Love Naturally (Hidden Beauty #4)

Love Naturally (Hidden Beauty #4)❴Read❵ ➪ Love Naturally (Hidden Beauty #4) Author Mary Crawford – Trevor Black will never be the sameAn improvised explosive device took care of thatTrevor is missing than just his leg His identity is gone too He's finding it difficult to find his place in the world Trevor Black will never be the sameAn improvised explosive device took care of thatTrevor is missing than just his leg His identity is gone too He's finding it difficult to find his place in the world Suddenly it feels as if everything he loves is a casualty of warWill helping his landlord's sister Madison LaBianca help him regain perspectiveAs he untangles the threat against Madison Trevor finds the enemy is familiar than he ever imaginedYou'll love this suspenseful contemporary romance where two people find happiness in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. This book was given me by Rebecca Hamilton in exchange for a fair and honest reviewThis book left me in a uandary by the time i had finished it Although I thoroughly enjoyed the story which to be honest had as good a plot as any other books of this genre I've reviewed the presentation and writing I found naive and twee A little too sweet which allowed the story to lose its edge A very well thought up plan was really sound it just didn't really ring as true As I always review and score books on their entertainment and enjoyability and I couldn't give up on this book as I wanted to know what happened I feel uite justified in giving it a 35 rating if I could as it is it will have to be 3 An enjoyable romance about people that just feel good and real Trevor and Madison both come in with some serious baggage and I was a little worried in the beginning that things would not go well for them but by the end of the story I was in tears Mary has a gift for writing about people that you will genuinely like An excellent romance with a bit of a mystery woven in The author has well developed characters and a good plot The hero is a soldier who is an amputee and the heroine is an investigative journalist When Madison uses her sister's wedding as a cover to flee from a stalker she meets Trevor and the romance ensues The ending is uite satisfying There are some relatively mild sexual scenes so would not recommend this for teens under 18 No real emotional reaction was elicited from me though I was uite engaged in the characters I'm not generally an over emotional person and as an older reader I'm not as involved in the joys and pains of the younger characters I found several copy edit errors but they did not keep me from knowing what was intended This is a solid four star book I got the chance to read this book as an arc and I have to tell you that it caught my attention from the beginning till the end Trevor and Madison meet at her Sisters house and their is an instant spark between them but both of them has problems that seem to interfere with them trying to get together Trevor has a wife who disappeared and was listed as deceased and Madison has a stalker Now the fun begins It was fun trying to figure out who the stalker is I very highly recommend this book  Was a good book Was excited to continue the series but found this one didn't grab my attention as much Couple of spots where story line jumps ahead and I wasn't sure if I'd skipped ahead by mistake so I had to go back and make sure I didn't Love how the characters stories are progressing Going to read the next in the series Really hoping it continues to a point where there is a book with Mindy as the main character Can she and her new friend outwit her stalkers?Heather's sister Madison comes to Oregon for Heather and Tyler's official wedding Only it is not the only reason she is running from a stalker and death threats Meeting and falling in love with Trevor is a nice surpriseA story filled with mystery suspense injured soldiers family love and support of family and friends when things get tough Mary Crawford's books a filled with adventure love and a touch of comedy They are a great learning experience on so many levels and a pleasure to readJo Ann Doyle Trevor and Madison with the first meeting they are bantering back and forth Telling her also his occupation was to tell when someone had secrets and lies and she did Not telling her sister may hurt her worse Madison is hoping that by being undercover at the farm the stalker won’t find herShe is an investigator reporter that has Arabian horses she must be doing really well to afford expensive animals like that They have decisions to make and a life together of what choices they want Good story of a new life for both of them and love Love told with honesty vigor and raw courageI always enjoy reading Mary Crawford romance She knows love she knows people and knows how to describe it all and bring it off the pages into the heart and soul of the reader I heartily recommend any of her romances This story of Trevor and Madison was another shining example of Ms Crawford's skill in telling a story that begins with tragedy loss and violence and twists into love abundant retribution and joy Great Love StoryThere were a lot of twists and turns to this story The characters were definitely opposites but feel in love The family group keeps growing Having the people from the other books shows how their family is growing and supports one another I do have one comment Worcester is spelled wrong When these characters were mentioned in the previous book I was hoping they’d be put together I love the suspenseful nature of this book It really kept me on the edge all day long even when I had put the book down These are all amazing characters and I can’t wait to read the next book