Fort Covenant Tales of the Seventh #2

Fort Covenant Tales of the Seventh #2[Download] ✤ Fort Covenant Tales of the Seventh #2 ➸ Marc Alan Edelheit – The bestselling award winning author of STIGER’S TIGERS delivers the action packed Part Two in the Tales of the Seventh series In this military fantasy Ben Stiger is given a simple mission march his The Tales of the Seventh eBook ï bestselling award winning Tales of Kindle Ñ author of STIGER’S TIGERS delivers the action packed Part Two in the Tales Fort Covenant PDF \ of the Seventh series In this military fantasy Ben Stiger is given a simple mission march his understrength Covenant Tales of PDF Ì company to the Cora’Tol garrison far to the southeast Once there he is to take a fellow officer Covenant Tales of the Seventh Kindle - into custody and promptly return But when Stiger arrives he finds the Rivan have destroyed the garrison and slaughtered the inhabitants Covenant Tales of the Seventh Kindle - of the valley Suddenly what was supposed to be a uick and easy task turns into something far dangerous With a Rivan army now moving to flank the imperial army to the west Stiger makes a desperate decision Short on rations and hopelessly outnumbered he must find a way to delay the enemy so Third Legion can react to this dire threat before it is too late The solution lies in Fort Covenant a forgotten place with a history important not only to his people but the elven nations as well Set amidst the backdrop of an epic war there are greater forces at work than the young Stiger can begin to imagine. Charles van BurenTOP 1000 REVIEWER50 out of 5 starsSolid story of heroes and villainsApril 30 2019Format Kindle EditionReview of the Kindle editionPublication date December 18 2017Language EnglishASIN B078HG4L39I downloaded this book through Kindle UnlimitedMore fine backstory to Mr Edelheit's outstanding STIGER'S TIGERS The world of Stiger is divided into three separate but related chronicles The group which began with STIGER'S TIGERS tells of the middle years of Stiger and his elf friend Eli It could also be regarded as the current story The TALES OF THE SEVENTH recount Stiger's beginnings as a legion officer and of the meeting of Stiger and Eli So far these tales occur in the north while the STIGER'S TIGERS storyline occurs in the south The third group THE KARUS SAGA tells of how the Romans arrived in this new world and established the empire into which Stiger was bornPart military fiction part science fantasy part sword and sorcery and part history these tales create a new fictional universe populated by humans elves dwarfs orcs gods and others All engaged in the timeless war between good and evil In Mr Edelheit's world good and evil are not abstract concepts or a function of situational ethics They are the lifeblood of existence Rather as they are in our own world even if most no longer acknowledge it WonderfulOnce again the Seventh gets itself in a world of trouble and Stiger meets an elf for the first time A very exciting story and I highly recommend this book 5o everyone AwesomeLike all of the books in the series this was very well done The characters from ordinary legionaires to Barbarian in the Roman sense of not being Romancinvilized princes are well thought out and described in word and deed The books have the feel of Caesar's Gallic Wars and include the High Born elves to you and me dragons dwarves and There's good history here if you want a glimpse at life in the legions It also gives a good picture of how the campaigns against the Picts the britons The Germanic tribes and others were fought Life outside the legions from the poverty to slavery is also depicted Romans were great engineers record keepers bureaucracy was invented by the Romans organizers and soldiers They were like most of their contemporaries brutalThe dialogue is splendid from elf to centurion It moves the story along instead of propping it up It exposes beliefs and personality in a natural way There is a struggle between gods that underlies the whole series Each book is complete into itself I think that you will like this series It just gets betterThis second installment in the preuel series Takes of the Seventh continues in the mold of Stiger's other adventures Action? Yep plenty of thatSuspense? In spadesAnd as a bonus we finally get to meet Stiger's closest companion form the original series Chronicles of an Imperial Legion Officer and begin to fill in the backstory of their unusual pairing And of course there are the usual feckless incompetents who almost get everyone killed because of their political hatred for Steiger's family but despite it all the Seventh and Steiner prevail while Ben learns just how horriblee war can beNicely written and well edited Fort Covenant earns all 5 of its stars just as surely as Ben Steiner has earned his place in the seventh company of the third legion Short but sweetAs a number of reviewers noted this is a short offering It is not however a weak story ME writes a taut tale developing depth to the Stiger main character and introducing Eli to the story The only reason to complain about the book length is that we fans want to settle in for a looong experience Editing plot and realism were as expectedsuperb It was delightful to see other ancient battles of note interwoven in the tale At this stage ME can do no wrong What can I say? More Stiger is a good thing Once again I can barely put the book down In spite of all the free books I own I bought the rest of this author's books Love the fighting detailsJRR Tolkien meets Gladiator This tale of the 7th Legion of Rome mixed with elves is a fun sci fi fantasy with interesting characters and a solid plot With the read Great readEnjoyed immersion into this uniue world Fast moving and realistic I look forward tot the seuel The characters are well developed and interesting More good timesThere are no great revelations in this book More of the great characters from the Seventh I would have liked a bit world building but the foundations are laid and this promises to be a long lasting and entertaining series I hope to get of the main story arc soon Deeper explanations on other races etc Another winner I have read every novel currently available I even reread the first novel in this series in order to segue into this one Not only does Marc weave a good tale but his knowledge of the workings of the imperial Roman legion is awesome His plot line is an excellent weaving of fact and fantasy If I were still in the classroom I would have this as a recommended reading at least for the boysKudos to Marc and continued good luck on his series You have a staunch reader here And suggestion this would make an awesome television series legionaries and dragons what a combo