Until the Stars Fall from the Sky Hidden Beauty #1

Until the Stars Fall from the Sky Hidden Beauty #1[EPUB] ✸ Until the Stars Fall from the Sky Hidden Beauty #1 Author Mary Crawford – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Jeff had a planIn an instant he forgot itWho is the woman with the red hairJeff knows what he wants from life Finishing at the top of his law class isn't just a goal it's a real possibility He can see Stars Fall Epub Ý Jeff had a planIn an instant he forgot itWho is the woman with the red hairJeff knows what he wants from life Finishing at the top of his law class isn't just a goal it's a real possibility He can see the finish line The competition is fierce but is the Stars Fall from the MOBI :¼ it worth sacrificing his whole lifeWill his heart get in the wayKiera knows Until the MOBI :¼ a thing or two about discipline As a former Paralympian she spent hours in the pool Now she takes that same focus into her job as a social worker as she finishes her Master's degree The last thing on her mind is meeting someone newWith every twist and turn everything is working against themCan love find its wayYou will adore this emotionally charged contemporary the Stars Fall Epub à romance Get it now. When I saw this on the top 100 free books yesterday I recognised the title It took me a while to work out where from and then I remembered it was on a Goodreads list of books where 'heroheroine has a disability' I have read a few romances with that theme so I was interested to read this oneKiera is a paraplegic from mid torso down to her toes It was sad how she became a paraplegic but she hasn't let it get her down She meets Jeff and they are instantly attracted to each other Now this was not really my cup of tea but that doesn't mean others won't love it For me it was all just a bit too 'nice' It's a 'clean' romance There are no real sex scenes no swearing no angst Jeff is a lovely romantic nice person and Kiera is really nice Note my theme of 'nice'I think this is the authors debut novel and she didn't do a bad job but she needs to work on her 'male' voice as at times Jeff sounded too 'female' If you like 'clean' romances then this is the book for you There's just something about a guy who sacrifices pretty much everything for his one true love Jeff had a specific plan for his life He had goals and was working to fulfill them But then he met Kiera I would've loved him alone for the way he instantly fell for her Guys who instantly tumble for their one true love are just so hot So that was sigh worthy right there But then he went and rearranged his entire life for her letting go of big job opportunities to avoid conflict of interest taking on two children at the drop of a hatand he was just so cool about all of it He's what the ideal book boyfriend is all aboutAnd then there's Kiera This is the kind of woman I want to be She doesn't let any obstacle keep her from being her She overcomes so much and does it with style and finesse making every hurdle in her path look simple and no big deal Her capacity for love is over flowering Just ask the two little girls she saves And her curse words are priceless Here's a story about a couple who experiences their ups and downs but still manages to triumph through it and come out with a satisfying happily ever after I could read this type of romance until the stars fell from the sky I was drawn to this book by the beautiful cover Once I started reading I could not put it down I loved Kiera and Jeff and their story of falling in love and creating a life together Their differences made them uniuely beautiful and they were handled with delicate realism that was very captivating to me I liked how their was no artifice or game playing just pure honesty and candor between them I found myself tearful in a few places and then joyful in many othersI hope this is the first of many books I will read by Mary Crawford and I wouldn't mind reading about Jeff and Kiera if a second book is in the works It had a great start but then at 50% it lost me I got bored It was too sweet No real drama I've not read a lot of romance novels but of all the ones I have read never have I laughed so much Nor have any others brought me to tears This novel is than just a romance story There is depth to this story dealing with several issues in our society Problems that people with disabilities encounter and abuse are realistically portrayed as an integral part of the plot The romance is well done and the subplot is superbly written I did see a number editorial errors that were mostly a problem with formatting Paragraph breaks in mid sentence did have me confused for a moment and I'd have to go back and read again to put the sentence back together as it was intended That did not spoil the story though I give this book a 4 out of 5 This was a great love story I was hooked very early and couldn't wait to finish the book But when I was finished I wished there was The characters are a great mix of uirky serious and fun loving The good guys win in the end and everyone is safe and happy I hope Mary Crawford writes future books She's a great new author and I can't wait to read her next book Keira and Jeff are the perfect couple The love they share is undeniable Their story is so beautifully written yet heartbreaking due to the struggles they encounter This story is filled with love hope strength and family This story does show love conuers all Amazing work Mary Crawford 3 ½ starsPerhaps one of my favorite things is when a story is told from alternating POV’s I love getting the 360 degree view storyline Until the Stars Fall from the Sky opens with Jeff Whitaker heading into his summer job as a lifeguard on a beach in Oregon Jeff is the kind of unusual character in the romance genre a strong male who's not necessarily an Alpha but a strong and yet shy young man At thirty years old Jeff has worked hard to overcome many obstacles and has landed himself a place in law school and a first year internship to go with it The alternate POV in this book is that of Kiera Ashley Kiera faces her own obstacles but has succeeded in working on her Master's degree and interviewing victims in crisis center The main storyline follows Jeff and Kiera as they fall in love with each other and with 2 children that Kiera encounters in her role at the crisis centerUntil the Stars Fall from the Sky is a love story but it is mostly about compassion and facing down ones fears Although the story tackles issues of crossing racial barriers it didn’t feel weighed down in this in fact this is really a concern for the main characters but an acknowledgement that this could be an issue The other big issue this tackles are their respective afflictions Jeff’s shyness and Kiera’s spinal cord injury which left her a paraplegic Jeff’s shyness leaves him vulnerable to emotional closeness and Kiera’s paralysis leaves her wondering if she can offer Jeff a normal life Both use these disabilities as excuses to close themselves off from each other but I think the author did a great job using this to create some emotional angst without belaboring the issue Both are mature characters recognize their insecurities and to work to move past itThere are a variety of secondary characters that add to the storyline most importantly Mindy a child Kiera’s interviews at work The storyline involving Mindy and her sister Becca is both heartbreaking and lovely It hurts to the core to know the situation that brings them into Kiera and Jeff’s lives is based on reality but the sense of hope and the way these two children add love to the storyline is heartening Wouldn't be right not to mention the the use of Kiera’s girlfriend posse of Heather and Tara as being great examples of characters that add to strength to Kiera’s well being Her life is most impacted by her father Also Jeff’s family adds a bit of drama but his sister and mother are both wonderful charactersThe story is well written but there were a few things a bit overdone for my taste and for me affected the readability but the plot and characters were testaments to the intent From the beginning of Jeff and Kiera’s meeting Jeff reminiscences on words his grandfather left him with words that give Jeff the strength to battle his doubts For all I know this could be one of those once in a lifetimeoccurrences The kind of thing where you fall in love withsomeone at a glance and love her until the stars fall from the skyThe romantic in me swoons at the thought and loved to see the fairytale come true for these characters 3 ½ stars and recommendation in the romance genre Tears and tearsThis was a boom so hard to put into words Even now I have tears The journey this book went through covers so much emotions From first site of true love the supporting friends and family and the hardness of life makes this story so amazing The abuse of two little precious girls the love of a newly fresh soul mates and the great friends and family They shows the girls love and devotion and not all people are bad I like even though one has physical disabilities there was one who completely loves and adores her and can be so in tune with one another Breathtaking is another way to explain this story simply words are not enough Grab this book you will not be disappointed What a sweet and loving story Many times these days we forget what love it really about We forget about working hard to get there and that it's not always the amazingly fun exotic sensual moments that are written about that there are real people behind characters Read this book you will feel the characters come to life and feel their love for each other Can't wait to read the next offering from this amazing fresh new author who seems to see what love really is and what a relationship takes and can endure