Their Vampire Princess

Their Vampire Princess❮BOOKS❯ ⚡ Their Vampire Princess Author Harlow Thomas – This is a bundle of all four of the episodes of the Their Vampire Princess serial with never before published material Included titles Chosen Crowned Turned Mated As the vampire princess of the Night This is a bundle of all four of the episodes of the Their Vampire Princess serial with never before published material Their Vampire PDF/EPUB or Included titles Chosen Crowned Turned Mated As the vampire princess of the Night Court it's my duty to choose my prince from four human men willing to be mine All I have to do is choose one to crown I never expected to fall in love Not with one Certainly not with all of them Do I abandon my destiny in order to keep my men or do I risk it all and rewrite the rules. I liked this tale of a vampire princess sent to get to know four men Where she will have to pick one as her prince What happens is that she can't make up her mind She falls in love with them all Of course she falls in love with them for different reasons She tries to tell her mother the ueen that she can't pick just one and that's where the adventure starts She is inexperienced and learns the meaning of mating and love with these four menShe vows to protect them from the other vampires as she steals time to decide what she is going to do She can't live without any of them but for very different reasons She fights with her mother the ueen who lets her know she was at the same place and what her father did and why their relationship is not good You will like this tale and its conclusion Just make sure you know there are lots of steamy love scenes and exciting momentsI totally enjoyed the narrator She is uickly becoming one of my favorites I loved her voice and the other voices she portrayed in the audiobookI give this book 35 of 5 starsI received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions The tour is being sponsored by Lacy Laurel The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it at all Reviewed on behalf of is a one audiobook but contains the following novellas Chosen Crowned Turned Mated each novellas is uite short This is about a young Vampire Princess who has to choose a human consort from 4 young hunks from the human worldAs this a Reverse Harem Felicity can’t make a choice so all four go back to palace with her There is plenty of sex and plenty intrigue to try to keep Felicity from taking the crownIf you enjoy a reverse harem with plenty action in the bedroom and plenty of angst before everything falls in placeThe narration by Lucy Laurel is very fast and sounds almost breathless It a reading than the narration with different voicesIt was a uick listen but no less enjoyable for it Ok This was okay I would have liked information on the world as a whole So I could have a clear picture of what they were facing and their actions would affect their world Other then that it was pretty good It has a lot of hot scenes A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance The narrator’s performance was fairly good she’s one of my favoritesHowever I couldn’t stop thinking why on earth it is only a female narrator when this is supposed to be “A REVERSE HAREM” and could had been a super fantastic performance right? Don’t get me wrong I love Lacy Laurel performances but ultimately after listening for over 7 long hrs the only problem I had was being a bit irritated and wondering why there are so many male characters if there is only a female narratorI’m sorry this is just me and my personal opinion I really do respect the author’s decision but ultimately it didn’t do it for me Lots of male characters but not even one male narrator? It does not fitI really enjoy the plot of the book because it is not just about physical attraction or the steamy ways these characters connect In addition it is packed with action suspense lust love and romancePlease feel free to give this audiobook a try It has interesting world building likeable characters and all the feelsI received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions The tour is being sponsored by Lacy Laurel The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it OverallRate 4PerformanceRate 35StoryRate 4I listened to the audiobook version of this book which has also been released as several smaller books The switch from book to book was seamless and the characters penned by Harlow Thomas were interesting with the main characters being well fleshed out The world building was reasonably well done but at times I felt a little confused about where things were taking place As is typical with reverse harem stories there is a lot of sex it is uite explicit but that is to be expected with a reverse harem so this is definitely an adults only bookWith plenty of twists and turns suspense and action and an interesting plot this was an enjoyable listenLacy Laurel’s narration was clear and pleasant to listen to and she maintained a good flow to her narration I do feel this was narration than voice acting and there is nothing wrong with that in this instance It was always made clear by the writing who was talking and the intensity of situations Sometimes with erotic audiobooks the narration can sound a little uncomfortable but Lacy narrated those scenes with the same easy to listen to reading styleI received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions The tour is being sponsored by Lacy Laurel The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions The tour is being sponsored by Lacy Laurel The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of itI’ve really grown to enjoy reverse harems “Mistake of Magic” by Alex Lidell and the Oath Forger series by Nia Mars are some of my favorites and I’ve always loved paranormal anything in my books so I thought I’d love this one Turns out I didand didn’t While I liked the premise and intrigue I couldn’t stand the narrator—so much so that I ended up getting a Kindle copy of the book so I could finish itAs far as characters go these weren’t the brightest or most developed and they turned out to be fairly predictable They had their redeeming ualities and those did eventually win out making me like them almost in spite of themselves The writing style was awkward—especially the dialogue—and I’m wondering how much of that comes from there being two authors I mean it works for Ilona Andrews but I’ve found that pair