Days of Infamy: Military Blunders of the 20th Century

Days of Infamy: Military Blunders of the 20th Century[EPUB] ✶ Days of Infamy: Military Blunders of the 20th Century By Michael Coffey – Why was the Lusitania while on a pleasure cruise torpedoed by a German U boat What possessed Hitler to declare war on the United States Peppered with details of the causes and effects of great blunder Why was the Lusitania while on Infamy: Military MOBI · a pleasure cruise torpedoed by a German U boat What possessed Hitler to declare war on the United States Peppered with details of the causes and effects of great blunders Days of Infamy includes gripping tales of mayhem and destruction made even resonant by the realization that it was often simple human error that irrevocably changed the course of modern history With an introduction by legendary broadcaster Mike Wallace this book is Days of Kindle - the official companion volume to the riveting History Channel part documentary series. Mistakes None of us like to make them; all of us have suffered the conseuences of some of our bigger ones Maybe we’ve even found some benefit that might not have occurred had it not been for our mistakes But what happens when militaries around the world make mistakes? That’s what Michael Coffey looks at in this highly entertaining highly readable book about military blunders of the 20th century Some of these were memorable and new to meIs it possible that a world war began because a chauffeur took a wrong turn? Seems incredible and over simplified but it’s possible that an assassin’s bullet would never have found Duke Ferdinand in 1914 had his driver not inadvertently taken a wrong turn while driving him to a hospitalYou’ll be intrigued by some of the military mistakes that resulted in unexpected outcomes The book looks at Hitler’s obsession with defeating Russia and how that obsession contributed to his downfall Douglas McArthur was positive the Chinese were bluffing when they warned against American troop movement past a certain point during the Korean War They weren’t bluffing You’ll painfully relive the 1980 debacle in the desert when the US military lost lives and euipment while trying to rescue hostages from Iran You’ll read about Saddam Hussein’s underestimation of the Arab world when he invaded Kuwait and the Saudis welcomed American troops to airbases in their countryThe book chronicles Kennedy’s disaster at the Bay of Pigs and it focuses on a much lesser known to me at least 1966 air accident over Spain that forced bombers to release four nuclear bombs The United States eventually recovered the bombs but it lost some serious prestige in the processThat’s just a random sample of some of the military mistakes of the 20th century the author includes The vignettes are short so if you get fatigued reading about the mistakes of others you can dip in and out of this Poorly written and minimally sourced with several factual errors Examples Stating that the Bismark was sunk in port in Norway p132 The Bismark was sunk at sea This is perhaps confused with the Tirpitz which was sunk at port in Norway but in 1944 rather than 1941 Stating the invasion of Okinawa took place in 1944 p209 The Battle of Okinawa was in 1945There is information to learn and if the book sparks the reader's further interest in one or of the events glossed over within then there is value here Decent book about a few military blunders occurring in the 20th century Coffey picked a representative few of the many blunders that occurred in the 20th century I believe he could have given detail regarding each of the mistakes that he decided to concentrate in his work Decent book not one I would highly recommend but definitely would suggest anyone concerned with military history should peruse this work History Channel fans will enjoy this easy to read companion It has been said people go to watch car races in order to see the wrecks Following that line of reasoning the History Channel introduced a documentary series entitled Military Blunders The companion book of the same name authored by Michael Coffey offers the same anecdotes and the same paradigm of the televised series Military Blunders examines wartime efforts that failed beginning with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and ending with the invasion of Kuwait The decidedly twentieth century focus of the book lends itself to the fact that wartime motion picture records came into existence following the turn of the century and television documentaries are generally appreciative of motion picture records than written ones Thus the marketing force of presenting military history from a blundering point of view is a strong and visual one Mistakes in wartime are common Those interested in playing games of what if will find this tome fascinating What if the Archduke Ferdinand's driver had not taken a wrong turn down a Sarajevo street? Also some mistakes lend an eerie uality of mystery Case in point The last flight of the Lady Be Good an American B 24 that disappeared in the Libyan desert during WWII Its wreckage and the remains of her crew were discovered years later by a British oil exploration outfit Offered in short easy to digest anecdotal chunks the book proffers an easy to read litany of historical anecdotes A handful of photographs in the center of the book help give visual backup to the tales inside Fans of the History Channel and military history buffs everywhere should enjoy this well written and interesting book We seem to have books these days about how we are not as perfect and invincible as we thought we were This is about our military blunders Which reminds me of the t shirts I see around town that show the American flag with the caption These colors don't run Well they have and they do We have run from Vietnam and Beirut and lots of other ill advised adventures One must always honor the courage of soldiers but one must also deeply uestion those who give them orders Recently re read this as it has been uite a few years since I last read it in my early teens Being that it is a companion book to the History Channel documentary series of the same name that aired in the late 1990s it's uite readable About a half dozen pages dedicated to each blunder that follows the narration scripts from the series somewhat faithfully depending on which blunder it is As a history book though it's not bad but it it's not great either Ok history nothing great Weak pos hoc analysis of wartime decisions

Days of Infamy: Military Blunders of the 20th Century
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  • Days of Infamy: Military Blunders of the 20th Century
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