Forsaken Falls (Redemption Mountain, #9)

Forsaken Falls (Redemption Mountain, #9)❄ [EPUB] ✼ Forsaken Falls (Redemption Mountain, #9) By Shirleen Davies ➝ – Wyatt Jackson has lost everything Successful in his role as a soldier he can no longer find a home in the region he fought so hard to save Sick and on the edge of starvation he journeys west searching Wyatt Jackson has lost everything Successful in his role as a soldier he can no longer find a home in the region he fought so hard to save Sick and on the edge of starvation he journeys west searching for the one man who might help him A deputy in Splendor MontanaNora Evans has never found a place to call home The illegitimate outcast of a wealthy New York family her father sends her west to a step brother who has no knowledge of her existence Considering herself a spinster at twenty nine she focuses on building a new life believing love and marriage hold no place in her future Not even to the handsome younger ranch hand she can't push from her thoughtsAccepting a position at Redemption's Edge Wyatt uses the one skill he perfected before the war—training horses It's his gift and he loves the work There's no room for romance even if he can't stay away from the beautiful sister of the town's sheriffNora tries hard to ignore the intense desire she feels when Wyatt is near It's especially difficult when his continued attention gives her hope she'd long thought buriedAside from their own misgivings another menace lurks close by threatening Nora Wyatt and the people they care about Men who'd love nothing than to see him dead prowl the lands around Splendor biding their time waiting to exact revengeAs much as they yearn for each other their personal pasts stand in the way But the bigger obstacle may be the one they don't see A danger perpetrated by men who can't leave the war behindForsaken Falls book nine in the Redemption Mountain historical western romance series is a full length novel with an HEA and no cliffhanger. This was a very enjoyable western romance that actually reminded me of the books by Caroline Fyffe The story featured great characters although at times there were simply too many to keep track of and a very engaging story line I would definitely categorize it as a clean romance as there were only a few kissing scenes I'm definitely looking forward to in the series even though each book can be read as a stand alone novel I have been reading Shirleen Davies' books for uite a while and I look forward to new books coming out Forsaken Falls did not disappoint me This is the 9th book in the Redemption Mountain series and it tells the story of Wyatt and Nora Nora is the illegitimate daughter of a well known and wealthy man After her mother dies Nora is shuffled between boarding school and later a small apartment After a disagreement with her father Nora is sent off to live with a brother she has never met and who knows nothing about her Nora feels that she is less than other people and somehow not attractive She falls for Wyatt the first time she sees him but knows Wyatt deserves better than her Wyatt is a former Confederate soldier He joined the army after his family died He did the dangerous jobs no one else wanted to do He came to Splendor after the war and now trains horses He has been interested in Nora since he first saw her but feels that a woman like her deserves better than he could ever give her Will Wyatt and Nora get their happily ever after? Will the be able to overcome danger that has followed Wyatt? This book is a great read and can be read as a standalone book Although I was given this book this review is my honest opinion Shirleen Davies has uickly become one of my favorite Western Romance authors Redemption Mountain Historical Book Nine Forsaken Falls is such an amazing story The Civil War may have ended but the effects of it are still being felt even in Splendor Montana This well structured plot has two genuine characters who are trying to make the best out of the life that they are given Nora and Wyatt have been emotionally hurt; now bearing the self doubt and fears that work to keep them apart Along with the romance there is the element of suspense and danger that is lurking around this Montana town Forsaken Falls brings that danger straight to Nora and Wyatt making their story a compelling readIf you have not read the other books in the series it may seem like a lot of supporting characters but for those who have it is marvelous catching up with them and their families as well as seeing how they embrace Wyatt and Nora Other than the many friends and townspeople this reads well on its own I highly recommend this series with a special recommendation for Forsaken Fall Fans of Nora Roberts’ earlier historical fiction along with Linda Lael Miller fans will be like me overjoyed to have found Shirleen Davies’ booksThe publisherauthor gave me a complimentary ARC of the book Is Happiness Possible For Me?Wyatt was another ex Confederate solder whose home and family were destroyed after the war had ended Looking for a fresh start in life he traveled to Splendor Montana at the invitation of his former Captain Cash Coulter He took a job on the ranch of friends of Cash's working horses The problem was