Celestia Unicorn Blessed Chronicles #1

Celestia Unicorn Blessed Chronicles #1[Download] ✤ Celestia Unicorn Blessed Chronicles #1 ➸ Yumoyori Wilson – Oaklandjobs.co.uk What do you get when your father’s a centaur and your mother’s a powerful magician A unicorn shifter You’d think being the only known unicorn shifter in the world would have a few benefits Like Blessed Chronicles PDF ✓ What do you get when your father’s a centaur and your mother’s a powerful magician Celestia Unicorn PDF \ A unicorn shifter You’d think being the only known unicorn shifter in the world would have Unicorn Blessed Chronicles ePUB ☆ a few benefits Like people treating you kindly or getting special treatment from the council Not in my case I'd be lucky to get a piece of bread thrown at me My name is Celestia Rainbow and yes my last name is fucking Rainbow Shifters assume that I’m kind by nature but trust me I’m fierce short tempered and have the mouth of a sailor Add in my stealthy fighting skills advanced magic casting and swift movement I'm someone you wouldn't want to mess with But everyone looks at my shifter side – my ditzy peaceful half sprinkling magic dust and on a mission to end world hunger Regardless of my dual personality I’ve sworn to become a huntress at Aslan Academy Now that I’m of age my lucky twenty fifth birthday just happens to coincide with the entrance exams I’m ready to prove my worth Too bad I’m grouped up with six sinful looking men Time to prove to my community classmates and this attractive bunch of weirdos that unicorns can kick ass too CELESTIA is a new REVERSE HAREM paranormal series Recommended for audiences containing mature sexual content violence and strong language. Rating unicorn unicorn unicornAnd RH fanatics click hereWARNING1 This review is gonna be slightly biased ;2 This review is gonna be suicide inducing for some of you ;3 This review is gonna be shitty as hell ;4 This review is not gonna be a reviewUNICORN REVERSE HAREM STORYWhere have you been all my life? u·ni·cornˈyo͞onəˌkôrn1 a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead2 perfect and best animal ever As a unicorn trapped in a human body I felt very connected to Celestia Celestia Rainbow has naturally purple pink and gold hair Hashtag so jealous Sleeping rainbow dust please There is a story There are guys There is a bit of fighting But who cares? There is a unicorn Hashtag magicalOkay okayCelestia Rainbow has been bullied all her life People don't believe in unicorns so narrow minded and couldn't find anything interesting to do than abuse a little girlHer mom wasn't there her dad wasn't there her life was pretty shitty and at the mature age of nine she wanted to kill herself Luckily a great and powerful master stopped her in time and took her as his studentYears later approaching her 25th birthday and having the emotional maturity of a twelve years old she is accepted to Aslan Academy the most selective as fuck school in all the dimensions There she teams up with six powerful outcast shifters that immediately succumb to her magnificence Making it the only acceptable instalove of the century because duh she's a unicornBut of course not everything is love and rainbow it so is and unknown people are trying to kill Celestia probably because they're so jealous she's a unicornAnd then stuff happens and that might include a harpyphoenix familiar some dual personality syndrome a very late birthday party a bit of kissing twelve years old mentality remember view spoileran alicorn that should have been a pegasus instead hide spoiler I Gabrielle do so solemnly swear to never again read Yumoyori Wilson from this day forward for better for worse for richer for poorer in sickness and in health until death do us part I gave it a fair shot and managed 75% but after losing count of cutie pie and pixie boys andbarf barf skim skim I could take no Not to mention this was deja vu from the starlight series split personality AGAINI'm sorry fans of her work but something just does not click with her writing for me The obsession with over explaining everything is really tiring to read I don't need to know how the water felt in the shower what the teacher was wearing or how beautiful everyones smile is it's unnecessary filler So thank you for those hours of my life that I will never get back I've leaned my lesson this time Not for meUgh guys let me just be honest I hated it I mean I carried on just wishing somehow I'd grow to like it maybe because I really wanted to but unfortunately it had that eye rolling appeal It was just goofy as all hell cheesy and down right childish writing I'm very disappointed It was like a bad Harry potter meets shifter story Not a good bookThis book had potential but it’s a miserable flop Here’s why1 My biggest complaint is that the characters are 25 years old and act like fricken 15 year olds The writer just doesn’t really have the concept of age appropriate characters down I mean really by 25 sexual tension is much complex than what was written here and Celestial was super immature not to mention her