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The Robert Frost Reader Poetry and Prose❴Download❵ ➵ The Robert Frost Reader Poetry and Prose Author Robert Frost – Robert Frost was the most emblematically American of poets a forthright advocate of both the art and craft of verse who was recognized and cherished as few other poets have ever been This reader offer Robert Frost was the Frost Reader Kindle Ö most emblematically American of poets a forthright advocate of both the art and craft of verse who was recognized and cherished as few other poets have ever been This reader offers students and scholars a plethora of his speeches interviews correspondence one act plays and other materials as well as lengthy selections from all of Frost's books of verse Though many have been drawn to his seemingly old fashioned simplicity this wide ranging reader in fact reveals that Frost's work was often dark or The Robert eBook µ ironic in tone—and always subtle and complex. To clarify my rating this is a five star book There is no doubt of that It's a great book but poetry is an art and as such is subjective from person to person This just wasn't my cup of tea I loved a handful of the poems in this book so much so that I would read this again only for those handful of poems but I had little to no interest in most of this book It was even a bit hard for me to get through because of this Wonderful artistwriter but this book won't go into my collection Sorry Frost This book provides a great insight not only into the collection of poetry of Robert Frost but also into his developing personality and perspective Robert starts out very insecure about his poetry and his continued source of inspiration and then blossoms with confidence by asserting his own personality and views His last poem and letter both uestion the meaning of life and affirm his desire to never let life gothere's one thing I shan't write in the past present or future and that is glad mad stuff or mad glad stuff The conviction closes in on me that I was cast for gloom as the sparks fly upward I was about to say I am of deep shadow all compact like onion within onion and the savor of me is oil of tearsBut I have not laughed No man can tell you the sound or the way of my laughterI say I have the right to tell anything to talk about anything I am smart enough to find out about Second I am free to talk about anything I am deep enough to understand and third I am free to talk about anything I have the ability to talk about The limitations on my freedom you see are in myself than anywhere elseSome of my favorite poems follow though this book only contains a selection of poems from each publication and I must get a hold of the full set of poems October Reluctance The fear BirchesI'd like to get away from earth awhileAnd then come back to it and begin overMay no fate willfully misunderstand meAnd half grant what I wish and snatch me awayNot to return Earth's the right place for loveI don't know where it's likely to go betterI'd like to go by climbing a birch treeAnd climb black branches up a snow white trunkToward heaven till the tree could bear no But dipped its top and set me down again A star in a stoneboat Wild grapesI had not learned to let go with the handsAs still I have not learned to with the heartAnd have no wish to with the heart nor needThat I can see The mind is not the heartI may yet live as I know others liveTo wish in vain to let go with the mind Of cares at night to sleep; but nothing tells meThat I need learn to let go with the heart Nothing gold can stay The onset The lockless door A passing glimpse West running brook The bear Carpe DiemAge saw two uiet childrenGo loving by at twilightHe knew not whether homewardOr outward from the villageOr chimes were ringing churchwardHe waited they were strangersTill they were out of hearingTo bod them both be happyBe happy happy happyAnd seize the day of pleasureThe age long theme is Age's'Twas Age imposed on poemsTheir gather roses burdenTo warn against the dangerThat overtaken loversFrom being overfloodedWith happiness should have itAnd yet not know they have itBut bid life seize the present?It lives less in the presentThan in the future alwaysAnd less in both togetherThan in the past The presentIs too much for the senses Too crowding too confusingToo present to imagine Escapist NeverHe is no fugitive escaped escapingNo one has seen him stumble looking backHis fear is not behind him but beside himOn either hand to make his course perhapsA crooked straightness yet no less a straightnessHe runs face forward He is a pursuerHe seeks a seeker who in his turn seeksAnother still lost far into the distanceAny who seek him seek in him the seekerHis life is a pursuit of a pursuit foreverIt is the future that creates his present All is an interminable chain of longing Forgive O LordForgive O Lord my little jokes on TheeAnd I'll forgive Thy great big one on me In beautiful accessible language Frost taps into just about every emotion known to humanity I love the way his poems share deep insights using simple vivid images JustI can't get into Robert Frost Sorry Frost is a master poet Enough said from Chard DeNiord's presentation Oct 2012

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