Lord Garson’s Bride (Dashing Widows, #7)

Lord Garson’s Bride (Dashing Widows, #7)➜ [Epub] ❧ Lord Garson’s Bride (Dashing Widows, #7) By Anna Campbell ➦ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Lord Garson's dilemmaHugh Rutherford Lord Garson loved and lost when his fiancée returned to the husband she'd believed drowned In the three years since Garson has come to loathe his notoriety as Lon Lord Garson's dilemmaHugh Rutherford Lord Garson loved and lost when his fiancée returned to the husband she'd believed drowned In the three years since Garson has come to loathe his notoriety as London's most famous rejected suitor It's high time to find a bride a level headed well bred lady who will accept a loveless marriage and cause no trouble Luckily he has just the candidate in mindA marriage of convenienceWhen Lady Jane Norris receives an unexpected proposal from her childhood friend Lord Garson marriage to the Lord Garson’s PDF/EPUB ² handsome baron rescues her from a grim future At twenty eight Jane is on the shelf and under no illusions about her attractions With her father's death she's lost her home and faces life as an impecunious spinster While she's aware Garson will never love again they have friendship and goodwill to build upon What can possibly go wrongbecomes very inconvenient indeedFrom the first things don't go to plan not least because Garson soon finds himself in thrall to his surprisingly intriguing bride A union grounded in duty veers toward obsession And when the Dashing Widows take Jane in hand and transform her into the toast of London Garson isn't the only man to notice his wife's beauty and charm He's known Jane all her life but suddenly she's a dazzling stranger This isn't the uncomplicated pragmatic match he signed up for When Jane defies the final taboo and asks for his love her impossible demand threatens to blast this convenient marriage to oblivionOnce the dust settles will Lord Garson still be the man who can only love once. We met Hugh Rutherford Lord Garson in the last book as Morwenna Nash’s betrothed where he was left behind when her supposedly dead husband suddenly reappeared at their engagement party It’s been three years and Garson is still suffering from a broken heart but realizes he needs to settle down and start a family to provide a legacy He convinces childhood friend Jane Norris to agree to a marriage of convenience following the death of her father and the loss of her home This is a lovely mashup of Cinderella and a marriage of convenience There wasn’t a lot of time wasted on the decision to marry so the emphasis was always on the developing relationship between Garson and Jane I loved the beginning of their marriage where their friendship was at the forefront There was an easiness between the two of them that helped forge a foundation for a deeper relationship Garson was a wonderful character and Jane was bright and interesting but they were doomed as long as he stayed committed to his internal pledge of Morwenna being his forever lost love The conflicts that arose were inevitable and I felt their behaviors were true to character I really enjoyed this story as it is humorous sensual romantic heart wrenching and well written The dialogue is pithy and I loved both characters I was hoping for a happy ending for the gallant Garson after his disaster with Morwenna and he couldn’t have been given a better story I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review progress 9% Geez this is making me sad Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions Lord Garson is being a right royal tool You've got some work to do my manand a whole book to do it in Snap to it — Mar 14 2018 0112PM^^^^ I didn't mean literally take the whole book ^^^^Ladies and Gentlemen I'm sorry to say but Lord Garson was a DOUCHEWAFFLE I read the whole book because Anna Campbell's writing is engaging and I've loved the whole series but this was bloody hard work He was a dim witted weak buffoon who didn't deserve a happy ever after but like all Lords he got it anyway A word of advice Don't read this immediately after Meredith Duran's new THE SINS OF LORD LOCKWOOD That just puts into stark contrast the ordinariness of Campbell's story her run of the mill characters the flat uninspired and unimaginative development of plot and romance At least I believe there's a plotHere's what I got from reading this Hero was engaged to one of those Dashing Widows from an earlier Campbell novella but it turned out she wasn't a widow when the long lost husband showed up and our hero is left with a broken heart which he has been nursing for all it's worth for three years or soBut he decides he needs to marry and produce an heir and chooses a childhood friend who's firmly on the shelf and after the death of her father left with one of two choices 1 become her older married sister's dogsbody or 2 live a uiet parsimonious boring life in a small village Neither one really appeals so even knowing the hero doesn't love her she agrees to the marriageNow comes the tediousness First the heroine is ignorant and fearful about consummation of the marriage and added to that hesitant because she feels she's a distant second choice for the hero's wife So we have to slowly slowly introduce her to the Joy of Sex which eventually she takes to like a duck to water or a pig to mud or something like that Second after they're all happy happy in their sexy times and even companionable in non sexy ones we have to have that moment when the heroine