Power Choice

Power Choice[Reading] ➷ Power Choice ➭ Lucy Smoke – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Previous cover of ASIN B078HLNY45What does it mean to be an Iris girl Does it mean following instructions and respecting the authority of your team Or does it mean taking risks The latter – I’m fi Previous cover of ASIN BHLNYWhat does it mean to be an Iris girl Does it mean following instructions and respecting the authority of your team Or does it mean taking risks The latter – I’m finding – is something I’m good at When the guys send me to Ms Enders’ Etiuette Camp for Refined Young Ladies I know that I need to master the game and play the part of the respectable socialite We need to find the answer to this uestion What is causing the girls to commit suicide I knew there would be danger here and if I don’t watch my back I could find myself in a whole lot of trouble The is a Reverse Harem title Please be warned that the content of this book may include some triggering subjects and scenes. I’m totally rooting for Knix he is so dreamy swoon I remember being exited and looking forward to the second book but by the time It came out I barely remembered what's the story was about It wasn't easy for me to get back into the setting and to recall everything that happened which kind of sucked By the time I felt like I was finally back in the game the book was coming to an end But then again it may be solely my problem So my terrible memory aside I had a nice time with the book The writing is great and I or less like the characters My only real issue with them is in the way the guys are treating Harlow They're acting like she's a child sometimes which irritates me to no end Also it doesn't help matters that the team is still keeping secrets from Harlow and none of them seem really inclined to reveal those any time soon The whole thing actually remains me awfully much of the Scarab Beetle series now even so than in the first book It's not even the plot as a whole it's the little things like some of the missions and the relationship Harlow has with the guys the characters personalities that sort of things All in all it doesn't bother me much I just hope that the relationship drama won't be dragged for uite as long as it did in those series Overall while I liked this book I did not enjoy it as much as I did the first one It was okey but could've been better 25 stars I almost gave up on this one I feel no connection towards any of the characters It got a little better towards the end I probably won’t continue with the series Ive been waiting for this release for so long only to find myself so bored that i had to stop reading multiple times and just skim through the rest sigh Harlow and the boys from Iris are back Harlow is a trainee with Iris now She's learning how to protect herself how to observe and be analytical how to follow instructions but there is still so much the boys keep from her It's frustrating but Harlow has her secrets too although her's all include the boys That all needs to be put on the back burner for now because Harlow has a job to do Young girls are in trouble Girls from good families with no past problems are drinking taking drugs stealing and one killed herself All that they have in common is Ms Enders’ Etiuette Camp for Refined Young Ladies So now Harlow is off to Etiuette Camp to see if she can find the answers Power and Choice was good not great The case was good I enjoyed the touch of mystery and field work I enjoy when they work as a team I do not enjoy the power disparity between Harlow and the boys Yes I understand that she is a trainee but it goes beyond that They keep so much from her unnecessarily Little details big picture details And each time she gets angry or frustrated all they have to do is flash a smile at her and she immediately forgets how to breath and forgives them The same goes for Grayson Example Where are you? Nowhere you need to be concerned with Typical Enough with the boys and the constant vague non answers She is completely under their control They drive her everywhere they make each decision but they do not offer anything There is no trust Without trust there is only lust No relationship Certainly no love Harlow took care of herself and her mother for years now she is caged with no power and no choices Ironic Or maybe I am missing something This book has a Ghost Bird feel to it and I enjoy that I just want Hopefully book three will give me what I am missing because I do like the concept and I do like the guys I am so pissed with this book I like the plot I like the characters How the slow burn is heating up nice and slow BUT◘ Grayson urgh I really hope this is not going where I think this is going I really hate the guy◘ The secrets Okay you can't tell her everything but something has to give at one point ◘ The punishment with a rule she didn't know and the way the guys reacted to her having a little fun Seriously ? That was so unfair ◘ the girl can't stay mad even if she's right That's pretty annoying to be honest I like the pace I like the story I just really hope it will continue to get better and please no grayson Empowered25 KUThis book follows straight on from the previous novel and it would have been nice to have had a uick prologue to recap where all the characters stood All the names were confusing to launch straight into the bookThis novel was somewhat predictable in a couple of places particularly the reason directly relating to why the victims had no real recall I considered that this should have been addressed early on due to the fact that this is pretty much general knowledge for instance all those advertisements reminders and warnings in girls’ restrooms and at bars clubs and pubs regarding leaving your drink unattendedThe only other problem is the lack of any indication for when the next book will become available Just to become another monthly ongoing reminder with all those other reminders in my calandar I mostly liked this book It just did some things that i hate in these types of books Harlow is young and she kind of lets the guys walk all over her They say things like you don't need to know or get mad at her for breaking rules that were never explained to her Also she goes out to a club with her friend and has a couple drinks but isn't drunk gets her intoxicated friend safely home and then let's the guys tell her she's basically too stupid to be allowed out drinking with out them They tell her she is a girl and it is too dangerous for her to go out without a man there to protect her It made me want to punch them all other then that i liked the mission part of the story Hopefully in the next book they will pretend like women can take care of themselves I do not feel any connection between me and the characters First time i tried to read this it didn't work cuz i was so bored with this series and stuff And then months later i gave it a second try and boy i like it now