Castle Lake

Castle Lake✻ Castle Lake Epub ✾ Author Thomas A. Ryerson – A terrible tragedy sets in motion a vengeful curse that can turn a girl's sixteenth birthday into her death day The spirit of profound grief and hatred hangs like a fog over Castle Lake until it can e A terrible tragedy sets in motion a vengeful curse that can turn a girl's sixteenth birthday into her death day The spirit of profound grief and hatred hangs like a fog over Castle Lake until it can exact its horrific retribution In the haunting style of Stephen King award winning author Thomas Ryerson ably touches the simple natural world of rural life in the nineteenth century with the evil hand of the supernatural. Review as posted on comFirst off I must get something off my chest Sometimes reviewers drive me nuts I only thought blowhards were reserved for GoodreadsGuess not Here is a thing before you can review the book YOU HAVE TO READ IT Had John Samson have read the book he would have seen that his review was ignorant uninformed and way off base and he probably would not have put his name to that ridiculous review I can't go into why his review was so way off base because then I would be heading into spoilerland I really hope that people don't use that review to decide whether or not to get this book because you would be missing a great book for someone to have a look at me momentNow onto my review I have been trying to get my hands on this book for a while and was finally able to This book was AWESOME I ended up reading it in 3 hours because I just could not figuratively I purchased the kindle version put it down The book took off running from page 1 and just kept on going Further the book went in a twist that I just didn't see coming and normally I am pretty good at figuring these things out The only thing that would have made this book better would have been to read it when it was dark out with a fire going in the fireplace and a glass of wine at my side Well it started off not bad Then the not slowly faded by the second half I like the premise but the writing just seemed to get worse as the book went on I'm wondering if he got halfway through and realized that he was going to make the page count he guaranteed his publishers Either that or he really wanted it to be turned into a movie so he wrote everything as stage directions Seriously Don't know how to make coffee? Learn by reading this book because I am not exaggerating; it's like this I have some really important news said James Wonderful said Mary But first let's have coffeeMary went to the pantry She reached her hand out and put her hand on the pantry door handle She turned the handle She placed her hand on the handle to open the pantry door The door opened with her hand's pressure She looked up at the top shelf where there was a tin of coffee She removed her hand from the door handle and stretched it toward the coffee tin She lifted the coffee tin off of the shelf with her hand She walked the tin over to the counter and set it down then returned to the pantry to shut the door She returned to the coffee tin and put her hand on the lid She twisted the lid until it came loose then set down the lid She opened the drawer to retrieve a spoon She closed the drawer ad nauseam like that until the coffee is finished being made Then someone will inevitably want tea instead You see where this is going Keep in mind that none of this ads anything to the story or even the atmosphere There is no insight snuck in there nor any beautiful use of language And the only useful part of the story is the really important news that you'll get to pages laterview spoilerThen there is the series of unfortunate events that happens to our second protagonist The girl is dragged along the bottom side of a horse at full gallop for who knows how long her head repeatedly hitting the ground and not only is she alive but remains conscious for the entire ride and ends up without even having concussions? In good enough shape to outwit and outrun a possessed priest with a scythe? Mkay The whole priest incident and the Colonel incident to follow read like a B horror movie Which was really disappointing as I was expecting a creepy psychological ghost story not on that ended with every cheap horror film cliche hide spoiler I enjoyed this book The characters were interesting and the storyline was different The dialogue was choppy but it helped to define the time period and the characters I would call it of a deep read and less of a fun read It held my attention and I found myself thinking about it even after I finished it In my eyes that makes if a winner An easy read Interesting plot The story in the past was very good Then it moved to the present and it was a bit confusing at first what generation and relationship the present day characters had to the past one Yes it was the same family but for some reason I didn't realize the old grandpa was the accused of the past history in the book I was fortunate enough to win this book in a good reads giveaway Thank you good reads This book was an enjoyable horror story It was very creepy and it left my skin feel like it was crawling which is exactly the point of a good horror story I really enjoyed this story The love of the family and the coming together to ensure the survival of the one that needed protection was endearing A good uick read that is best savored on a dark and stormy night Classic Ghost story I won this book from First Reads This was a very good book I enjoyed it and will hopefully be reading the seuel soon Thank you

Castle Lake PDF ¼ Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Castle Lake
  • Thomas A. Ryerson
  • English
  • 15 August 2016
  • 9780980037708