realizes she loves the booby and of course can no longer live with him because for goodness sake it's much better to be miserable apart than to be incompletely happy togetherThird the estrangement must go on until the light bulb turns on in our booby hero's head and he says to himself Oh wow I love her I've loved her for ages I no longer love the Other Woman Then they say those three magic words to each other and live HEAI haven't enjoyed any of Campbell's Dashing Widows series prior to this one so why did I download this latest? Because one of my biggest complaints about the others was that they were novellas and didn't develop the story well But this one is novel length so I assumed there would be plot and romance development Yes we know what that assumed makes me Nope this would have been better as a novella Then I wouldn't have had to subject myself to as many pages of insipid derivative prosaic dull banal pedestrian commonplace humdrum romance I read something by this author before and was uite happy This book though was an utter disaster The only reason the stars aren't less is because the writing was actually good it's the goddamn hero that has me revoltingFor literally 95% of the book he's believed himself in love with the woman who left him and three years ago To make matters worse he continues to behave like a man in love with another woman while his wonderful beautiful wife is legit right there I would have been okay with it since the writing is good if only the hero didn't continously compare his wife Jane Norris to the love of his life With comments like Although she was no beauty he liked her face it's not a stretch why I didn't like the hero He continued to compare Jane to his previous fiance and found that while he enjoyed his wife she was not the love of his life And throughout all this his only reason for this was that he was a loyal man and once he had given his heart to that woman he couldn't love anyone else Which just fell flat for me and had no merit He couldn't see how much his antics were hurting Jane Don't read this If she accepted this proposal she’d have to face the fact that not just Hugh but the entire world would always consider her second best For the first half or maybe even I wasn't sure in which direction I would go with this book—love it or hate it It had a lot of promise and I was rooting for it because it had aspects that are unusual and that if pulled off correctly could make for a really awesome and unusual romance Unfortunately it never got over the hill for me and kept falling shortBasicsSetting Countryside and London 1833Heroine Lady Jane Norris 28Hero Hugh Rutherford Baron Garson 34Summary Hugh is known for being the jilted but in love former fiancé of Morwenna Nash heroine of Catching Captain Nash which I haven't read He was deeply in love with Morwenna but at his engagement ball her dead husband shows up turning out to not be very dead after all He's been basically mourning that loss since it happened three years ago and has decided that although he will never love another he wants to marry and start a family He decides that Jane a childhood friend their fathers were best friends will be a good choice they get along she's reasonable and sensible knows how to run a household and wants to be a mother and she's facing a selection of not great choices for her next stage in life so his offer will undoubtedly look that much better to her despite his not being able to offer love He sighed and stared out at the overcast day “You know” he said softly as if he spoke to himself and not to Jane “I’m damned sick of the world only thinking of me as the man Morwenna threw over” Jane is completely surprised by his offer and is torn on what to do It's true that her choices aren't great either go live with her annoying older sister as a glorified nanny or retire to the countryside with a former governess of hers and live in almost genteel poverty She knows that Hugh is still deeply in love with Morwenna though and although she obviously doesn't love him one would hope that that could develop even in a marriage of convenience but here she'll have to go in knowing that that will never be an option Can she give up all possibility of love for a marriage with Hugh? She’d waited ten years to seek the life she wanted But she’d left it too late Too late Surely the saddest words in the language A sensible woman—how she grew to hate that adjective—would say yes Not a spoiler she decides yes Though the beginning of their marriage is a bit rocky especially the physical part of it it turns out once they smooth things over their physical attraction is extremely powerful and they do as the already knew like one another uite a lot in a friendship way Everything looks to be going along swimmingly when horror of horrors Jane realizes that she is falling in love with Hugh—a man whom she knows will never love her in return and possibly even worse definitely worse IMHO is in love with another woman What is she to do?? I know you're on tenterhooks and have NO IDEA what will happen let alone what the ending could possibly be ; Reaction I ABHOR love triangles in romances even ones that aren't really and are only based on Big Misunderstandings or Things Left Unsaid So I really wasn't sure how to feel about this whole hero is in love with another woman thing but I was pleasantly surprised that at first I could go along with it I felt Hugh's pain and it's true that he does all he can for Jane to a be upfront and b not make