Memnoch The Devil

Memnoch The Devil➭ Memnoch The Devil Read ➵ Author Anne Rice – Der fünfte Band in Rices Reihe Chronik der Vampire ist eines ihrer kontroversesten Bücher Die Geschichte beginnt in New York wo Lestat der coolste von Rices Vampiren einem gewichtigen Kokaindealer u Der fünfte Band in Rices Reihe Chronik der Vampire ist eines ihrer kontroversesten Bücher Die Geschichte beginnt in New York wo Lestat der coolste von Rices Vampiren einem gewichtigen Kokaindealer und Schmuggler religiöser Kunstgegenstände auf den Fersen ist um diesem Memnoch The Kindle - mal eben an die Gurgel zu springen Gleichzeitig wird Lestat immer mehr in den Bann der wunderschönen Tochter des Dealers einer aufrichtigen TV Evangelistin gezogen Lestat wird jedoch auch selbst gejagt und zwar von irgend so einem düsteren Typen der sich schließlich als der Teufel Memnoch entpuppt der Lestat wegzaubert Von da an könnte das Buch ebenso gut den Titel Interview eines Vampirs mit dem Teufel tragen Eine packende Geschichte die von einer langen Diskussion mit dem Teufel unterbrochen wird Memnoch ist jedoch nicht der Teufel wie man ihn sich für gewöhnlich vorstellt Weil er gegen die herzlose Gleichgültigkeit Gottes gegenüber dem Elend der Menschheit protestierte feuerte dieser ihn Memnoch nimmt Lestat mit auf eine Reise in den Himmel die Hölle und durch die Geschichte Zwar packt so manchen Leser das blanke Entsetzen als Lestat seine Vampirzähne in die Kehle von Jesus am Kreuz bohrt doch will die Szene nicht einfach nur schockieren Indem Jesus Lestat sein Blut zu trinken gibt will er ihn für sich gewinnen und mit der Schlacht um Lestats Seele meint es Rice todernst In der Szene beschreibt Rice eine ihrer Kindheitserinnerungen als sie als junge fromme Katholikin einmal ihre Vorstellung von den Leiden Jesu Christi genauer beschreiben sollte und ihre Phantasie eben ein wenig mit ihr durchging Falls Sie ein Fan von ereignisreichen Abenteuerromanen sind werden Sie wahrscheinlich eher das erste Drittel genießen; falls Sie eher auf professionelle Streitgespräche mit Gott stehen werden Sie hingegen die Kapitel mit Memnoch vorziehen Tim Appelo. Memnoch the Devil was nothing like what I was expecting as the next installment of The Vampire Chronicles Absolutely drenched in theological argument Memonch the Devil is not for anyone who dislikes religion in their fictionOnly two things happened in this entire book Lestat stalked a victim for the first third of the book He then spent the last two thirds of the book talking to the devil and occasionally God It was written as what appeared to be an extremely long winded interview think Interview with the Vampire with Lestat as the interviewerThe basic premise of the novel and especially the detail with which Memnoch described the creation of Earth could have been enjoyable if Lestat didn't interrupt constantly with annoying and mostly pointless uestions as though reminding readers he was still there Memnoch the Devil was dry reading and dragged along slowly It was imaginative but the way the story was told was extremely dull This is one of Anne Rice's best works in my opinion It is part of the vampire series but you should be able to understand enjoy the book without reading the othersThe vampire Lestat is taken to heaven hell and back in time to creation and during the Christ era by Memnoch the devil The story told is one very different than the Bible but it's good I love Anne Rice's books because she tells the story in a way that it could be true Anyways it's a good book but if you get upset by people twisting the stories of the Bible it's probably not for you Go read one of her new books like Christ the Lord Anything she wrote after she was born again Memnoch the Devil takes Lestat on an extremely long tour of the past creation angels evolution the passion of Christ and – because he has a job proposition for the Brat PrinceMemnoch the Devil also known as “the Bible according to Anne Rice” or “Anne Rice’s theological musings” Perhaps even “Memnoch lectures you endlessly while Lestat practices his melodrama”What it isn’t is much of a story or a plot For a story or a plot to happen well things have to happen Things do not happen Oh there’s something tucked at the beginning There’s something tucked at the end a teeny tiny something But that’s itThe rest of lecture Info dump ONE LONG INFODUMP One horrendously long unbelievably unnecessary info dump An info dump that I cannot even imagine having even the slightest relevance to the series It really is just one long exposition on what the Bible could mean or a spin on it or on the nature of god It’s a vast amount of world building that is utterly irrelevant to anything the vampires do in their daily livesIf Lestat weren’t being dragged around to occasionally declare himself impressedawedhorrified it wouldn’t be relevant at all The vampires are utterly superfluous to this story All