is the exception than the rule The plot wasn’t the most riveting either but the fact that “Their Vampire Princess” was a fairly uick light read was a welcome break from the heavier nonfiction I’ve been reading lately There was a lot going on from court intrigue to familial manipulation to multiple love interests and some of it was pretty exciting I did find myself disappointed with the ‘romance’ aspects of the storywhich was a bummer because that was after all pretty much the entire point The sex scenes were great at first but then they just became dry and unfulfilling almost unimaginative The chemistry between characters was also somewhat hit and miss and definitely took a bit to really get off the groundThis somewhat stumbling story was not at all helped by its narrator Lacy Laurel has this weird breathy way of speaking that some might find sexy but I just found annoying as hell That little huff on the end of every bit of dialogue drove me CRAZY before a full chapter was even over It was particularly bad when she was portraying the male characters So rather than dumping the book completely I opted to switch to the print versionBottom line This book was just slightly better than mediocre and unless you’re into the constant breathy exhalation thing I’d suggest forgoing the audio version Read before the Shadow Court seriesI read the 2 books of the new Shadow Court series before I read this and definitely should have read this 1st lol Being a princess sounds like a great thing especially when it's a vampire princess who is stronger than any human man Grace but no vulnerability Well except that pesky sunlight thing But luckily the Night Court no not the 80s tv series has a protective spell over it where it is always nighttime The only drawback to being the princess is becoming the ueen While this means even greater power it also means choosing 1 man from among 4 offered What happens to the other 3 who aren't chosen? Well it's not what they're told before they offer themselves that's for sure Add in a backstabbing cousin who seems your throne and things become extra tricky Court politics riddled with betrayal a crazed and greedy cousin a manipulative uncle 4 men vying for Chosen the stress of choosing one love when you have 4 and out princess has some interesting times ahead While the plot line was interesting much like with the other series I still have uestions Why did that fate await the ones who weren't chosen? What was the reason for that outcome? No spoilers read it for yourself lol Why are male vampires sterile? That would make every vampire born half human so do they have to feed to turn? Do they just sort of change in puberty? Do some choose to stay human? I need answers I feel the emotional side of this was realistic for a RH The guys weren't friends didn't have a bond so there was jealousy in learning to share I do have a uestion that bridges the 2 series isn't that her cousin? Granted not a 1st cousin and I know royalty is known for intermarriage but yeah that's her cousin right? IWarning very erotic content for those that find sexual activity offensive I have submitted this review after listening to the audiobooks of this series' various titlesBook 1 Chosen A vampire princess has to choose her human consort over a fortnight on an island paradise with only the four candidates for companyThey all use every sensual trick at their disposal to make her choose themYou will be surprised at the resultBook 2 Crowned Four men all her lovers how does she choose one and condemn the others??Fate steps in and saves the dayBook 3 TurnedOne has been turned in an attempt to save him but those attempting to usurp the crown has taken him and attempted to convince him that their side is his only hopeHowever the love that combines the five is too strong and he breaks freeThe wicked cousin is intent on the crown and will do murder to get itBook 4 MatedThey are all sentenced as treasonous against the crown and the Uncle and cousin believe they have gained the crown However they haven't counted on the various talents of the newly minted PrincesEscape and with a helping hand from blood relations they are ready to seize control once However your best to read or listen to the complete series in the author's own words You'll find it a pleasurable experience It is time for the Vampire Princess to ascend to the throne and take her prince with her When given 4 consorts she has to make a choice of just one to be her mate But can she? This is my first Harlow Thomas series and though not my normal genre I enjoyed it The reverse harem is new to me and I found the concept interesting Felicity has to choose between Sebastian Garrett Miller and Thomas each has their own gift and it is impossible to pick one With a jealous cousin who is ready to take the throne from her Felicity has to be ready to fight for what is hers and figure out a way to keep her men Will she be able to take all four? Give this a listen with hot sex scenes 4 alpha males demons and faeries it's a story you won't want to missWith a story that has as much action as there is passion the narrator has to be versatile with their performance Lacy Laurel used her ability to give us an incredibly strong and impassioned heroine Having a cast of 4 men active in almost every chapter Laurel gave us each consort with a clear distinguishable voice easy to know which one was speaking and made the story come to life narration was better than the story presented Overall 3 out of 5 starsPerformance 4 out of 5 starsStory 2 out of 5 stars I was not impressed with the story in the end At the beginning I was enjoying the young vampire princess having to go out on her own to make a choice to direct her life Then I got to see the males offered and felt that she was going to have a difficult task on her hand Then it changed and I wondered why she could not have them all They each gave something different yet vital to the new realm that would come to power With each new addition to the serial I became discouraged with the story being told It had high points and low low points I loved the strength and sacrifice I was displeased with some of the other various elements of the serial stories Things in some places felt incomplete Narrator Lucy Laurel did a good job giving voice to each of the characters and allowing for enough distinction to know who was saying what The audio was clear with only few minor hiccups