her feel like she's his second choice and be the best husband he can be to her I still did hate whenever he had thoughts of her though and his insistence in his own mind that he loved her and because he was a loyal and steadfast person it's even the family motto this means he could never possibly fall in love again or love someone else I mean really? Come on buddy I got annoyed by Hugh's insistence that he was still in love with Morwenna; I know we need something to draw out the story but I would have preferred that it was instead his unwillingness to believe that he's in love with Jane than that it was his insistence that he was still in love with Morwenna if that makes senseAs I mentioned their marriage gets off to a really rocky start physically and though I was cringing on the one hand I also appreciated that Campbell was taking this chance Normally the heroine despite being a virgin and not knowing much about sex orgasms within 2 minutes of the first time she has sex with the hero And yeah Come on There are a few authors who approach this realistically or at least make it that the hero pleasures her and gives her an orgasm before they have full on sex since the first time is likely to not be that pleasant Anyway I was in a hats off to you frame of mind that Campbell was making things so awkward and halting because it's true—who is Jane supposed to have learned about this from? Why would she not be frightened by her own sexual response to a man who even though they've known each other since childhood is practically a stranger in many ways? The pace of it though was off to me; I mean she is WAY resistant and it is awkwardness after awkwardness and then BOOM they are like rabbits for a week and don't even leave the bedroom Say what?I also was slightly annoyed by Jane's extreme insecurities In the last third or so of the book she is much stronger and I wish that had been present throughout She's 28 years old she's not 21 and even though she's been isolated from society she's been taking care of her father and managing an Earl's her father's estates for ten years I would understand why she's insecure about some things and I actually love heroines who struggle with and overcome an insecurity of some sort but it was so constant Especially given that there is the huge obvious insecurity that she's Hugh's second choice—which is a totally LEGIT concern since it's basically the truth—does she also have to already be insecure about so many things? It grated on my nerves a bitI think I probably enjoyed the last third than any other part of the book and when I think back I really did feel an emotional tug for the characters at this point despite my aforementioned annoyances Jane is really brave even though she's putting herself out there and knows she'll probably be hurt And of course it's lovely to see Hugh in such disarray over their relationship because as we all know duh he's in love with her and it's so cute and sweet Her smiles had been so rare lately that painful emotion closed his throat He couldn’t have responded even if he wanted to At this rate he’d have to write her a bloody letter to tell her he loved her Bottom Line I hate to say it but I would skip it Wasn't really worth the time I didn't skim though or put it down which is saying something because I am now finally able to do that if I dislike a book that muchRecommendationsOnly recently started the Heartbroken Heroes shelf so I only have one other book on it but I highly recommend it• Tempted by a Lady's Smile by Christi Caldwell ④ my reviewAlso just remembered this book which also falls in the Similar Setup category below• Texas Splendor by Lorraine Heath ④½ my reviewMy Favorite Anna Campbell Romances• Her Christmas Earl ⑤ my review• Midnight's Wild Passion ④ my review• A Match Made in Mistletoe ④ my review• The Seduction of Lord Stone ③½ my reviewSomewhat Similar Book SetupsAspects—Done Right• Only a Promise by Mary Balogh ④½ my review• Texas Splendor by Lorraine Heath ④½ my review• Romancing the Countess by Ashley March ④½ my review• To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt ④ my review• Someone to Wed by Mary Balogh ④ my review• At Last Comes Love by Mary Balogh ④ my review• The Arrangement by Mary Balogh ④ my review Part of my romanceflu binge Recommended on Twitter I appreciated that we start this book with a proposal and jump right into that without a so much of the set up I'm uickly getting used to I also liked that Jane and Garson are childhood friends though to be honest that isn't really featured in the story I liked Jane a whole lot as a main character Garson was OK He was definitely less broody and less of an asshole than some others I've encountered but also he's thickheaded man The whole plot relies on him not realizing which fine common but still frustrating I was excited to read a full length novel about the Dashing Widows but Lord Garson's Bride was not worth my excitement This is a flat story that feels as though it is going through the motions I think that I prefer Anna Campbell's darker stuff compared to her lighter works because the lighter stories don't do much for me unfortunately If you have read any of my reviews on this blog you know that I am a fangirl when it comes to Anna Campbell and her writing This book is a perfect example of what a Historical Romance Novel should be Her writing is uniue emotionally satisfying and just damn sexyIf you read Catching Captain Nash you have already met the hero Lord Garson I recommend reading