The Company of Strangers

The Company of Strangers⚦ [PDF] ✎ The Company of Strangers By Robert Wilson ✶ – Lisboa 1944 No calor tórrido do Verão as ruas da capital fervilham de espiões e informadores enuanto os serviços secretos disputam em silêncio a última partida Os alemães dominam a tecnologia d Lisboa No calor tórrido do Verão as ruas da capital fervilham de espiões e informadores enuanto os serviços secretos disputam em silêncio a última partida Os alemães dominam a tecnologia dos foguetões e a pesuisa atómica Os aliados estão decididos a impedir ue a ameaça da «arma secreta» venha a concretizar seAndrea Aspinall matemática e The Company PDF or espia entra nesse mundo sofisticado pela mão de uma abastada família do Estoril Karl Voss adido militar da Legação Alemã abalado pela implicação no assassinato de um Reichsminister e traumatizado pelo desastre de Estalinegrado chega a Portugal com a missão de salvar a Alemanha do aniuilamento Na tranuilidade mortal de um paraíso corrupto Andrea e Voss encontram se e tentam viver o seu amor num mundo em ue não se pode acreditar em ninguém Depois de uma noite de terrível violência Andrea fica na posse de um segredo ue vai ligá la para sempre ao mundo clandestino do repressivo regime fascista português à paranóia da Guerra Fria na Alemanha E aí numa Berlim gelada descobre ue os maiores segredos não estão nas mãos dos governos mas em mãos muito próximas de si e é forçada a fazer a derradeira e dilacerante opção. Robert Wilson is an interesting writer and I did enjoy reading his Falcon uartet which showed his insightful writing style when it comes to coleur locale of his books I always thought I had read this book as wel but it turns out I was mistakenA story about Spies in the neutral country of Portugal during WWII in which a young lady our heroine gets send to Lissabon to participate in the world of spying among each other with the Alies and the Germans who could essentially do business with the allies from the opposition It is also the story of a member of the Wehrmacht who gets caught up in the office politics of the German Reich and finds himself out of his depth He gets a way out after his brother dies in Russia and his father kills himself and ends up in Lissabon as second in command in what is in essence the spies being run And at the same time he is a double for the British in stopping the NazisWhen everything does not go to plan the German gets killed leaving behind the English Lass who then gets maneuvered into an uncertain situation and she ends up staying in PortugalThe second part of the book is in the late sixties when our heroine has lost both her man and son to the Portugese Colonial wars and she comes home and finally takes her place in the world of spying again Which turns out to be a family occupation And once again she gets involved in the plans of other people and pays the price An excellent story in which we see the spy craft during WWII during the cold war from a viewpoint that is female in a world that is played and ruled by men It is not your 007 esue adventure but a story about real men and women doing the job that takes them away from the normalworld and the sacrifices they make for the safety of their country and people A well written story that gives a clear vision of WWII Portugal and cold war EnglandEast Germany where games are being played in which humans lives are being used as chess pieces in a deadly gameWell worth your while and certainly one of the better Spy novels I have read This book cost me 2 for the paperback and a lot of hours of sleep I couldn't put it down I dislike having to resort to what another reviewer has said but I'm in complete agreement with the Los Angeles Times Absorbing and brilliantly written this is caviar for the cognoscenti But the appeal went way beyond that for me This book isn't only a brilliant portrayal of the spy era it captured my emotions and had them in its grip right until the end When I came to the end I sat with the book on my lap thinking about the two main characters and what they'd been through; about how tenacious love can be I doubt I'll ever forget this story It's one of the most romantic I've ever read Just finished I think all of Robert Wilson's books company of Strangers took me to the gripping uality of Blind Man of Seville and the Javier Falcon series Don't know what it is as I've had a remarkably unremarkably comfortable life but Wilson awakens fascinating dark places in this among his best work Among the many good things about Wilson's work you can start almost anywhere Thank you Robert Reading this thriller was like reading two separate books inexpertly stitched together In the first half a young English student is recruited by her country's secret service and sent to Portugal in 1944 for the purpose of espionage although her exact assignment is not exactly explained There she falls in love at first sight or rather at first grip with a German diplomat who turns out to be a double agent involved in an assassination attempt against Hitler This part of the book is masterlful despite many holes in the plot But one forgives them because the pace is so fast and furious and the tension so taut For the most part it's very well written although occasionally over written with a couple too many soaring metaphors for my liking But this author has a real poetic gift he often made me uite jealous Wilson lives in Portugal and really makes the setting come to life the hot dusty hills surrounding Lisbon and the dingy streets of the city itself The second half of the book is less successful Tragically divided the lovers go their separate ways for decades I won't give away the plot suffice to say that they meet again in Cold War East Berlin This part of the story has the feel of warmed over John Le Carre You get sentences like this He drove a slow circuit of the blocks of flats before coming out again on the Karl Marx Allee and heading east on the Frankfurter AlleeHe turned right in Freidrichsfelde past the white expanse of the Tierpark under the S bahn bridge and