Magic Calls

Magic Calls[BOOKS] ✪ Magic Calls By Miriam Greystone – A war is brewing beneath the sidewalks of Washington DC and Molly just sang her way into the middle of itMolly doesn’t know there’s anything unusual about her voice—she only knows that performin A war is brewing beneath the sidewalks of Washington DC and Molly just sang her way into the middle of itMolly doesn’t know there’s anything unusual about her voice—she only knows that performing with her band makes her happier than anything else in the worldBut everything changes on the night that Molly does than just entertain her audience—she accidentally entrances them and narrowly avoids setting off a riotNow she’s being hunted by a mysterious group that believes she is descended from the Sirens—and that she’s unworthy of the power she possessesTo survive she must plunge into a secret world of human Siren hybrids where there’s no easy way to know who to trustWith time running out Molly must learn to wield the power inside her before the hunters can silence her forever. This book was awesome I can't wait to read in this series This is my first book by this author and I think she has caught me in her web The characters were great in this book and the world was exciting and fresh new ideas The twists in the story line were great I loved it what can I say This book was given to me for free at my reuest and I provided this voluntary review Magic Calls Echoes Book 1 by Miriam Greystone is the first book in her Echoes series This is not my first book by this author but it is my favorite of hers yet It is fast reading and once I started it I couldn't put it down Her writing style is such that it pulled me right into the story and kept me engaged until the last page Her characters are both lovable and connectable for the most part there are a few less desirable This story will take you on a few twists and turns that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat one minute and the next you won't see what is coming next This is a YA story that anyone who picks it up will enjoy This story is about Molly Molly is running from a past and her favorite thing is her band Then one night will change everything Molly is performing with her band but doesn't realize that there are other forces taking control of her audience What will happen when she realizes that it is her? She has some supernatural powers that she isn't aware of but others are Now they are out to get her From here she enters a world of hybrids and things lurking in the shadows One of the problems is that she doesn't know who to trust Things are not always what they seem Others are not always who they say Will she learn to control the power inside her before it is too late? Is she in danger? I loved Molly's character She is a little feisty strong willed and she just knows how to get things done The secondary characters in this story are just as connectable but some I didn't care for but that is what I enjoyed about this book There are good guys and bad guys they keep the story easy flowing and made me want to see what was lurking on the next page I highly recommend this story as I know you will want to see how one night will change Molly's life forever I was given this book from the author for a honest reviewfirst and foremost this book was interesting and sucked me in right off the bat by the end of the first chapter I was invested in Molly and couldn't wait to see what this book was all about and how she and her situation would fit in The fight scenes I found were very detailed and I could imagine it perfectly just like a movie played as I read this book the concept of sirens is not a new one but Miriam Greystone has brought new breathe into the genre I am intrigued left wanting and was shocked but certain scenesperfect amount of suspense and fantasyand I saw a review that mentioned the sex scene I thought they were just right I HATE vulgar or raunchy sex scenes this book has none if that useless stuff to fill pages I much perfer books that fade to Black very well written I throughly enjoyed this novel and I absolutely will purchase the next one Magic CallsWow What a great book this was I was hooked from page one and it left me with a “book hangover” unable to pick up another book for at least 24 hours The characterisation was fantastic and the story line was awesome It was a real feast for fans of YA literature or supernatural fiction The character pairings were unusual but fascinating Molly and Jake were not your average fictional heroes she running from a troubled past he a heroin addict not interested in recovery I also liked the friendship of Evie and Bea I liked that the main characters had flaws like heroin addiction and terminal illness to oppose the supernatural gifts which left them with mental and physical scars and eventually gave them depth You could see the world the author created as clear as if you lived in itThis book had supernatural elements dystopian elements love and deep friendship All you could ask for in a book A massive 5 out of 5 from me As this is book 1 I am looking forward to the rest of the Echoes series so we can learn about the characters and about the minor characters I give Magic Calls Echoes Book 1 by Miriam Greystone 5 starsI have read many urban fantasy books but this one is like nothing I have read before The pasts of the main characters are uite dark but at the same time believable They went through hell and it shows But this has just made them stronger The story itself is very well written I couldn't put the book down until I was finished Molly is such a wonderful main character too She is tough but she has her own set of morals and sticks to them despite