Chance of Redemption (Chances of Discipline #5)

Chance of Redemption (Chances of Discipline #5)❰Reading❯ ➺ Chance of Redemption (Chances of Discipline #5) Author Tabitha Marks – After serving a year and half of her prison term Molly Saunders is on the verge of being set free At least as free as a former drug addict ex con can be She’s granted early release and sent to a hal After serving a year and half of her prison term Molly Saunders is on the verge of being set free At least as free Chance of PDF/EPUB ² as a former drug addict ex con can be She’s granted early release and sent to a half way house to begin her reintegration into society a prospect that both frightens and excites her She’s determined to stay on the straight and narrow and make something of herself but the reappearance of someone from her past threatens to drag her back to her old life Max Davidson takes pride in his successful career as a detective on the police force There’s just one thing he regrets and now he has a chance to make amends Deep in his heart he knows that Molly’s bad life choices are all his fault and now that she’s out of prison it’s his job to make sure she turns her life around – for good When Max sees the opportunity to keep Molly safe he grabs it knowing it’s the only way she’ll survive Molly isn’t sure she can forgive Max for the way he treated her but when he offers her a safe haven she doesn’t have much choice When he decides to enforce the terms of her parole with the threat of putting her over his knee things uickly heat up between this unlikely pair Author’s Note Although this brand new story is a standalone romance it is best enjoyed after reading the prior books in the Chances of Discipline series as events and people from those books appear in this one Publisher’s Note This sweet love story contains scenes of domestic discipline as well as graphic love scenes between consenting adults. Max is the real star of this story He does all he could to help Molly as the guilt lay heavily on his shoulders I also love me some hot cops He has a dominant streak that is totally sexyFull Review This book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions joy sadness pain happiness fury hurt love hate This book had it all I loved this book I cried a number of times during the reading of this loved every second While it is part of the Chances of Discipline series each book can be read standalone but you get maximum relationship understanding if you've read at least a couple of the previous books The only thing I didn't like about this book the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars is that while for Max Molly it's a HEA there are still a lot of unansweredunresolved issues between all of the friends THE COP AND EX CONVICTThe story is part of the on going Chance of Discipline series but each book will read well as a stand alone and while it will have many characters and even things that happened in previous stories it shouldn’t be too difficult to follow The story is about Max and MollyMolly Saunders had been with Keith Lane for a one night stand became pregnant didn’t take care of herself and abandoned Keith and the premature baby Carter A night out with her cousin Sara while high wrecking the vehicle where Sara is injured and Molly will be found guilty and sent to prisonThe story picks up with Molly going before a parole hearing and being granted early release to a halfway house While she remained a model prisoner has become clean she knows she still has many demons to face It doesn’t help that the halfway house is in a rough neighborhood where there are liuor stores and heavy with drug dealers including those from her past “She wished she could say that she had enough self control and discipline to always do the right thing but it was a constant struggle to stay on the right path”Max Davidson has moved up with his police career and is a narcotics detective When he was a young rookie he and Molly had been together While he never asked when he finds out she is only nineteen and not twenty one he goes off and kicks her out That becomes the catalyst towards her downward spiral of drugs and alcohol Guilt has played with him for years and he has kept up with Molly’s time in prison her councilling and even checking up on her since paroled The plot will bring Max and Molly back together what starts out as watching her partially out of guilt will them change to protection When he learns she is being harassed by a known drug dealer and pimp who is shaking her down for money she previously owed him he knows this places her in danger Witnessing a near kidnapping he refuses to allow her to stay where she is and insist on taking her to a safe place the apartment over his garageThe story will include both Max and Molly needing forgiveness to be able to move on with their lives When Max takes it upon himself to be her protector he will also have her learn about domestic discipline like his friends believe in and have her agree to it in their relationship They will set up rules and guidelines so that each knows what is expected and the conseuences involved The biggest obstacle will be for Molly to forgive herself and uit putting herself down“Those things are in the past Molly and the past only defines you if you let it You’re not the same person you were when you did those things We’re not going to live in the past We’re going to look forward not back”There is great chemistry between Max and Molly and maybe they can pick up their relationship in and out of bed from years before The story isn’t without plenty of angst especially with the unforgiving behavior and attitude of Max’s friends toward Molly Life is full of decisions and some come with risk but playing it safe can cause you to miss out on happiness It’s time for Max and Molly to find their future together and to learn to trust each other Molly who is in prison for nearly killing her cousin in a car accident is granted early release into a halfway house Molly is determined to make the best of her second chance in life but it is not easy There are people who will always judge her as someone who was in jail and are not willing to even get to know her But there is Max someone from her past and he is than willing to get to know her very intimately Overall I liked Molly and Max together I adored Max for standing at Molly's side no matter what and also for taking her in hand whenever she needed it He was great in helping her regain confidence Something I did not like so much was that the book started very slow for my taste and the end of the book also left me with many uestions It is not a cliff hanger but there are many things that are definitely left in the open I hope they will be addressed in the next book of the series Molly and Max were an interesting couple I couldn't really put my finger on the kind of chemistry they shared It wasn't like a couple who had NO chemistry but they definitely did not have scorching chemistry or an intense connection It was niceMy only real issue with this book is a couple of scenes felt unfinished It would have been nice to see the reaction of Max's co worker after his boss reported her The same thing with the dinner scene More action went on there then occurred in most of the book There was no resolution and it felt to me like the reader is left hanging Don't get me wrong this is not a cliffhanger I feel like a little detail in a couple of areas would have provide a complete storyat least for meI voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy I read this book as a standalone and even though I enjoyed it I think I missed out on some of the details having not read the previous books The characters were definitely likeable Given Molly's past it was uestionable if the author could turn her into a likable character but she definitely succeeded I could feel for Molly and the sense of hopelessness brought on by her past Max was a solid character I could appreciate his struggle trying to balance the two sides of his life One thing I really appreciated about this book is that the author didn't try to make every thing perfect Molly has her flaws and struggles and even as things are wrapping up the author doesn't try to smooth out the bumps she and Max are forced to face This book definitely left me wanting to go back and catch up on he rest of the series I love this fifth book in the series It may even be my favorite of the series; although they are all good In this book get ready to see Molly in a new light and be angry at Keith although I felt that way during his book too I loved the entire story The ending was bittersweet but probably realistic I just truly hope it is not the last we hear of their story I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book Coming out of prison is a second chance for Molly She's lost control of her life lost her child friends and family because of her drug and alcohol use For Detective Max Davidson this is a chance to help his ex Molly start over To right a wrong from his past Spanking romance Same review as I had for book 4 It ended too abruptly Not everything was resolved and it felt like a HFN