A Scots Surrender A Laird to Love #3

A Scots Surrender A Laird to Love #3[Reading] ➸ A Scots Surrender A Laird to Love #3 Author Tammy Andresen – Oaklandjobs.co.uk An innocent debutante and a rogueMiss Agnes Burton dreams of a gentleman a knight in shining armor that sweeps her off her feet Laird Keiran McKenna is nothing like her dreams A rogue and sworn bachel An innocent Surrender A PDF Ë debutante and a rogueMiss Agnes Burton dreams of a gentleman a knight in shining armor that sweeps her off her feet Laird Keiran McKenna is nothing like her dreams A rogue and sworn bachelor she finds him irritating when he isn't causing her breathless excitement The time she spends with him the the line between knight and rogue blurs Not that it matters because he'd never love her in A Scots PDF \ return would he. Tammy Andresen is back and so are her roguish Scottish lairds sworn bachelors who have been dropping to Cupid’s arrows with smiles on their faces and feisty females in their arms A SCOT’S SURRENDER is a uick and fun romance where we may know the final outcome but the journey getting there is ninety nine percent of the bliss Agnes Burton is like so many young women of her day she knows she needs a man to save both her and her mother from destitution but she wants a knight to come sweeping in complete with promises of love and devotion Who she finds herself irritatingly attracted to is Laird Keiran McKenna a man who carries life’s scars on both his body and his heart There is no way he will let Agnes past his defenses but he couldn’t have predicted how irresistible she could be As for Agnes she is discovering there is to Kieran than his pretty faceYou know those reads that have you smiling as you watch two souls ignore the obvious or pretend that no one else sees what is going on? A SCOT’S SURRENDERis THAT kind of read A little sassy a little spicy and a lot of wonderful and entertaining reading in just a few pagesI received a complimentary ARC edition from Tammy AndresenSeries A Laird to Love Book 3Publication Date March 6 2018Publisher Tammy AndresenGenre Historical RomancePrint Length 137 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More A Scot’s Surrender is the third book in Tammy Andresen’s A Laird to Love series and it’s another wonderful addition to the series There is no doubt that I need that I will continue to dive into these books whenever I get the chanceLast year I worked my way through Tammy Andresen’s Taming the Heart series I enjoyed each of the stories finding myself wanting after each one When the chance came about to start Tammy Andresen’s new series A Laird To Love I found myself than willing to dive in While I expected a wonderful series what I did not expect was to fall in love with the A Laird To Love series than I did the Taming the Heart series – yet here we are book three and I already believe I favour this series over my prior Tammy Andresen series I’m not saying the Taming the Heart series is bad – far from it – I’m merely saying I’m adoring this series even than I’d expectedI started this series with the short story Christmastime With My Captain Christmastime With My Captain provided an extremely short story that introduced me to the A Laird To Love series and desperately left me wanting It was short but it provided all I love about a Tammy Andresen novel Whilst I really enjoyed Christmastime With My Captain it is merely a blip on the radar considering how much I’ve enjoyed My Enemy My Earl Heart of a Highlander and now A Scot’s SurrenderMy Enemy My Earl the first book won me over in no time at all It left me wanting desperate to see where the next story would take us I found myself overly excited for the stories that were to come in dire need of from the characters I’d enjoyed so much Heart of a Highlander took all I enjoyed about the first book and intensified it There is no uestion of the book being one of my favourite Tammy Andresen reads – possibly my favourite Tammy Andresen read It set the standard of the series extremely high leaving me hopeful for A Scot’s SurrenderAlthough I didn’t enjoy A Scot’s Surrender uite as much as I enjoyed Heart of a Highlander it was a wonderful read It was classic Tammy Andresen – uick and easy plenty of action an addictive storyline wonderful characters drama and characters you will love It works perfectly fine as a standalone novel but it will pack a much powerful punch if you read this series in orderMy favourite element of this one was the characters I’ve fallen deeply in love with the characters of this series but I was particularly excited to see this story play out I was not disappointed It was all I had hoped for between the two characters I was so curious about exactly what I had been hoping for between the two of them Plus there is plenty of promise of what we can expect from the fourth bookIf you enjoyed the first two A Laird To Love books then you’re sure to adore A Scot’s Surrender – it continues this wonderful series giving us of what we have come to love I’m than ready for book four A Laird’s Seduction Keiran McKenna has appeared in each book in the A Laird to Love series but little was really known about him The same could be said about Agnes Burton There was no denying though that these characters definitely had strong feelings between the two of them and not necessarily of the friendly variety Agnes was looking for a “true gentleman” to be her husband and Keiran was never going get married so despite their attraction to each other they were not interested in pursuing anything with each other They had gone their separate ways until a life changing event brought them back together againKeiran had come back a changed man from the war and he considered himself damaged goods He did okay by himself but there was no way he could ever bring a woman into his destructive world If he could have allowed himself the pleasure though it would have been Agnes that he had in his world He really found her incredibly appealing Too appealing and that was why he always put as much distance between them that he could With the imminent arrival of Keiran’s best friend’s baby Keirnan agreed