Dark Ember The Shadow Court Harem #1 part 2

Dark Ember The Shadow Court Harem #1 part 2[PDF] ✓ Dark Ember The Shadow Court Harem #1 part 2 Author Harlow Thomas – Oaklandjobs.co.uk I am the ueen of the Shadow Court More powerful than any before me Destined to do great things And a pawn in a royal game I don’t want to play My fate was sealed without my consent and now I have to I The Shadow Court Harem Kindle - am the The Shadow PDF/EPUB ê ueen of the Shadow Court More powerful than any before me Destined to do great things And a pawn in a royal game I don’t want to play My fate was sealed without my consent and now I have to marry a prince I’ve never met He’s supposed to be the one who’ll help me save my Dark Ember ePUB ✓ people but my heart belongs to the two warriors who’ve been Ember The Shadow Court Harem PDF \ my guard since before I was brought here How can I embrace my destiny if I have to leave them behind. Whoa Talk about steamy This is the second chapter of a series and I loved this one than the previous one Can’t wait to see the next chapter evolves for this reverse harem This picks up where the first installment left off Maeve finds out that she is expected to marry a man she has never met the Prince of the night court She feels like her life spinning out of control because she still has unresolved feelings for her two guards Finn and JensenThis second installment was so steamy I could feel the tension through my damn kindle you guys We gained a new love interest for Maeve and we also learned a little bit backstory of the fae world We have steam an assassination attempt and secrets to uncover Bring on the next book I received an ARC via author for an honest review Shadows and betrayalMaeve has just discovered that she is betrothed to a vampirefae prince in the end of the last book This one starts off where 1 left off After a clandestine kiss in the meadow Maeve runs from Jensen Confused by her feelings for both he and Finn she runs right into her aunts Tossed before a priest with her would be husband she realizes no matter her obligations to the Court that her heart is too confused to marry this prince Coming to an agreement with the prince for the chance to earn her affection she leaves to go to her rooms What would have been her wedding night becomes a near assassination What exactly is going on behind the scenes? If she's supposed to unite the kingdoms why is someone trying to kill her?I still need answers Lol I'm enjoying the mystery of this series but feel after Maeve's protests that she is jumping into a relationship rather uickly I had gotten the idea that this was of a slow burn from the 1st book but by the end of this one that idea was tossed out While confused about her feelings for her guards Finn and Jensen and her prince Christian she goes from waffling to leaping pretty damned uick It does answer one uestion raised though No spoilers The ending finally hints at someone wanting revenge but we readers still have no idea who or why Or what their goal is other than Maeve's death I'm still curious on that front While it's alright it's neither good nor great It seems too much like Harlow Thomas and Anastasia are riding the waves made by Chosen Their Vampire Princess Crowned Their Vampire Princess A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance Book 2 Turned Their Vampire Princess A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance Book 3 and Mated Their Vampire Princess A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance Book 4I know this is a spin off but I had hoped it would at least be a little bit different However except for the main species being Fae here I don't see any difference at all In this installment we get to meet Maeve's supposed future husband per her aunt's arranged marriage Christian Maeve unexpectedly feels the same pull as she does with Finn and Jensen and has a tough time dealing with all her feelings Some stuff happens in the castle that forces them to run away Things heat up in part 2 of this serial between Maeve and her 3 potentials suitors I loved how she handles the things that were coming at her; how her powers randomly flare up makes for some hilarious moments I also liked the twist with Jensen who I think is still my favorite despite Christian's sexiness haha BTW wish I could make cookies appear just by thinking of themThis part of the story didn't feel as rushed which I appreciated We actually got to see of the relationship develop between everyone Can't wait to see what part 3 of this serial brings us next This book picks up where book 1 left off and it doesn't disappoint In this installment we meet a new man in the story He is part Fae and part Vampire and is the man our ueen is set to marry However our ueen is in love with her Gaurds and doesn't want to marry someone she just meetChristian our new man is completely different from the others and add an interesting new element to the story line He saves our ueen but at the same time almost kills her I can't wait to see where this relationship goesThis installment also brings some heat to the ueen's relationships and I am excited to see where it goesWe are also given a tiny bit of knowledge that makes me think 3 men aren't enougn for our ueenI can't wait to read the next installment of this book I love this serial so far I noticed other reviewers complaining about how short it is but not sure they realize its not a completed book While Maeve does seem a little naïve and innocent for her age I still really like her character I really hope she takes charge of herself and gets away from her crazy Aunts and comes into her powers I loved the addition of Christian and him being ok with Jensen and Finn I cant wait to see what happens now that they are all together and they know she wants them all In the second installment maeve has to marry the Prince of the night court a man she has never met Maeve has conflicting feelings about finn and Jensen and doesn't want to marry a stranger I really liked Christian and that he was honest with maeve from the beginning when the other two were not I can't wait to see if we find out in the next book about who is trying to kill maeve and how the words from the white lady may be interpreted differently then what maeve believes Book two starts where book one ended Maeve Jenson and Finn have made it to the shadow court but Maeve is confused about her feelingsFor them and a new player on the scene causes confusion and mixed feelings Exciting from the start the chemistry between Maeve and her boys is strong and he storyline is flowing beautifully I need book three I am really enjoying this series I was really excited to read this after the ending of #1 but this really felt like half a book A it was really short the last 20ish percent is dedicated to previews of other books and B nothing really happened There was one new big character introduced however I wasn't really fond of the plot in terms of the heroine's decisions or the lack of progressHoping #3 picks up