harem of guys were also basically teenagers If you want to write YA then do that and don’t confuse the rest of us with adult ages 2 The nicknames weren’t cute They were annoying and go along with the whole immaturity for the characters Cutie Pie isn’t a nickname It’s a term of endearment that we use for CHILDREN Not adults Pixie Boywell let’s just say if your writing children that’s fine but when it comes to adults not so much 3 Each and every tragic backstory was almost completely unbelievable Adults don’t treat children that way Children are physically designed to create feeling of protectiveness in adults and parents don’t just abandon their children for their jobs It’s not even emotionally possible if you love your kids to abandon them to basically being an orphan just to go work somewhere no matter how important you think the job is I mean seriously the tragic backstories of this book were just well beyond suspension of disbelief 4 The writing as a whole was immature Not a lot of surprises with the vocabulary if any and a lot of repetition or emotionally inaccurate descriptions And the entire plot was ridiculous The ending was just a right hook out of nowhere and ridiculous Basically the writer wasted 99% of the book on a plot that didn’t exist for real Just stupid Would I recommend this book to anyone? No No I would not It’s too YA to be interesting to the mature reader and too mature with its sexual themes to be appropriate for children And it also just isn’t a good book I wouldn’t want my kids thinking this was what good writing was like I would want my kids to enjoy exceptional and age appropriate writing so they know what to expect from not only the authors they read but from themselves if they want to put pen to paper In the middle of January I was contacted by one of the employees from The Indie Academy who was asking if I'd be interested in reading any of Yumoyori Wilson's books I'm usually always up for reading some new books but lately my beloved Reverse Harem genre has let me down so I was a bit hesitant But of course I agreed  Once I got in contact with Yumo she openly invited me to reuest any of her books that I wanted to read While I was browsing her many books I saw this and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to read about unicorn shifters One of my all time favourite mythological creatures A creature that's highly underused In my oppinion there should be a lot unicorns galloping around in paranormal books But alas that's not the case so I just have to read about them as often as I canFrom a very early age Celestia Rainbow has been on her own Due to obligations her parents left to go to other dimensions for jobs and higher callings As upstanding citizens in their shifter dimension they entrust their daughters safety to the townsfolk who unfortunately doesn't want anything to do with her As a unicorn shifter her parents did tell her to keep it uiet but as children tends to do when asked Celestia blurted out the truth This caused the shifter community to not just neglect her but to abuse physically and mentally hurt and bully her on a daily basis The only one who seemed to be there for Celestia was  one of the dimension's legends Master Magnor With this high level of training she's incredibly advanced in magical spells and academics She also has another side Sia Rainbow who is an expert at fighting martial arts and all physical things Together they make one badass shifterBut aside from Mastor Magnor Celestia Sia only have one other being in their life their harpy phoenix familiar Arielle So they dream of being accepted and being a huntress of the prestigious Aslan Academy could bring them just that If she can pass the initial trials prove her worth she will be assigned to a team and one step closer to her dream Of course Celestia Sia pass the tests and on the day of their 25 birthday they are assigned to team M which they start calling team Misfits along with 6 guys Finn a pixie Hunter phoenix Caio Cairus twins and tiger shifters Theo bat shifter Orion the mysterious now that would be spoilingbut if you really want to know he's anview spoilerAlicorn hide spoiler I did not finish this book due to its poor structure confusing storyline and poor writing There were a ton of inconsistencies throughout the book which made following the plot almost impossible At first I thought it was because of the split personality issue but that was not the case I constantly found myself flipping back to earlier portions of the book to see if I had misread or misunderstood something and I kept finding that the characters were just that inconsistent So for example she says at the beginning of the book that multiple mates are common and she jokes that she’s going to get 6 boyfriends at school She then meets 6 guys at school and is shocked at the idea of multiple mates and she has never heard of someone being with than one person Likewise and this is important for the character's back story view spoiler she says at the beginning of the book that she was going to kill herself when she