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Leaving Everest➿ Leaving Everest Free ➶ Author Megan Westfield – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Twenty year old Emily Winslowe has had an adventurous upbringing Daughter of a Himalayan mountain guide she has climbed Mount Everest and other peaks most Americans only dream of But for all her mount Twenty year old Emily Winslowe has had an adventurous upbringing Daughter of a Himalayan mountain guide she has climbed Mount Everest and other peaks most Americans only dream of But for all her mountaineering prowess she's lacking some key experiences Namely guys Especially one guy in particular—Luke Norgay her childhood best friend who she hasn't seen since he left for college in the United States two years agoLuke unexpectedly reappears as a guide just in time for the Everest climbing season He's even handsome than she remembers and that something that had been building between them during their last season together is back in front of them bigger than everThe problem is there's a detail about Emily's past that Luke doesn't know It's the reason she ended up in the Himalayas in the first placeand the reason she must make it to the summit of Mount Everest this year It's also the reason she would never consider following him back to Washington after the climbing season endsBut first they'll have to survive the mountain. Emily has experienced life many only dream of She has the survival skills to tackle the largest mountains and the determination to match Her father wants her to get a good education and Emily has already taken a gap year One trip and she is going to break the news to him She wants to work the mountains and leave America in the past Luke is her best friend and she has always had a crush on him He is gaining his education and spends his free time visiting beautiful places They constantly communicate via pictures but Emily knows little about his reality She doesn't even know if he has a girlfriend As the start of the educational year approaches Emily is forced to see the bigger picture but that doesn't mean she will accept her fate The mountains are her home and she wants to live her dream Unfortunately her dreams are expensive and there are others to consider Emily thinks of America as the life she left behind It brings up bad memories relating to her motherLeaving Everest is a becoming of age novel The storyline is really interesting and Emily has a uniue life She has a lot of love around her and she is determined to make her dreams come true but she needs to be realistic Finding a place in the world comes with compromise Emily and Luke are a perfect duo There love is complicated and the ride is hard Can they make their lives fit together or do they only have Everest? This book has so much to offer and I really liked the geographical setting 45 stars out of 5 This was a uniue gem I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Adventure romance with than meets the eye If you are looking for something different this book hit the nail on the head Being a lover of adventure and the outdoors I loved this book Megan made me feel like I was right there at Base Camp and beyond with strong writing that captured all my senses I also adored the romance between Luke and Emily It's the best kind of slow burn with friends navigating their feelings for each other while also figuring out themselves I couldn't turn the pages fast enough Leaving Everest left me breathless happy and wishing for I think we need a seuel say set in Washington? ; This is an absolutely brilliant story that I thoroughly enjoyed and have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending It has a very uniue romance setting in and around Mount Everest and the communities of mountaineers and their support teams It is an insightful coming of age story in which cultural expectations dreams and love all have key roles to play and secrets to be revealed that will be life changingEmily Winslowe has had a very different upbringing as the daughter of a Himalayan mountain guide She has already unofficially climbed Everest six times and she’s only twenty years old Her dream is to be the youngest person to climb the big five mountains but her gap year is coming to an end and she’s expected to go to study in the US When her childhood best friend Luke Norgay returns from college their attraction is growing even stronger but with a mountain to conuer secrets to be revealed and challenges to be faced nothing will be easy for this coupleWith excellent character development superb secondary characters an enthralling story line and plenty of complications en route this is a superb adventurous romance that I loved escaping into and hope many others will too Climbing Everest is really a challenging expedition most of us never dream of even attempting let alone participating in but this story takes readers on that journey in an epic adventure with danger drama and of course romanceI reuested and received a copy of this novel via NetGalley This is my honest review after choosing to read it There are a number of things I enjoy about Megan Westfield's stories First they take people with baggage who feel like they are broken beyond repair and she puts them together While we get to know them and see them interacting we are oftentimes left guessing as to what their future will be Which is why her stories are so gripping Second she makes