Love Seasoned (Hidden Beauty #5)

Love Seasoned (Hidden Beauty #5)➲ [Read] ➭ Love Seasoned (Hidden Beauty #5) By Mary Crawford ➽ – You can't help who you fall in love withGwendolyn knows that all too wellAfter her first husband died she fell for the king of all losersShe is still recovering from his mental and physical abuse She You can't help who you fall in love withGwendolyn knows that all too wellAfter her first husband died she fell for the king of all losersShe is still recovering from his mental and physical abuse She has decided to rebuild her shattered life on her own with the help of friends and familySpeaking of family how did her son's father in law become the knight in shining armor she never knew she neededDenny Ashley lost the love of his life to brain cancer He is not sure he has what it takes to help another woman he loves win the battle of her life Can Denny and Gwendolyn discover that love seasoned by time is the best kind of all You'll love this story of mature love and triumph Get it now. Age like fine wine That is what happened in this book I usually leave with just star ratings This story is about love foundfound later in lifeI am in awe of how Mary Crawfordhandled the aspects love over 50I would to read about senior love meaning the older baby boomers not YAThank you Mary CrawfordPS Maybe new search tag words for 50 love are needed Love Seasoned is the fourth book by this author I have read I enjoyed this story as much or than the other three I've read I love how Ms Crawford includes some disability illness or emotional trauma into the characters of her books These issues make her characters that much real This story was one I was able to relate to on a deeper level because the love story is not youthful new love Rather the main characters are older and have lost the loves of their lives many years before I can imagine that I would be devastated by the loss of the love of my life much like the main characters in Love Seasoned Much like the characters I couldn't imagine ever having another love The gentle and patient courtship of Gwendolyn by Denny is a great portrayal of the cultural s this couple grew up with Her characters are well developed and believable there was a great plot also well developed Over all this was an excellent read There were times I snickered at the humor was a bit angry at the stubbornness of a character and times I was brought to tears both of sadness and joy Certainly these are signs of a very well written taleAt one time I wasn't a fan of romance but Mary Crawford weaves such good stories that include than just the romance but problems that everyday people have to deal with I've enjoyed every one of her romance stories and Love Seasoned tops the list for me Definitely a five star romance read Second chance at loveDenny secretly court's Gwendolyn for a year without her realizing it especially since her second husband abused her and her children both mentally and physically When it looks like things are going well for them they find out that Gwen has a form of lung cancer Can these two put the past behind them to make their love strong enough to fight the odds?A wonderful story of love found in senior years and the fight through all odds including medical ones to find happinessJo Ann Doyle Love doesn’t have an age limit for him he is taking things slow with GwenNow trying to get her to go away for the weekend for her seventy one birthday Life and situations are hard for her to trust people She likes Dennis because he is non threatening and enjoys being with him A love that comes with challenges and for happiness in their golden yearswill they take it I was not expecting these two to get their own book I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it but I did enjoy it There were definitely issues they had to work through and I enjoyed watching the process I was really happy about the amount we saw all of our previously beloved characters too I’m super excited for the next book Good storyThe storyline was good but the editing was awful I have never before read a book with so many typos There were so many grammatical and punctuation errors it detracted from the story Even though the unconventional couple are two you want to root for the dialogue is too much like exposition Real people probably don't speak that way There are a few grammatical errors here too This series makes you want to read though Such sweet a story of triomphant love and devotion in unusual circumstances Great read and look forward to following this amazing family and their friends in Mary Crawford's further stories If this story does not put a lump in your throat it will be a surpriseA second chance romance with heartThe story line is somewhat unusual but very well written ReviewGreat story but the teacher in my wants to scream at all the errors Please find someone to proof the books before publishing