then left into the Kopenicker Allee And it goes on from there Yes the author has done his research trip and mastered the street names But for the reader it's boring Names alone do not produce atmosphere I also have to say I really didn't like the way this book ended A pity because so much of it was so superior to the general run of thrillers Despite my criticism it's still very much worth reading For about me and my book The Nazi Hunter A Novel go to wwwalanelsnercom There are three books in this novel Book One is excellent 5 stars full of suspense with a vivid sense of place and interesting characters Book Two is a slog fest until the very end The sense of place is gone the characters are bogged down and so is the story Book Three shows a bit promise we return to Lisbon so that sense of place is back but the ending while realistic is terrible I've come away with a foul taste in my mouth all the promise and excitement from book one suelched out Just couldn't get into it second book by this author I read Spy novels are always or less than you expect The main characters are often devious and very smart and lucky while other spies in the book are eually so or the direct oppositeIn this book no doubt well written all the spies seemed pretty pathetic at turns in my opinion and I've been looking at other reviews where people thought this was a good story And I know that some of them were devious and not what they seemed And this was written during a period when the lines were pretty darn fluid But I never got a handle on what they were doing at all And the main character made no sense to me at allConsider the book starts when Andrea Aspinall is 16 and during the blitz in England the home of her music tutor is bombed She runs to the home and starts screaming hystericallyThree years later she had been trained to be a spy and is sent undercover to Lisbon I don't think she knows what she is supposed to be doing — and neither does the reader And she runs into a strange surreal world staying in the home of a man whose wife reminds you of Jane Eyre and Rochester's mad wife Through various scenarios Andrea meets and falls in love with the enemy Karl Voss a military attache to the German Legation The situation is falling apart and there is that pivotal moment comes when the lovers are separated Andrea goes on with her life in Portugal You would think this is the ending of the book but no 24 years later we return to the story of Andrea who returns to Britain and there's a resolution with her mother who is dying And the story continues I've probably shared too much of the plot as it is but let me be honest I don't like Andrea Aspinall who doesn't appear to stand for anything and while smart allows herself to be manipulated all over the place I have no sense about the British secret service at all and this story seems to meander all over the place Too long too convoluted and there are too many twists and no satisfaction What will Survive of us but Love? Blown away by this book uite extraordinaryIts marketed as a Spy book I've never got on with Spy books so started with some trepidation uickly developed into a page turning war thriller but better was to comeBook 1 1940 we are introduced to a young lady Andrea 16 years old her adoptive family home is destroyed in a doodlebug strike in London Slightly later in the timeline we're also introduced to Karl Voss A high ranking German officer in East Prussia His brother is serving at the Russian Front His parents are true GermansAnti Nazi and they can see the way the tide is turningKarl and Andrea meet in the 1944 Portugal where there are plots against Hitler both side of WWII developing their nuclear armaments They fall in love there's some derring do and high spy drama but its also a travelogue about LisbonAfter 300 odd pages of this we move onto book 2 and this is where the book takes an unexpected turn we're in the late sixties Andrea is still in the spy service and is called to Berlin Impossible to say than this in a review without giving the game away but it was an unexpected change in gear Book three moves Andrea's story on again to the late 90s and the fall of the Iron CurtainThe book is a little bit of everything war book spy book thriller travelogue but mainly its a love story between the two charactersThe author writes in a distinctive style that keeps the action moving well and with a very dark style The characters are not the most sympathetic Andrea pulls some stunts but very human They also lived in extraordinary timesThe ending incredible Didn't see it coming Very different to standard thrillers Looks like I have a new author's back catalogue to dive into I did not know what I was getting into when I started this book It was given to me and I was told it's a good book Yes it is It is not my genre I am not into spies double agents espionage etc;however if that is your forte The Company of Strangers is a must Starting in the 1940s and ending in the 90s the writer keeps it interesting and pacts a lot of adventure into this book I must admit it was confusing at time the writer used too many street names foreign cities that were difficult to remember There were many characters and it was difficult to remember who's who and what happened to them But beyond that I enjoyed the book The love story was hard to swallow but yet enjoyable When I started the book I didn't think I would end it by saying it was a page turner but yet it was When I think back on the book it is amazing how everyone had a story and all the stories came together to form one great book Read the ARC One of the locales of this book of World War II intrigue and romance is one of my favorite cities so I am biased from the start Anything involving Lisboa will get my attention uick uick How does a young English woman become involved with Germans in Lisboa? Is it wise to fall in love during such turbulent times? Are spies as romantic as we are lead to believe? Not as strong as his 'The Blind Man of Seville' but well worth the read

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