vengeance was following him to kill himNora was sent to Splendor because her father was afraid her identity would become known by his friends and family and shame him She was his illegitimate daughter that he kept hidden away She found happiness with the older brother she had never met before and through him she met Wyatt They were attracted at first sight and began a complicated relationship Their eual feelings of loss of self worth and their belief the other would find happiness with someone better almost destroyed their future together Add in the danger of his past catching up to him and you have a story of love and danger in the old west I really enjoyed watching these two find each other and becoming confident in who they really were This is the first book by Shirleen Davies that I read and I loved the story At times I was a little lost with the characters since I didn't read the other books in this series but I got to understand everything that happenedIn this book we have the story of Nora Evans and Wyatt JacksonNora is the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy man from New York who to keep up appearances sends her west to live with her half brother who doesn't know her Despite this she is well received in Splendor and finally manages to call this place homeWyatt goes to Splendor after the end of the war and to lose all his loved ones going to work in the ranch training horsesThe attraction between them is clearly noticed but both have reservations about staying togetherWhen a threat arises not only for them but for everyone they care about they should reassess what they really feel for each other and what they are willing to do to be togetherThis is a great story with very interesting charactersI recommend the reading This is another story in the series of Redemption Mountain I have only read the first one and now this story This story has it all from romance alpha men strong independent women intrigue and adventure I will say I found it challenging to keep track of all the characters and know who they were since I did not read any of the series from book two through eight I think it was a bit repetitious in the area of emotional issues with both the main characters and having poor self esteem but that is just my personal opinion I would recommend this book for reading and would like to read all the Redemption Mountain series and meet all the characters but unfortunately my library does not carry any of this author's books I received this ARC from the generosity of the author which I truly appreciate in exchange for an honest review Thank you to Shirleen for caring about your readers I hardly know where to start with this review 1864 the end of the Civil War left desolation on the lands destruction of families lives ruined and Raiders whose crimes meant death and heartache By 1869 some peace was found in many war torn lives but also reminders of segregation and loss still found places in our Nation Redemption’s Edge Ranch in Splendor Montana was not just a place to work find friends make new lives but a place to heal without judgement When one person was wounded everyone came to help This is a book I will not forget when Wyatt Jackson found peace and Nora discovered she wasn’t too old for someone to love Magnificent writing; heartfelt thoughts and never ending triumph over evil Thanks for a great storyline This is suspenseful sweet and romantic Wyatt has been emotionally crushed and left alone He doesn't think that he's good enough for Nora but something inside him won't let him just walk away He's not a big talker or any good at it and that causes issues But he is caring noble and intense Nora is sweet naive and emotionally damaged A sweet romance blooms between them but each thinks that the other deserves better It takes a little bit of drama to get them to admit their feelings but the journey is entertainingI received a complimentary copy of this book from the author This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it Another great book in the Redemption Mountain Series Ms Davies always bring such emotional books and this is no exception This series is set after the Civil War and most of her characters were affected not just physically but emotionally because of the war Wyatt himself was part of the war and also after having lost his family he feels like he is not good enough for Nora Nora's securities are the same as Wyatt but her reasons are not as strong and reasonable and at times you can become exasperated with her but you also want them to have a HEA I received a complimentary copy of this book and I'm voluntarily leaving a review Shirleen never disappoints a reader She is the greatestNora was a kind loving and caring soul She is not so secretly in love with Wyatt however she believes that he deserves someone better Her family life was not something she wants anyone to know She feels shame anger and loss and a feeling of ineptnessWyatt was so bedraggled when he rode into town looking for his friend Later after he got back to himself he realizes that he loves Nora Like Nora Wyatt believed that she deserves better Wyatt has a history and past that he believes no woman should have to deal with The war really does mess with him