me want to get out into the outdoors and start rock climbing or in this case mountaineering In Leaving Everest we meet Emily a young lady who is living life at her father's side climbing up and down Mt Everest She is a young lady who doesn't know too much of the greater world past the rocky slopes around her She loves this life And then one day someone arrives who makes her heart flutter Luke a young man attending college in Washington state has flown home for a visit Their feelings for each other are deeply buried in years of friendship and Circs geo locating Snapchat type of photos read the book to find out about them unless they exist in real life and in that case download the app They spent a few weeks together working for various mountaineering companies that take tourists up the mountain and back down During this time we see this pair grow individually and together I just love how I get swept up in these books I devoured this one like I did the first What makes Ms Westfield's stories of romance so captivating is the risk These characters are like you and me flawed and emotional and over thinking everything And yet here they are trying to muddle through it all together and denying their feelings for each other but yet they can't help it And neither can we Will they or won't they? All of that aside the settings are in these fantastic places The climb to the top of Mt Everest is deadly so there's that risk thrown in All in all the risk is worth it especially on Ms Westfield's second novelThere is a great tie in to her first novel as I was reading my mind kept coming back to April Where have I read about her before? Pretty slick I must say A must read for those who crave the fresh air of the great outdoors and for those who sigh that love filled sigh after reading an amazing romance novel 455OH MY GOSH How much did I love this book? I loved it so so muchYou guys may not realize how much I love reading about mountaineering and Mount Everest and the Himalayas I have been obsessed with climbing for ages and I’ve read and watched a ton of mountaineering stuff since way back in my high school and college yearsWhen I saw Leaving Everest by Megan Westfield I needed to read itEmily has spent a chunk of her childhood among the tallest mountains in the world having grown up with her father – a world famous climber She has a bit of a mixed up childhood but she has found her place among the beautiful peaks of the world’s tallest mountains She also found her best friend there Luke and Emily have known one another for over a decade having grown and nurtured their friendship outside of America in the mountains near Everest This summer things are about to change Emily doesn’t know that they both are back at Everest for the summer – both planning to summit the mountain – and when she is near him after two solid years of only communicating via social media she can barely speak or see straight She wonders if he may possibly feel the same about her but she is almost too nervous to talk to him about it SURELY after spending two years back in America for college among beautiful people and “real” civilization he can’t possibly be interested in her right?There is so much that I love about this story YES I love the slowly building romance between Emily and Luke Based on friendship BFF romances are some of my favorites But what made this book most wonderful to me is that this romance is against the backdrop of Everest while they’re both separately trying for the summit and that they try to keep the romance secret while on the mountain The setting is absolutely magicalI love these characters and their backstories and I love the secondary cast that is around them I only want of these people after reading this And of the mountainsI super slightly wish I would have known Emily’s complete backstory sooner As it is her story is revealed in small pieces throughout the story It certainly didn’t lessen my love for Emily’s story but I was aware that I know little about her until that moment when I finally knew the why and the what that led her to where she isAlso it looks like Megan Westfield’s other standalone story – Lessons in Gravity – has a few of the characters from this book so I’m DYING DYING DYING to go back and read that one now I don’t think that I’ve missed out on anything by not reading Megan’s other book since they’re standalones with different settings but I love the characters in Leaving Everest so much that I want to know as much as possible about any of them that are featured anywhere Plus there is climbing and I’m here for that I definitely want to go back and read her other bookThis story was so easy to read and visualize and enjoy If you love mountaineering you’ll love it If you love mountain settings you’ll love this one If you love friends to romance stories you’ll love this one I’ll be rereading this one when I’m in the mood for a story that has adventure sport and climbing I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Thank you to the author and Entangled EmbraceFind this review and like it on my blog Into the Hall of Books This book gripped me from the moment I opened it I'm a sucker for best friends to lovers romance and I bonded with Emily from the start I love the friendship that Megan Westfield built for the main characters It felt like an adventure in itself Even though I'm afraid of heights I found myself longing to climb to the tallest peaks and take a