A Life of Shadows The Redemption Saga #1

A Life of Shadows The Redemption Saga #1❰BOOKS❯ ⚡ A Life of Shadows The Redemption Saga #1 Author Kristen Banet – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Sawyer Matthews knows how to put one foot in front of the other to keep moving while the nightmares haunt her and her own failures taunt her She's become a master at doing awful things with good inten of Shadows PDF/EPUB Ä Sawyer Matthews knows how to put one foot in front of the other to keep moving while the nightmares haunt her and her own failures taunt her She's become a master at Life of Shadows The Redemption ePUB ✓ doing awful things with good intentions terrible things A Life PDF \ for the sake of those who need her She's long given up on being the hero trying to find peace in no longer being the villain When her past comes back and she finds herself caught by the International Magi Police Life of Shadows PDF ´ Organization she'll have to revisit her own personal hells and finally confront the very monster that made her what she is The very monster that has already killed her once before Will the “dead” Magi assassin Shadow finally come out of Life of Shadows The Redemption ePUB ✓ the dark to begin a fight for a redemption she doesn't believe she deserves Or will her nightmares drag her back into the shadows that have defined her life This is an Urban Fantasy reverse harem series of full length novels where the leading lady doesn’t have to choose from her romantic interests This series will have MM content These books are rated for mature audiences due to violence language and sexual themes This series deals with several triggering topics including but not limited to suicide child abuse rape and PTSD. 35 ish? A Life of Shadows is entertaining But to me it didn't really stand out from the huge pile of fantasy RH released so far this year and that means it failed to engage The book has uite a few of the most common RH tropes we're talking Mary Sue heroine Terribly Tragic Past MC training with the heroes and an especially Evil Ex However it does contain some less common elements like MM action which served to make the read fun and raised my expectations for original content The romance is a rare slowburn that teases just enough to stay interesting I can see real chemistry between the MC and some of the harem members especially because the author devoted time to developing each love interest's personalityThe Redemption Saga contains one of my absolute favorite tropes The non human character constantly confused by our strange human ways uinn is the best He takes the top spot in this haremBasically the harem characters are awesome I would seriously rather read a story about this team before they meet the heroine Sawyer I like them much than I like her Speaking of our MC Sawyer is presented as an anti hero She has a dark past as an assassin that she tries hard to cover up I honestly didn't see her that way Sawyer is pretty softhearted and charitable Given that she can't join an official crime busting organization she does her best to dissuade criminals by beating them up or taking in their victims Overall Sawyer is less of a Daredevil and of a Captain Americatl;dr A great harem but otherwise fairly typical for the genre Rating 5 starsI loved it A Life of Shadows had everything on its side to make it absolutely fantastic1 Sawyer was an amazing character very complex strong neither good nor bad She was the soul of the book and while not always likeable she was incredible2 It's dark But even darker would have been perfect3 It has action and Sawyer is really strong Meaning she's not weaker than the guys so they can play Knights in shining armor She is the strongest period4 Wolves pet That has to be a point on itself5 Wonderful harem They're not lovey dovey or boringly perfect They have substance and I can't wait to learn about them6 Hm uinn? Omg uinn Caveman met raised by wolves and the result he's oh so loveablefull review to come with my eagerly awaited reread when book 2 will be thereupdate 2805 full review to come whenever i feel like it Jesus in a handbasket this was awesome Dark and hard and lovely and sweet and heartbreaking A Life of Shadows was one of the best books I’ve read in a WHILE it even sueezed a few tears from my cold rock of a heart All of the characters were 3 dimensional reactions were believable the MC knew what was going on the the boys had to play catch up and the they knew the less they wanted to figure it all out for real They wanted the answers but were a little worried to know They figured out her secrets in bits and pieces some as she wanted to give them and some she just couldn’t hide Sawyer is a character with a loud voice with secrets and darkness but who ultimately doesn’t know if she wants to be saved She might She thinks maybe she could but also isn’t sure she deserves it and that coupled with some truly tragic backstory is part of what makes this book so damn enthralling You’re with her every step of the wayWhat I find truly remarkable though is Banet’s ability to round out the side characters Each of them have motivations you can see; they feel like real people like you could run into them on the street Each of them is far deeper than you originally see just like any person you first meet gives you the first impression then the you know them you see the layers and the complexity Banet gives us the complexity woven into a storyline run by a woman who knows what she wants but also realizes when to fight and when to capitulate When to give up and when to stand her ground She’s rational she’s lethal and I’m in love with her Side note I had a book hangover for almost a month You’ve been warned A Life Of Shadows was an entertaining and interesting kind of read However Sawyer was complicated Sawyer was hilarious yet overly complicated She was a complete bad ass who took shit from no one I absolutely loved her I loved her relationships with each guy but I was expecting a hell of a lot when it comes to reverse haremThis must've been the kiddie version because there was zero smut NOTHING NADA ZILCH PEOPLE I was highly disappointed I would'v accepted like 5% smut yet kisses did nothing for me I wanted than this teasing UGH Other than that the villain Axel annoyed me endlessly He acted like such a brat sometimes Heck Missy was of a villain than him and I hated the bitch I have a feeling something is going to happen with him in the next book or so whenever I get to thosewhen they come out I'm sure I'll be on the lookout but I'll mostly be expecting smut peopleOverall it was an okay book Disappointing to no end but I still enjoyed it The characters were enjoyable which definitely made me breeze through this book I can't wait to read the next one I DEMAND SMUT PEOPLE 25 Stars I didn't like this book it was very cliche Sawyer could do about everything all the guys feel a connection to her they all got on with each other It was just there I did enjoy that we had a black heroine and that earns it two stars alone I loved loved loved this book First being a black woman who reads so much I find it refreshing to read a paranormal