di tedeschi che l'alleverà come una nipote ma nascondendole per molti anni la sua vera identità Il destino delle due donne si intreccia nella vita e nei ricordi tornando più volte sui suoi passi facendo e ripetendo errori perché a sua volta Anna nasconderà per molti anni la verità al figlio Shimon che non saprà fino all'età adulta di essere figlio di uno stupro e per uesto per il peso della sensazione di una ualche verità negata cercherà di perdere se stesso nella droga fino a uando incontrerà proprio LisaUna miriade di altri personaggi intrecciano la loro storia con uella di ueste due donne tutti in ualche modo vittime di una bugia i figli dell'aguzzino di Anna l'uomo che ha salvato e sposato Anna amici conoscenti e per esteso l'intero popolo tedesco Tra tutti emerge per statura morale Frau Kramer sola e unica personificazione del beneForse un po' troppo ambizioso e a volte discontinuo nello stile è in ogni caso un ottimo romanzo che riesce a bilanciare abbastanza bene gli avvenimenti storici e l'animo dei protagonistiRingrazio uercus Books e Netgalley per avermi fornito una copia gratuita in cambio di una recensione onestaLong and complex fresco that accompanies for many years the lives of the protagonists in particular Anna and Lisa The first Jewish slave in the service of an SS officer who survived but as a wreck discarded by the tide to the retirement of his master because of the advancement of the Red Army after having been repeatedly raped; the second in turn survived still infant at the death of her mother Jewish too rescued from a German family who would nurture her as a grandson but for many years hiding her true identity The fate of the two women intertwines in life and memories returning several times on her footsteps making and repeating mistakes because in turn Anna will hide for many years the truth to her son Shimon who will not know until adulthood to be the child of a rape and for this reason for the weight of the sensation of some denied truth will try to lose himself in the drug until he meets LisaA myriad of other characters weave their story with that of these two women all somehow victims of a lie the children of Anna's persecutor the man who saved and married Anna friends acuaintances and in full the entire German people Among all of them Frau Kramer emerges by moral stature as the only personification of the goodPerhaps a little bit too ambitious and sometimes discontinuous in style it's in any case an excellent novel that manages to balance fairly well the historical events and the soul of the protagonistsI thank uercus Books and Netgalley for giving me a free copy in exchange for an honest review More of a 35 UpdateThis is a vast historical novel telling the story of a wide range of characters throughout World War II and its aftermath The story begins with the murder of a ranking SS officer by a Jewish woman in Poland The lens of the story then widens to include the murderess Martina the Jewish maid of the head of the SS in that town Anna and her boss As the story continues we follow these characters as they escape the clutches of the Nazis and attempt to find freedom in Poland and then Germany We then begin to follow the children of all of these characters as well as some of their husbandswives As the story goes on and on the lives of all of these characters eventually intersect This makes for some interesting encounters but I felt that the novel took too long to get to these meetings I think maybe the novel could have been shortened by 200 pages and maintained the same depth in characterization storytelling and historical details Some of the minor characters could have even been cut out entirely or at least had their sections greatly shortenedAnother main complaint of this novel is that the timeline was very hard for me to follow Some chapters begin to have dates about halfway through the novel and I was very surprised to see that only two years had passed rather than a longer period of time Even if one was very knowledgeable of post WWII history I don't think the historical markers in this book would have helped too much in placing when the story takes place There are so many jumps between timelines and characters in each chapter that it is hard to figure out the duration of any part of the storyHowever I must commend Uhly for his great historical knowledge and the feat of this book I have never read a WWII novel that tells the story of such a varied cast of characters in such a believable way The way that their story intersects is also interesting and each character really epitomizes some of the horrors of the war and how that affects people even generations later I also learned a lot about the beginnings of Israel and I am glad Uhly focused a lot on Israel While lengthy and at times confusing Kingdom of Twilight offers a really interesting perspective on World War II and its aftermath Thank you to Edelweiss and MacLehose Press for providing me with a digital review copy of this book full review coming soon but overall I thought this book dragged on and some characters had a little too much