Circumference video of my own By the time Luke entered the picture in person and the chemistry between him and Emily surged I was hooked on this book I loved the tidbits of information about Everest I loved watching Emily's relationships with various people on Mount Everest unfold especially Doc I found myself rooting not only for Emily to get her guy but also for her to succeed in her seventh Everest summit so she could gain the sponsorship she needed to become the first woman to climb the five tallest peaks in the world This book was riveting gripping and oh so empowering I definitely recommend This takes the friends to romance relationship up a whole lot by having the story setting at Mount Everest Emily and Luke have reconnected after 2 years and are guides for a company that brings people up the Summit Loved the tension from the craziness of being in that environment to the angst and sweetness of admitting their feelings for one another Leaving Everest is a beautiful and captivating romance that I absolutely adored With heart pounding adventure and the breathtaking unforgiving backdrop of Everest I couldn't put the book down I can't wait for my next Megan Westfield fix Leaving Everest is a romance novel set on the Nepal side of Mount Everest I’m a little partial to it since I wrote it and all It’s a slow burn best friends to lovers sports romance with a sport—mountaineering—that is not mainstreamtelevisedIf you’re fascinated by Mount Everest and you also love getting lost in a heart melting romance this will likely be just the book for you Be sure to check out the link in the back of the novel because I created a free 60 page Bonus Book of deleted scenes behind the scenes details about writing the book an interview with an Everest Base Camp trekking leader and tons of gorgeous photos of the Nepal Himalayas This was absolutely lovely While I’ve read a few books about Mt Everest before – Into Thin Air being one of them – I’m not particularly well versed in mountaineering or rock climbing or basically anything outdoors that doesn’t involve tailgating Even without that background or interest this was completely engrossing“Luke was my whole world past and presentBut he might not be my future”Emily is returning to Nepal for her – hopefully – historic seventh summit of Mt Everest with her father’s expedition company What should be an exciting time is clouded by thoughts of her future – attend college in her home state of Washington or trying to find a sponsor to keep climbing? – and past – her childhood best friend Luke whom she hasn’t seen for two years When she unexpectedly runs into him before arriving at Base Camp she’s stunned to realize that she still has a crush on him though he’s changed in the years he’s been attending college in the US As before though she’s unsure if he returns her feelings and even if he did what future could they possibly have together? After a bad turn of events with her mom and grandparents she’s spent years of her life following her dad around the world and climbing mountains While she yearns for someplace of her own of not having to carry around her whole life including craft supplies in a backpack of having her own home base she also dreams of climbing new mountains“To get a sponsorship I needed that seventh summit But even then it’s not like I’d get to the top of Mount Everest and find a magical sponsorship offer tied onto one of the prayer flags There would still be a lot of time work and luck involved in this dream and how would I pay for dinner in the meantime? How did Luke play into all this? It seemed impossible but could he? Was there a way? And what about that white bungalow? That was a dream too having the permanence of a place of my own and people to come home to”I loved Emily Someone on Twitter while differentiating between young adult and new adult described new adult as paraphrased “I know who I am but how do I fit in the world?” and this book was absolute perfection for that Emily has been shaped by the presence – and absence – of many people and things and while she regrets that she’s not a “normal” college age adult she also realizes how lucky she is to have been able to pursue something that is an unattainable dream for many And it’s not like Ms Westfield just has Emily tell us that – Emily’s actions reflect her deeply held beliefs even when she is sometimes unable to articulate them even to herself I absolutely loved her journey While I didn’t agree with some of her choices – I’ll admit to yelling at my eReader at points – I always understood why she was making them Rather than just being a foil for Emily Luke himself is also a fully realized character with his own motivations and deeply held beliefs I also loved that even when they had their disagreements – and oh boy did they have them and they were some doozies – they are mature enough to realize they need cool down periods and to see things from each other’s points of view It was a refreshing dose of maturity that seems absent from a lot of adult novels even but something I found completely realistic considering these twenty somethings were used to have other peoples’ lives literally in their hands on dangerous climbsOverall I absolutely adored this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a thoughtful heart wrenching new adult romanceI received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

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