of the characters are utterly superfluous to this story It may as well have been one long the logical lecture – inly told in the most long winded dullest way possibleI’d like to write on this since it is the vast majority of the book but there really is nothing to say It’s just a big splurge of theological theory pretending to be a novel It’s completely irrelevant not very interesting and probably better suited to analysis in a seminary than actually read as a novel in the ongoing vampire seriesBut looking at the bits that actually involve the vampires rather than some of the dreariest and long winded exposition I have ever had the displeasure to ready and it’s not much better or sensible Perhaps because these little add ons have just been forced to try and drag this info dump into her worldLestat fell in love with his victim – I can buy that’s imply because within 10 seconds of meeting just about anyone Lestat falls in love with them It’s what he does it allows even pointless melodrama So we get a really long and pointless backstory on this man and some books he read which seem to be part of the endless theological debate that basically comes down to “sex and pleasure and love are not bad things Suffering is not valuable” Seriously that’s this entire damn theological diatribe that took an entire book to relate summed up in one sentence which is never gain relevant This goes on for countless pointless pages where we learn the pointless minutiae of someone who DOES NOT MATTERAaargh this is something I’ve seen in Anne Rice’s novels time and again especially n ueen of the Damned and The Witching Hour every character briefly mentioned will get this endless examination of their lives We do not need this much detail about every irrelevant side characterAnd there’s Dora I’m going to leave aside the bizarre menstruation feeding and just ask what is wrong with this woman? Lestat comes to her having killed her dad and she starts calling him darling? Where did darling come from? What? Why? And she goes from not caring about relics because they’re just physical objects and faith comes from within to being completely enraptured and obsessive about a relic Her characterisation didn’t even begin to make senseWe do have the “everyone is bisexual” continuation – since even Lestat’s victims were But it’s again not conveyed well For a start the whole religious monologue that consumes this book puts the love for men and women as a dramatic holy amazing experience – and it’s always men and women The divine heterosexual is really strong thereAnd his new bisexual victim Roger slept with women and boys? Why are we expressly saying “boys” there? And the only partner we learn any detail about is of course a woman – which is very reminiscent of the same problems in The Tale of the Body ThiefRead More MEMNOCH THE DEVIL is a brilliant reinvention of good and evil I still think about this book 18 years after I read it One of my all time favorites Rice was at the top of her game here At the time that I read this book I was an agnostic pagan ex catholic confused about religion person Anne Rice's techniue and passion is so persuasive that I was a true believer after reading this book And this was before she converted back to Catholicism She is just so powerful her narrative techniue is I want to say loving towards her reader I think her love for the characters she's created makes that happen Anyway this one is a must for followers of the chronicles and fans of Lestat My copy of this book is signed by the author and it was a pleasure to meet someone who's imagination was so unhampered that she could walk into the judeo christian mythos with a vampire I would say that this book forshadows her eventual work with the Jesus story Finishing this book was a chore A sad realization considering how much I loved Anne Rice's previous books but boy am I happy to be done with this one My reading experience can be summarized the following way Yay Lestat ok I'm bored holy mother of vodka this is dull should I drink? maybe if I had a drink this would be easier oh well heaven sounds interesting yup still bored ARE YOU KDDING ME? boooooooooreeeeeeeeeeed OMFG EW and IS IT OVER YET? There is virtually no narration Instead there are chapters upon chapters upon chapters of Memnoch the Devil's real name didn't you know talking about creation and how God doesn't really care about humans how he Memnoch wants to save all the human souls and take them to heaven and how he's winning his bet against God but God is really the ultimate winner either way Yes from chapter 6 until chapter 21 I kept count it was all one big monologue with some tedious unnecessary interruptions by a whiny Lestat My theory? This book is not really a novel but Ms Rice's essay on cosmology A really long boring rambling essay on cosmology with some characters thrown in Half the time I was rolling my eyes at the