book where the main h is not your typical pale female because the world is made up of many beautiful peopleNow I absolutely loved Sawyer I think what I loved the most about this book is that it dealt with the gritty real world It didn't shy away from the harsh realities of the dark world because unfortunately there are many dark things going on in this worldLooking forward to the next read Good read enjoyed it but felt like something was missingI’ll continue with the series What I expected Kick ass characters Kick ass action Magic and well a lot of ass kicking This was not delivered Instead it was a book about a whole lot of feelings and thoughts yawn Needless to say I was disappointed in this book The author could “write” but she didn’t have a story to tell Here you had a heroine that was supposedly a tough bad ass chick with a bad temper The only thing she was bad ass at was training The only action you got from her was the first chapter of course Because that’s where the author tries to grab you and at around 80% As for her bad temper that everyone “feared” pppsssh I didn’t see it So many times she got stabbed in the back and nothing came of it The editing was really bad A lot of small words left out And what’s up with Sawyer constantly wanting to screw everyone in the house but does nothing? Basically this book had no purpose and no point I kept waiting for that big bomb to drop and there was nothing To my Goodread buddies who gave it 5 stars I’m sorry but I just can’t find what was so appealing Oh well each to their own I guess I loved it And I adored Sawyer she is the kind of heroine we should see often Just as good the second time around Off to read A Heart of Shame and can't wait See Edit belowWow Best damn thing I have read in ages Compelling world building and a complex kick ass heroine to boot Plenty of tension and an engrossing backstoryI enjoyed the Wild Pride series though it had its issues but Kristen Banet has clearly grown by leaps and bounds as an author This was beautifully done Well except that it needs a good line edit to fix all the prepositions determiners and other small words missing currently and there are a lot of them But it didn't overly hamper my enjoyment of the storyHonestly I loved this so much that I kept reading slower and slower and slower the farther I got I really didn't want it to end even knowing the next book is to be released in less than two weeksBanet has created one of the all time great main characters in Sawyer She is fiesty sassy and incredibly strong but also damaged She has both a dark side and a deep well of sadness with which she is struggling to cope And she manages very well without being self pitying or whiny or even so broken that it is hard to read but all very believably and capably handled by the authorAnd Sawyer's men She has created five very distinct individuals all of whom are rather uniue Something that is becoming and rare as the RH genre grows uinn is a tour de force scary and crazy and strange and utterly uniue And I adore his character Elijah Mr Cowboy is a doll and sexy as hell And the others Vincent Zander and Jasper are coming into their own Clearly Banet knows how to write compelling and interesting characters Edit see note below re smokingThe world building is also wonderful I love her take on the paranormal with the Magi The way she has developed that concept is interesting and a uniue twist She has solidly built the world and it is immersive I love that she has filled it with as much intrigue and darkness as she has idealism and light Actually MORE of the dark than the lightI also loved the fact that she managed to bring solid closure at the end of this first book I greatly appreciate the lack of a cliffhanger But the story she has crafted is so compelling that I will be eagerly awaiting the next bookHonestly I found very little to criticize in this great first book Aside from the editing issue that isOh and I found all the cigarette smoking that was all but celebrated to be very off putting In this day and age anything that glorifies smoking doesn't seem like a great idea Not to mention picturing a love interest as a smoker just makes me want to gag It's like kissing an ash tray and stinks in general Edit I have clearly come off as far too judgmental with this comment about the smoking And it was not my intent I am not going to remove it because it reflects my thoughts at the time and it does bother me However it also is part of what makes Kristen's characters so very believable and REAL We all have vices and often they are our coping mechanism so including them in a book that as Kristen accurately points out is far from YA grounds a character in something real And I want to commend the author for that My knee jerk reaction to it is my own personal issue as a former smoker and one who lost several family members to lung cancer as a result of smoking I will add too for those of you who have not yet read the book the issue only comes up a handful of times It is not something that is shoved in your face it is just part of who the characters are And Kristen has a very good blog post explaining her point of view here Kristen Banet's blog It is well worth the readOverall though if you haven't read this book yet you really need to ASAP UPDATE PROGRESS NOTES880% The author has some sort of cigarette obsession I swear Yet another smoker The large percentage of smokers in this book does not match the number of people who still smoke in this day and age And smoking IN a hospital room? With critically injured people PLEASE750% Pot meet Kettlethy name is Sawyer “Don’t keep secrets from me” she whispered back after a moment “Ever again”700% uinnwow I totally can't resist uinn Finally a POV chapter of his and I am sunk Not that I don't kinda have a thing for all the guys in their own way680% Sawyer is da bomb 'Nuff said480% Great line For a mystery wrapped in an enigma with than a bit of danger topping it off he was an insanely attractive man460% Lots of funny little typos like this mostly missing words like 'the' or 'with' etc370% Ughin this day and age why would anyone write smokers into their book?340% If they've tied up all Sawyer's funds how will she keep paying for Liam's apartment and education and the other good things she is funding? This really sucks had resolution later320% I am really hating the way everything is being handled here in terms of bringing Sawyer in sigh And the tension begins270% You know a book's got you totally hooked when you can't even be bothered to make notes or updates Loving this one130% Gotta say I am loving this so far Compelling world building and a complex kick ass heroine to boot Plenty of tension and a engrossing backstory Yay20% The talking out loud to herself to give us backstory about what is going on isn't very believable Would rather it either narrated or an internal monologue of a checklist Because who is going to be breaking in somewhere and talking out loud to themselves? Makes no sense10% Hehthe glossary is a creative way to dump a lot of worldbuildingbackstory on the reader without reams of exposition I wonder how many skip over it?