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Author Thomas Campi – Le vieux chiant c'est comme ça ue Roméo appelle son grand père Alors uand il apprend u'il va devoir passer uelues jours avec lui à Charleroi c'est une certaine idée de l'enfer pour le gamin de 11 Le vieux chiant c'est comme ça ue Roméo appelle son grand père Alors uand il apprend u'il va devoir passer uelues jours avec lui à Charleroi c'est une certaine idée de l'enfer pour le gamin de ans Pourtant cette semaine s'avérera surprenante à bien des égards Peut être grâce à Lucie la petite voisine ui parlera de son nono à elle et ui lui fera découvrir la beauté des terrils peut être grâce à son papa ui pour la première fois évouera son enfance certainement grâce à Ottavio ui derrière ses airs de vieux bougon cache une vie faite de renoncements et de souffrances Une vie u'un gamin d'aujourd'hui ne peut imaginer C'était une simple semaine de vacances ce sera l'occasion de lever le silence ui pèse sur des hommes de trois générationsUn récit humain et touchant ui nous parle de l'immigration italienne du travail des mineurs de transmission et du difficile accouchement de la parole uand une vie durant on a été habitué à se taire. Macaroni is a graphic novel that is based on the real story of Ottavio Rosetto an Italian who became a miner in Belgium The narrative spans through three generations and depicts about the hardships of those who worked in the mines and the ghosts of the past Ottavio or Romeo’s grandpa in the story is an Italian immigrant who chose to become a miner in order to support her wife and son Throughout the story his past haunts him that makes him a bitter and an always irritated man But the visit of Romeo has opened the door to the life and struggles his grandpa has encounteredThe story of Macaroni will teach us about empathy and love for our family and on how we should try to reach out to our older relatives just like our grandparents We should spend some time getting to know them because not only we can learn a lot from their experiences in life but caring for them is a way of respect and showing our gratitude for all of what they have sacrificed This is a lovely story about a young boy who goes to stay with his grandfather He doesn't really know his grandfather that well and he doesn't like staying with him but as the days pass he gets to understand his grandfather as a person He also gets to know a bit about his grandfather's life All of this is set against the backdrop of the young boy's life but change is coming to his own life as well and it is his grandfather's story that will help him get through the changeI thought the art was lovely with such bright and beautiful colouring and I also enjoyed reading the story because the underlying message in the story is that people should value the time that they have and live as fully as possible It is also an underlying message about the importance of dreams and family My only disappointment was the abrupt ending but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it Copy provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review The artwork the colors the easy simple story but with some memories about the life of an italian immigrant in the Belgium of WW2 after fighting for Mussolini were a blastI like it a lot even if the closure was not so evident or clearly made but still a great effortRecommended Romeo a reluctant boy is sent by his dad to stay with his grandpa He is forced to do chores everyday for the grumpy old man They have their ups and downs There's a mystery surrounding why grandpa lost his thumbWhen he finally tells the story it made me cryThis is a beautiful piece about male bonding between family members from three generations I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I enjoyed reading this I’ve never read a memoir in this format before Simply fantastic A nice little story about Italian history and male silence Would have been nice to have a little detail about some of Ottavio's experiences but I guess that his reluctance to talk is the whole point This also applies to the absent female charactersThe art beautifully visualises the intrusion of dusty memories into the present Macaroni is a sad and slow paced story about memories the past and above all life The story is set in Belgium where a 11 year old Romeo is learning to know his grandpa Romeo's dad dumped him there for the summer vacation and the boy has to work and tend the pig Mussolini The grandpa is an Italian immigrant and the past now haunts him due to Alzheimer's Romeo gets to know about his past and the choices he had to make and also he needs to battle his own demons as his parents are getting a divorce The gap between the grandson and grandpa is huge they are from different centuries and the clashes are big and makes you think In a way there's hardly anything in the comic but it's perfect like that The minimal movement and the beautiful sorrow in it makes the reading truly a pleasure Also the historical setting is interesting and I didn't know about the Italian immigrants in BelgiumThe art is simple and like a light scratch The panel structure is wonderful in its simplicity and the movement is great The story is easy to read and it moves a lot without words just with the atmosphere alone The colors are deep and rich like the autumn The combination of art and colors is very rich and really the best possible In a way I wished the comic would've been longer since I would've wanted to know about the war and the past and to get inside grandpa's head Macaroni is a wonderful comic for both kids and adults This is a deceptively simple book it's not just about a young lad with his modern cosseted city way struggling when forced to live with his smelly old grandfather and work on the man's vegetable plot It's about family history the silence inherent in man and his reluctance to share and so much The book doesn't really have to be about Italian immigrants to anywhere either for I saw it as pretty much universal I really was pleasantly surprised by this and the artwork for the ghosts when they turn up is just exceptional turning them into blotched images rather like a bodged and incomplete Banksy figure Definitely a book to recommend story of a boy and of familyhistory