space dedicated to them Still an interesting read and I learned a lot about the struggle of the first wave of Jews to reach Israel This brutal and emotionally charged novel spanning decades starts with the shooting of a Nazi officer in a Polish town From that moment on the lives of four core characters and a few connected to them are told through the war after the war and all the way up to the fight for an independent Israeli state There is the at that moment unborn daughter of the shooter a Jew the commander of the shooting's victim a Nazi the woman who hides the shooter a German civilian and the maid secretary of the commander a Polish Jew It begins in Poland goes to Germany and ends in Israel with an open ending worthy of this story As someone says This war is still ending the peace treaty and truce does not mean the people have forgotten Neither do all Nazis forget they were Nazis nor do all civilians stop feeling guilty for crimes their people committed nor do the Jews and Poles suddenly forgive and heal Naturally there is thoughts of vengeance on the Germans there is a wish to bury the past and for others a wish to bring forth the truth there is remaining stereotypes by all partiesIt is a brutal novel because it is real it is violent and bloody and at times disgusting But that is realistic considering it deals with a war the Holocaust and the violent fight for Israel's nationhood But one thing this book does well is to show the complexity Even though we believe that it is a clear cut black and white issue this novel masterfully shows that things are complicated What about the children of Nazis are they bad? What about Germans who hid Jews they can't be bad What about Polish who shoot Germans in an ambush are they good? As the title suggests this book is about the twilight the in between the grey areas One minor detail cost this book a star off the rating and muddled the middle a bit There were different formats and changes in tone which is fine However the time lines changed too as did the speed This caused some characters to be years ahead of others in a following chapter This would have been okay had not flashbacks made things complicated Without any years indicated I was often not sure at all where I was in the timeline and which year it is which would have been crucial Yes they all stay connected but had these connections been told chronologically instead of through flashbacks for a bigger plot twist it would have aided the ability to understand the plot better At the beginning in Poland an SS commander had a subordinate called Karl Treitz who was lured to his death by a Pole named Piotr with the excuse that he Piotr knew where some Jews were hiding After Treitz was killed the commander identified and killed 37 Jews one for every year of Treitz's life The commander was named Joseph Ranzer but later Joseph Kruze His housekeeper was called Anna Stirnweiss later SarfatiThe over hundred and fifty chapters shift focus from place to place and from time to time WWII to modern day Palestine; ghettos to high rises; Romania to Munich to Jerusalem to Paris to Auschwitz to New York to West Berlin We follow a grown man to his infancy to his grandmother and back again But then reading this incredible novel is like working a jigsaw puzzle Oh here is a piece marked Maria but which Maria? Otto KruseOtto Deckert Here's some blue sky which might be TelAviv Or maybe Jerusalem But never Germany which is always depicted as gray and cold Here's the Star of David but the image seems to fade when I try to put it in the Germany section Here's a piece that looks like a Jew but is hidden under floorboards Hidden diaries hidden addictions What or who is in the American area? A father who does not know his son and is also a son who didn't know his fatherThe writing is absolutely masterful the story will sink its claws into you and never let goI read this EARC courtesy of Edelweiss and uercus Publ pub date 080718 A powerful investigation of the lasting effects of WWII upon Germans and Europeans and the founding of Israel Fabulous book Engrossing and with an emotional depth rarely seen Great story Too long with timelines and plots just coming into place as the author chooses Intriguing ideas which get lost as the plot stomps and trips along An ending would have been welcomed too 455; 9510 In wordsI liked it a lot Plot excellent Structure very good Imageryaverage Characterizationswow The subtlety and depth of the characters and the mode of expression was fabulous And this is a very wide diverse array of characters I also appreciated the history Germans and Jews German Polish including several with little or no Jewish identity for all or large parts of the arc of story etc Each was drawn finely carefully meaningfully The Nakhba The Disaster the establishment of Israel from the point of view of the Palestinian Arabs is given little space but at least it is dealt with honestly and with impactThe bottom line; I feel somewhat fully human in it's wonderfulness and awfulness after reading this

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