The Rum and the Fox The Regency Romance Mysteries #3

The Rum and the Fox The Regency Romance Mysteries #3✺ [BOOKS] ✮ The Rum and the Fox The Regency Romance Mysteries #3 By Emma V. Leech ❄ – Lady Keziah Todd is bored to deathSurely the daughter of a Viscount even an impoverished one ought to be able to live a little But her father Lord Rennard is a tyrant and one that is hard to thwart as Lady Keziah Todd is bored and the PDF/EPUB ì to deathSurely the daughter of a Viscount even an impoverished one ought to be able to live a little But her father Lord Rennard is a tyrant and one that is hard to thwart as he harshly restricts Keziah's societyBut when Keziah learns of her father's plans to marry the recently widowed and fabulously wealthy Lady Ashwicke it doesn't take the lovely Lady Todd long to figure The Rum MOBI :¼ out that the woman's only son Horatio—the new Duke of Chartley is a fly in her father's ointmentHoratio might be a pink of the ton but feisty Keziah believes he has hair than wit and is no match for her cunning father Deciding that saving a Duke's life ought to be adventure enough for any young woman Keziah takes a risk and Horatio's life in her hands. Unusual hero in this murder mystery the duke while handsome is kind good hearted not athletic and is browbeaten by his formidable grandmother The murder happens early in the story The duke shoots the heroine's father Lord Todd then there is another murder of the valet and it is inspector Formby's job to solve the crimes The dead father was really nasty in life the heroine is desperate the dowager duchess is a dragon and there is a nice twist at the end It took me until the last chapter to figure out the strange title One uibble the daughter of a viscount would not be Lady Todd that would be her mother she would be Miss Todd Keziah tried to stay awY from her abusive father but when she over hears him and his valet arranging the accidental death of a Duke she decides to step in a try and stop it Ash The Duke of Chartley is worried about his appearance then anything else but when he is approached by Keziah Lady Todd at what she over heard he knows he needs to do something Ash is not a sportsman he can’t even hit the side of a barn so Keziah decides to teach him to shoot When Ash meets Lord Todd at his home he realizes that he is a cunning man and needs to watch his back When Keziah and her abigail Molly are beaten by Lord Todd they both run to Ash for help When he sees what her father has done he grabs his pistol and goes after him When Lord Todd is found dead Inspector Formby is glad but wished he was able to bring him to justice 20 years ago and knows he needs to find the culprit A great read with a few twists and Ash and Keziah finding forever love with each other Not your usual who done itThe murder happens early and the hero is the least likely fellow something of a dandy who cannot shoot straight Lord Rennard the Fox is a rather despicable man who uses people until he no longer can and then disposes of them His daughter is the target of much of his abuse and held as a minion to keep his house which is impoverished After she is beaten again as well as her Abigail she runs to the only place where she feels she can be safe The Duke of Ashwicke Ash has befriended Keziah after she comes to him to tell of another of her father’s evil plans which may mean his deathThe murder is a mystery that Inspector Formby intends to find the answer Although he thinks that Lord Rennard is well deserved of his death he needs to find the culpritWho did what and when is the key to the mystery and it is not resolved until the end Keziah’s horrible father is a gold digger and she overhears him planning to murder his next wife to be’s son She goes to warn Ash and they embark on a plot for Ash to kill him before he is killed But Ash can’t fire a pistol worth a darn nor is he much of a fighter The plot thickens when Keziah is beaten by her father and escapes to Ash The father is murdered then Ash is blackmailed and everyone lies to Inspector Formby who knows something is amiss With the couple protecting each other and Ash falling for Keziah his grandmother is concerned about scandal and the other ladies in his family are grief stricken by the old man’s demise The murders are interesting and the layers deep I had some portion figured out but it was cool how it all came together Love Keziah’s strength Ash’s protectiveness and Formby’s persistence KU I love the unlikely hero plot line; it isn’t too often a really nice guys wins Keziah is a very likeable heroine and the story it’s self is cute and has just enough darkness to not be too wholesome I did take issue with the portrayal of Formby in this book We have come to know and love the Inspector in the first books and his demeanor has fundamentally changed in this one He was a patient steadfast intelligent and kind hearted man in the first books He was a great detective revered the law but saw past all facades to the heart of the matter In this book he is irritable rude a bit brash and mistreats his constable He is not the man we were introduced to and nothing was mentioned about the change Was he sick? Hurt? Did some tragic event change him? I miss the real Formby How does she do itYet again Emma has given a read to fall in love with More beautiful characters such as Ash not the usual strapping hero but none the less he's just as lovable loyal to his own detriment but a fierce protector to those he loves Lady Todd is strong beautiful and a crack shot what could you ask for in a female lead If you try this story and like it you might want to try out Emma's other series such has the Fae Legends they are fantastic Corin is without doubt the ideal male he is perfection Thank you Emma for another fabulous read just keep them coming please Oh dear God I had to stop this in the middle of the fifth chapter This is so simply written but in a way that is so frustrating to read And the Hero comes off as weak unintelligent afraid of violence not into manly things but very into fashion The way the conversations were did not get me involved in the book at all Instead it kept me ever aware that this is a story written from someone's imagination I never felt a part of the story I could go on but suffice it to say I HAD to stop because life is too short for bad books Hero in disguiseA man looks doesn’t always deem him as a hero a man’s heart love and passion and what he does to save the woman he loves The prime and proper Duke always a the height of fashion throws out the rules of ton To fall in love with a daughter of a crook when she saves him from her fathers plot of death Tables are turned when her fathers is found murdered And they become suspects in the crimeEnjoyed reading this book there’s twist and turns very interesting Thanks for the great adventure Good story butEase review the ranking of the aristocracy A Duke should never be referred to as lord He is always referred to as 'Your Grace' or 'the Duke of ' If he has a lesser title of Lord he is still referred to as the highest rank he has Miss Todd should have been referred to as 'Duchess of Asheford' or 'Her Grace' when they came home Please check your references The author has a wonderful style and lively characters; I would buy all of her books Just ease check your rankings Romantic mysteryFinally a hero who is not your standard; tall rugged and good at every manly pursuit but still the hero I was disappointed in the inspector character he turned into his superior in the first book that he didn't like and got fired rude to his coworkers and his suspects interested in the law than the truth The sister and mother did not have much appeal The story was light enjoyable and easy to read