what others tell herOverall this is a wonderful urban fantasy book and I would love to see where the series goes from here I highly recommend this book to urban fantasy lovers Hands down the best book I've read by Miriam Greystone Her imagination seems to get bigger with every book she writes This book was just perfect It didn't let you focus on just one person It gave you several main characters and all their issues This author wrote this book so well I didn't trip over each character They're written so well and the fantasy of it all is so believable Awesome work Cliffhangers and twisty parts to this book makes you want the next piece of their stories 🎁 FREE on today 5242020 🎁 Magic Calls Echoes Book 1 By Miriam GreystoneRated 5 starsOH MY GOSH This story is ah ma zing I went in with little expectations and came out LOVING IT said in a sing song voice I was throughly entranced with the story almost from the beginning The characters were intriguing and the storyline was one I haven’t read before Sirens aren’t really my go to story I had read a previous book by Miriam Greystone and was pleased at how well she does the urban fantasy story So I figured I would give it a go She does so well making a believable place filled with wonderful characters that I want to go and live thereOr just hang out with them Molly is a strong character who seems to be working toward overcoming a bad past She is streetwise and I enjoy how she thinks Jake was my favorite once he was introduced He is not the ideal hero of a book But I think his time will come and his star will shine He has an affinity for Molly for a few different reasons but my favorite one is because she “talks to him like he matters”There are all kinds of honest caring mean and funny characters Introduced in the storyOh and let’s not forget the evil ones too This is going to be an amazing series Seriously is the next book done yet??I read this story in almost one setting and I CAN NOT wait for MORE I want of Jake and Molly to see how she deals with the half breeds I definitely want of Evie and what lurks in the shadows Also I’m sure there is to the Echoes than what we have seen Oknow is the next one done? Great Great job Miriam Greystone Miriam Greystone had me entranced not even half way through the first chapter I have always been fascinated by the sea and tall tales that originate from sailors so I was naturally drawn to this book about a descendent of the legendary sirens Also any story that makes me think about what if one day I discover I have some sort of hidden magical talent are always among my favorites to read One thing I particularly enjoyed about this book comes from the book’s description A mysterious group doesn’t think the main character Molly is worthy of the powers she possesses and as soon as I saw that part I was ready to tear through this book to see Molly prove them wrong and shove it in their faces I was not disappointed I also loved that there were side characters like Bea that I grew to love almost than the main characters and I really think that says something about myself but importantly about the author’s writing abilities All in all I can’t wait to read the next book in this series Magic Calls is Book 1 in the Echoes Series from Miriam Greystone This is my second book I have read by Miriam Greystone and she continues to get better she had incredible imagination especially when it comes to her writing fantasy reads that I have read from her Miriam Greystones writing continues to totally captivates the reader The imagery that the story portrays in your mind is enchanting and is a page turner from start to finish and I absolutely love this perspective of the fantasy world I love that she didn’t use the standard supernatural characters this is the first book I have read regarding Sirens and it really opens my eyes to the world that is within this read This book was filled with action adventure mystery and also suspense that hold the reader there until the very end You are left on the edge of seat with suspense as what will continue to happen through this read you are given twist and turns throughout and things happen that you never expect but one thing for sure is that this is an incredible well thought out read with an epic story and characters that have real stories and a way of making you route for them and hope that things go according to plan for the characters that you have grown to love and be captivated by I loved that it felt as though we were learning the story and truths to the world that Molly has found herself in it gives us of an eye opening read as what really happens and how I liked that we got backstories to our characters as it gives us insight into how they are through this book and why I just would have hoped for a in depth look into Molly past she seems uite reserved and it holds back the incredible powers that she possesses Jake is a character that I have continued to route for through this book and I think him and Molly are exactly what each other need They bring out something in each other they that the other desperately needs in order to carry on I love the blood connection that they made and I’d love to learn about it hopefully in the series to comeThis book has so much going on but you don’t get lost in the action there is so much of this world that you can delve into This is truly the beginning of an incredible series of books and to make things even better it was written in multiple POV which gave us an even better insight to the characters thoughts and actionsI cannot wait to read in this incredible fantasy series and see what else Miriam Greystone will bring us

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