A Song of Four Seasons

A Song of Four Seasons[PDF / Epub] ✅ A Song of Four Seasons By Helen H. 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Helen H Wu was born and grew up in Hefei China She studied art and then later economics She is now a freelance artist in Atlanta GeorgiaI have previously reviewed four of Helen Wu’s books that she both wrote and illustrated Additionally I have reviewed “Redy and Bluey” for which she did the illustrations for a collection of poems by various authors I have been captivated by her illustrations in all of these books “A Song of Four Seasons” is no exception The drawings are delightful and will charm you and your young child Four teddy bears delight in the four seasons of the year The story of the joy of the four seasons is written in verse and can be sung to your child This is a perfect book to read before tucking your child into bed at night I was asked to review this book and was able to get a free copy with Kindle Unlimited Thank you Helen Wu for your wonderful book for young children I love books about the changing seasons Living in Florida that is the one thing I miss after we moved from Indiana My two most favorite seasons were and still are Spring and Fall In this wonderfully illustrated book we see the four bears and their activities as they take us through the four seasons and the activities associate with each season A wonderful book to read with the littlest reader or great for that early reader Wonderful lyrical sing song writing and I sat down at bedtime and read this She is learning about seasons in school so this was a perfect read to her where we could see the changing seasons and discuss them In this story we see the different seasons and what you can do during each season that is fun The pictures are really beautiful and capture the story being told Four sweet teddies take you through the four seasons of the year using rhyme and charming visuals The seasons are beautifully presented as the four engage in seasonal activities In Spring they pick flowers and observe fluttering butterflies and buzzing bees In Summer the unbearable heat encourages them to take refuge on a sandy beach to play and splash in the water which cools them off As Autumn moves in the wind blows crisp the leaves turn red and fall to the ground the geese migrate south and the teddies participate in a fun harvest party Lastly Winter encompasses the earth The snow and freezing cold force the four to gather up their warm blankets and snuggle together as the Sandman beckons them forth for a long winter's sleep The illustrations fit perfectly and enrich the melodious text The colour pallet is calm and gentle making it a perfect book to read before tucking your little one in for the night A Song of Four Seasons is a celebration of the diversity of the seasons DelightfulWu does magic again with her storytelling This book is captivating and engaging and children will love the bright colors and inviting story This story shows the greatness and beauty of each of the four seasons of the year The story and the text both tell a wondrous story and it teaches without you even realizing it It's an absolutely delightful and grand story I have reviewed other books by Helen H Wu and now her new picture book is as good as all the othersI even loved reading itIt's a great way for children to learn about the seasonsGreat pictures as always great colors a great gift for children Beautiful illustrationsThe sweet illustrations teach young children about the seasons The bear characters lead us through the yearly changes of the four seasons