to step in and run his friend’s household so that his friend could focus on his wife’s upcoming delivery His friend’s wife also happened to be cousin to Agnes so Agnes also joined the household for the deliveryAt first sparks flew between these characters because their last encounter had left them both irritated with each other but after spending time together they began to develop admiration for each other They both realized that they misjudged each other and that all the ualities that they ever desired in a person was already wrapped up in a swoony package just waiting to be unwrapped The push pull attraction that developed between Agnes and Keiran was sweet but also frustrating at times because Keiran took a lot longer than Agnes to get the message that they were a match made in heaven He did not treat her very well on than one occasion but in the end he figured things out and the ending was just perfect A Scot’s Surrender was another lovely addition to a sweet series and I am looking forward to from this authorThis review is based on a complimentary book I received from Aurora Publicity It is an honest and voluntary review The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or ratingFind this review and at The Genre Minx Book Reviews A Scot's Surrender by Tammy Andresen is a fabulous historical romance Ms Andresen has once again delivered a book that is not only well written but is packed with outstanding lovable characters Agnes is attracted to Keiran but she doesn't much like him Keiran doesn't think he's fit for love and marriage Their story is heartwarming and full of drama action humor and sexy bits I enjoyed every page of A Scot's Surrender and look forward to my next book by Tammy Andresen A Scot's Surrender is book 3 of the A Laird To Love Series but can be read as a standalone This is a complete book not a cliff hangerI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this All thoughts and opinions are my own What you wish for is sometimes what you get although it may not seem that way at first Does that get your attention? Well it should because this is another great story by Tammy Andresen full of humor a sexy Scot and a sweet heroine Agnes Burton wants to find her knight in shining armor that will be everything she is desires in a husband But when she meets Laird Keiran McKenna for a second time she know's he is not what she is looking for Keiran is scarred from battle and felt he was not fit for any woman As they are thrown together due to circumstances things begin to change and sparks begin to fly The characters in the story are wonderful and you will feel part of the story Although this is part of a series it can be read as a stand alone story Cannot wait to read the next installment and know it will be just as delightful as this one A Scot's Surrender is book 3 in the A Laird to Love series I'm definitely going to get the first two books and look forward to reading future books in the series Ms Tammy Andresen did a delightful job with this novella I thought it came to an end too fast but it was still a great read I would recommend it I received an advance copy in exchange for an honest review We met Kieran in the previous books and he was portrayed as a Rogue The heroine Agnes holds their first meeting against him and finds his character wanting Wary from her own father's behaviour she wants nothing to do with any rogue but as the book progresses she realises that Kieran is noble and has honorable intentions Another sweet story packed with great characters I haven't been reading Tammy Andresen for long but what I have read I love especially the tales of Scotland I love the atmosphere of this author's Scottish stories It was very enjoyable to read5☆ Agnes Burton wants a husband who will be nothing like the scoundrel her father was she’s looking for a man that will be her valiant Knight on a white steed and sweep her off her feet A man that’s a true gentleman one that will take care and protect her and her motherFrom the first time she laid eyes on Laird Kieran McKenna he was everything but a gentleman A rogue and broody Scot that makes her heart flutter and wishing that maybe there’s a gentleman hiding underneath his good looks and flirty waysespecially after that heart stopping kiss he gave herKieran McKenna is a man haunted by his demons a man broken by war He’s damaged and not the man for Agnes She’s light and innocence and his darkness will eventually destroy her that’s why he needs to keep his distance from her A gunshot from poachers has him pulling her in his arms and giving in to his desire and kissing her and his world forever changedThis was a very much anticipated read I’ve always wanted to see Agnes and Kieran get their happily ever after He was a man that was haunted by the atrocities he witnessed in war his heart a wounded organ that was slowly being healed by the woman he always covetedI love Tammy Andresen’s stories they keep you turning the pages with hero’s and heroines that fight for their happy endings even though first they fight their feelings I highly recommend this Tammy Andresen never disappoints She’s my go to author for drama action and sexy stories ❤️❤️❤️I received a complimentary copy from the author for my unbiased opinion Agnes her mother have been left nearly destitute after her father died leaving crippling debts However Agnes’ uncle takes them under his wing the pair have travelled to Scotland to be near her cousin Clarissa to support her during her pregnancy Whilst there Agnes again meets Laird Keiran McKenna who is a rogue and sworn bachelor although he irritates her their attraction only grows Another of the Lairds to Love series which could very well be read on its own The characters are well portrayed Agnes is an optimist her sunny outlook affects those around her Keiran is still suffering from his time as a soldier has sworn never to marry An enjoyable read that made me smile as everyone else could see what Keiran couldn’t It’s a heart warming story that has humour a few steamy bits some drama I look forward to reading in the series My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read