Dual Sight

Dual Sight[Download] ✤ Dual Sight ➸ Rob Cummings – Oaklandjobs.co.uk How do you catch a killer who can see into the future A person whose uniue ability guarantees safety during and after the execution of their crime What method could bring the killer to justice Would a How do you catch a killer who can see into the future A person whose uniue ability guarantees safety during and after the execution of their crime What method could bring the killer to justice Would a person who could see the past be a valuable asset to all the law enforcement personnel involved Is Staci Moore that person. 35 stars Overall it is worthy of a four star rounded up I enjoyed the story I was gripped straight away It was good building with Staci having personal trauma in her life it made you feel for her right away and ultimately cheering for her to overcome said trauma She does however develop psychic powers brought on by her traumas and these play a great part in trying to uncover the mystery of a serial killer on the loose This is the real strength of the book as it developed in to a real page turner as I couldn't wait to find out what happened next with regards to catching the killer and Staci's abilities However I was disappointed that it wasn't concluded by the end of the bookOverall a good read and I look forward to the future work of the author Psychic Helps Police Whodunit “You’re next to me I cannot see You’re in the breeze I’m under the trees”Staci had lost the love of her life in an accident that left her injured and partially disabled Then a fall in her own home sends her into a coma When she recovers she finds she has developed the ability to know things that she could have no ordinary way of knowing Then she realises she knows something about a murder case she sees on television and has to somehow persuade the police to listen to herThis is a story that reminded me of the TV show ‘Medium’ Staci gets sudden and sometimes difficult insights into people and events The story unfolds both about Staci and her psychic experiences and also we track the serial killer she is helping to huntIt is good to read a story with someone who has physical disabilities being the hero The strength of this book is in the engagement of unfolding both the mystery of the serial killer and the mystery of Staci’s ability They are both compelling mysteries and keep the reader turning pages to find out although I was disappointed that neither is resolved by the end of the book The relationship between investigator Morrell and the psychic Staci is very well portrayed ‘Hoping to locate Staci with the least amount of effort Jamieson resisted calling for Staci as long as he could’The downside was the uality of the writing Overall it was good which made the points where it was not stand out and break immersion There were places where it fell into pointless description of things that had no relevance to the story changes in tense past to present and irritating shifts of perspective from one character to another part way through a paragraph even There was also a certain lack in the missing resolution as it turned the story into ‘what Staci can do’ rather than the tight thriller it could be Also not to spoil I won’t say but the threat left hanging at the end of the book was just a touch expected and cliched IMO this would have been a much better book if it had solved the crime in one volume and then taken on the exploration of Staci’s ability into future cases but that really is just IMOOverall I enjoyed the ride and can recommend to those who enjoy a good whodunit with a psychic difference Aw darn I was invested in the mystery sympathizing with Staci eager to find out what she would predict next and then the ending really let me down Nothing happened There was a significant break in the case at the end but it wasn’t over by a long shot And for a mystery book that’s pretty much an unforgivable sin Why not keep going to the end? This isn’t an ideal way to continue a series if that’s what was intended Okay back to the story Staci was a very likeable and flawed heroine her only serious flaw being a severely unhealthy condition where a previous car accident has destroyed much of her agility and freedom of movement Despite this setback Staci forges on using her psychic gift to help solve a crime Although like Staci’s mother who lives with her I was a little bummed out that she didn’t try to gain much independence Their ongoing bickering was fun to read but it’s not a life I can imagine for herThe chapter in which Staci dredges up a very personal account in the past of the FBI agent was excellent I could feel the emotion of the FBI agent as he listenedHaving expressed my disappointment with the ending I now turn to other potential plot holes Staci’s said to have great difficulty walking yet a crucial moment in the book has her climbing down a ladder into a giant sewage pipe and then wading along debris strewn water How can she physically do this? And why did she do something so dangerous without telling people where she was? Also why is the state police or city police not handling the murder investigations I would have thought that would be within their jurisdiction This could be solved simply by changing the name of the agency Finally I thought that the numerology that constituted an important clue was too far removed from her psychic powers; she senses smell touch sight sound and taste In contrast numerology doesn’t seem concrete and it would be derived from an artificial intelligence paranormal force and developed like a brain teaser waiting to be solved The famous song makes sense because the name of the highways could be remembered through a song that is so familiar that it’s embedded in your consciousness Another frustrating plot line was the repeated line that no matter what Staci found out everyone else felt there was no breakthrough It’s almost like they felt she was of no use and in fact it’s a harsh way to treat the main character of the book and her relevance to the story It would have been nice if the clues she found led to clues rather than depend on her visions again If her visions stopped at some point then the case wouldn’t get solved so why not use detective skills to put together what you have so far But this was a page turner for me I loved reading it It was just a little hard to go back after reading it and wonder what happened Also the title Dual Sight is not spot on Dual Sight would refer to looking at one thing in two different ways but here it was a special ability so I felt the title robbed the book of some of its magic and wonder I would have thought of a title such as Premonitions A major Hollywood movie did this well with its many hired copywriters thinking up the title The Sixth Sense Dual Sight is an odd and intriguing psychic who dunnit The time period is a little hard to pin down; in some ways it feels like it must be set in the present day but in others it feels strangely anachronistic At one point one of the protagonists mentions there being girlie mags in an auto shop waiting room and I’m pretty sure that hasn’t been an acceptable practice in at least thirty years –if not longer There’s also the oddly formal way the characters interact with each otherThe story itself is gripping fare a woman finds herself suddenly gifted with uncanny knowledge and uses it to assist in the hunt for a serial killer The author has a knack for dialogue and detailed description and the plot moves along at a good paceThe downside is that the writing is rather dry and overly descriptive What could have been said in one sentence takes up a whole paragraphs and this unnecessarily pads out an otherwise good story Then there’s the matter of the ending The book ends abruptly just as Staci and the FBI seemed to be closing in on the killer Neither the main conflict or any of the minor subplots have been resolved Even for a book split into two or volumes the conclusion to Volume One was surprisingly abrupt Dual Sight has a lot to recommend it Staci is a relatably flawed character as are the FBI agents I wanted to know what happened to them in the end almost as much as I wanted to see how they caught the killer and that made the ending all the frustratingThis was a tough story to rate because there were a lot of things I enjoyed about it and with some good editing I think it could be a great read 35 stars rounded up to 4

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  • Dual Sight
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  • 15 April 2014
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