implausibility of what written in the pages before me like Memnoch asking Lestat to be his lieutenant Why? What made Lestat so special? Why on earth would Christ tell Lestat to suck his blood? Would a woman really let a manvampire she barely knew get under her skirt between her legs and suck the period right out of her? Was there a point to all of this? Still don't know the answer to that one Lestat cries so much in this book that I felt obligated to create a drinking game Take a shot every time Lestat bursts into tears Had I actually gone through with it I would've ended up in the ER with some severe alcohol poisoning I refuse to believe Lestat transformed into this whiny child I fondly remember him from my teenage years as this bad ass vampire with a killer sense of style a wicked sense of humor and an ability to be lovable in spite of all his obvious flaws That Lestat is completely absent in this book so if you're looking for that you definitely won't find it here Forget my bitching and moaning This book is magical It made time slow to a crawl for nearly five days That's some serious sorcery right there Was there an unnecessary dump of description? Oh sweet Moses YES Is Ms Rice's writing style still beautiful and haunting? Absolutely Did my migraine finally dissipate? Almost This was the last Anne Rice book that I ever personally plan to read because after reading this I went into a three month fit of depressionThe events in this book were just so powerful and terrible in some cases that my mind couldn't take it While I'm not going to say that I wouldn't recommend the book to people I would at least put up the warning that a person may want to be weary about it if they aren't of any particular religion Also by the end of the book Lestat had changed in many ways and some terrible things had happened to him making me feel horribly sorry for him which was probably the oddest part of all In Memnoch the Devil Anne Rice has allowed herself to indulge in an orgy of purple prose We hear so much about the lush greenery of the early Earth that we begin to forget what the story is about And because of this not much actually happens in the story If this book were made into a film in fact it would probably be no than 20 minutes longAside from that this isn't much of a vampire chronicle The purpose of this book seems not to be to tell a tale of the vampires but only to further Rice's latent agenda to besmirch Christianity Albeit there's nothing wrong with that in itself; but I was expecting to hear about vampires and instead I hear about nothing but God and The DevilIf you plan to read this book and perhaps you should if you plan to read the rest of the chronicles which are worth a read btw I would highly recommend skimming through the 250 some pages at the middle of the book paying close attention only to the beginning and end of the tale 50 stars Except for The ueen of the Damned this may be my favorite installment of the Vampire Chronicles I loved the descriptions of both heaven and hell and the arguments between Lestat and Memnoch regarding the nature of good and evil Highly Recommended I read the first three books in The Vampire Chronicles a long time ago and I enjoyed them very much A friend of mine told me to skip The Tale of the Body Thief so that's why I chose to jump ahead and read this the fifth book in the series I got my copy at a thrift store for a dollar a few years back In this book the vampire Lestat is stalking a drug overlord named Roger who deals in cocaine and stolen art Apparently he's also killed a lot of people he's supposed to be a really bad guy remember most of Anne Rice's vampires only feed off the blood of the evil doer During this time Lestat discovers that Roger has a daughter who is a Televangelist and is deeply religious and Lestat falls in love with her While Lestat is tracking Roger the cocaine lord Lestat is being stalked by something else which turns out to be the Devil himself The Devil reveals to Lestat that his real name is Memnoch and hates to be called Lucifer Satan or any of the other names the Devil is referred to Memnoch also believes that he is not Evil or at least that's what he insists to Lestat Memnoch the Devil wants to get Lestat to work for him and he takes him on a journey through Heaven as well as Hell along with some other places and points in human history There is also a long part in the book where Memnoch tells Lestat his whole story of how he began and how he came to be the Devil It's a very long part of the bookthink of that part as Interview with the Vampire DevilNow Anne Rice is good but sometimes her stories get a little weird For instance there is one part in the book where Memnoch view spoilerbrings Lestat to the Crucifixion and Lestat bites Jesus on the neck with his vampire fangs and drinks some of his blood hide spoiler

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