the whole Dashing Widows Series Hugh Baron of Garson arrives at the home of an old friend that he hasn't seen in a long time He is looking for a bride After having his heart broken and being the subject of gossip for the last three years he has finally decided to marry He still loves Morwenna Nash with all his heart and knows that he cannot love another woman He thinks to marry an old friend from childhood who would the best candidate for a marriage of convenienceJane Norris daughter of the late Lord Sefton has spent the last decade running her father estates He passed away 6 months ago and now she has to vacate the only home that she has ever known so the new heir can move in She has two choices live with her older sister and be a nanny to her children or try to find an inexpensive cottage that she can live in with her old nurse for the rest of her life Neither choice is appealing but she has no other options So when Lord Hugh Garson comes calling she is stunned when he proposes marriageHugh is honest with Jane about the kind of marriage they will have He wants to be friends and partners Have a family He says that they can build a life together that satisfies both their needs Not a very romantic proposal He is perfectly honest with her He will never love another woman Jane is stunned She always thought that she would marry for love Alas Hugh is correct that her situation is precarious at best She says yes and agrees to the terms of a marriage convenience Of course Jane falls madly in love with Hugh she tried not too but he is everything a woman could ever want in a husband She is devastated knowing that Hugh can never love her She confronts him and asks if he could ever love her He says love wasn't part of the agreement and doesn't want to hurt her but he is content the way things are Jane cannot stay knowing that her love for him will eventually destroy her and make both of them miserable Hugh doesn't want her to go but he knows that he cannot stop her He is angry that she is cannot just accept their marriage as it isThey are both unhappy separated but Jane cannot live with him if he can never love her Hugh has to do some soul searching to see if there is a way to save his marriage He misses Jane desperately and wants nothing than for her to come home Can Hugh finally put his past behind him and love Jane the way she deserves Men Sometimes they can be so stubborn Anna crafts a story that will pull you into the heart of what love really means Hugh is stuck in the past and he needs a swift kick in the ass to wake up and realize that he loves Jane with an intensity that makes his first love feel like a youthful crush I will admit that I cried when he returns to Jane and tells her that he cannot go on without her There is so much to this story than I can convey in a review You have to read this one for yourself It will make you laugh and cry What else can I say Anna is the best As a general comment here is a link to a general complaint of mine regarding romance novels this novel was cited as an example of the problems I discuss in my complaint DNFedThis was AWFUL It started out as your run of the mill romance then went to hell What do I mean?The two main characters are married but they don't know each other that well ie while they spent time together as children they have moved in different circles as adults Their marriage is very much an arranged one so the main female character is somewhat uneasy and not yet ready for sex with her husband on their wedding night Here have a uote from their wedding night when he's already tried to sex her up and finally realized that she is uneasy about the whole thing“I’m not sure about any of this Hugh” she admitted “I know you’re not” He raised her hand to his lips and kissed it setting off another wanton uiver “It’s asking too much to think you might be dear Jane” He then tries AGAIN to have sex with her Whereupon he FINALLY catches a clue that you know maybe he should wait until she's feeling up to the whole thing Of course she then concludes the whole thing is her fault You know I realize that laws throughout history have largely benefited men including when it comes to sex However this is a ROMANCE not a documentary GTFO with this shit and with any male character who can't figure what consent means honestly because we don't need to perpetuate rape culture within fictional novels IMHOI'm done ❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋We meet our hero in Catching Captain Nash Dashing Widows 6 and Boy is he a charmer After being jilted in that book now he’s back to find happiness that may be easier said than doneLord Hugh Garson is not as chivalrous and charming in this one as I thought he’d be in fact I wanted to kick the unfeeling thoughtless man I know you all think he’s wonderful so did I and to be honest he’s still uite cute and full of honour He just was a little to full of double standards for my liking and he lost a bit of his flare and I lost my hero worship Lady Jane Norris I loved from the first so down trodden but this woman had backbone and hidden depth you’ll see what I mean The two together made this a brilliant story a perfect accompaniment to the Dashing Widows series and they created some pretty hot scenes together this book does not lack passion but all tastefully done Anna’s writing is always interesting and thought provoking it makes you uestion your feelings and responses both to the characters and their relationships I loved this book and Highly Recommended it