was 10 but then she started to get trained She stated that she learned enough to beat up 5 kids when they jumped her almost immediately learned too because why not? and no one has ever bothered her again However later she is incessantly talking about how she is damaged and has PTSD because she has been constantly bullied her entire life Keep in mind 15 years have passed since she learned enough to put a stop to the bullying than half her life hide spoiler Review copy kindly provided by the author in exchange for a honest reviewOn paper this series readers will reminder readers of a couple of other series of this author which is set all set at various magical Academies However the characters of Celestia are uniue like her other characters that Wilson has introduced to readers since she started writing These characters and the storyline make it uniue from any other series of this authorCelestia like many of other Wilson’s heroine is a woman complicated by her past Celestia has mental scars from her upbringing A girl who wanted to be loved as her parents were busy saving the world Unfortunately her village didn’t do its job like they hoped it would until Manor took her in and trained her Like many other series this starts at particular time of her life a turning point which set up the book Celestia is about to turn 25 and which means she can attend the Aslan academy if she is successful After being the outsider for so long she is ready However readers have to wonder is Aslan ready for her Celestia is a woman on a mission and it shows She knows how to handle things and despite her back story She has a tenacity that shines throughout the novel She rise above the flames to speak and her men are perfect considering that each fit a piece of the puzzle Readers will love the guys who understand Celestia in an instance and than ready to handle what to comeGiven that things haven’t been easy readers should be buckled in for the ride Thisbook definitely slow burning despite the length of the book which covers a lot of territory This is an action drive book instead and readers are going to be in for a treat For of my reviews visit Thoughts by TashAnd drop by the blog's Facebook page Celestia Rainbow is a rarity a unicorn shifter She's been on her own from an early age bullied to the point of not being able to withstand any then taken in and trained by one of the dimension's legends Master Magnor Rune She's incredibly advanced in magical spells and academics She also has another side Sia Rainbow who is an expert at fighting martial arts and all things physical Together they make one kick a young shifter Celestia dreams of being a huntress and has been accepted into the prestigious Aslan Academy If she can pass the initial trials prove her worth she will be assigned to a team and one step closer to her dream No problem even when her team happens to also include 6 hot tempting young men A fabled unicorn shifter a wonderfully complex leading lady six hot guys a great adventure; what could you ask for in a book Celestia is insecure desperate for love; she's also kind overly accepting and understanding grateful and loving She reminds me of one of my favorite literary characters of all time; Anne of Green Gables Sia is fierce desiring only that Celestia be happy She's strong protective and doesn't put up with as much abuse They put up a confident front but they just want to feel that they belong Two sides of the same person Throw in a glittery rainbow loving ditzy earth hugging free love after effect of magic overuse and this is one of the most multi faceted characters Yumoyori Wilson has created to date Her relationship with her familiar Arielle and her Master were both touching Who knew Bru REE could mean so many things The guys were eually complicated Selfless Finn protective Hunter the funny twins Caio and Cairus mysterious Orion and kind caring Theo Team Misfit They each have troubled painful pasts that drew them together as friends Now they are the perfect fit for Celestia This book is one of world and character building backstory and story setting It's also packed full of adventure and a touch of romance There's humor suspense and heartbreaking moments Along with a captivating story this book deals with heavy issues such as bullying depression and suicidal thoughts It also shows the characters overcoming the adversity growing closer getting stronger This is a great start to a new series The book ended with a surprise twist that has me looking forward to the next one already Well I have some thoughts on this book I both liked it and kind of hated some parts of it I thought the plot line was okay but could have been better it moved slowly at times and kind of jumped around randomly in time and eventsThe romance left something to be desired All these characters were supposed to be about 25 They acted closer to 14 or 15 year olds might I didn't like that Also they all immediately loved Celestia I do like that she had people who cared about her but also SHE COULD DO NO WRONG That I hated Like a LOT She seemed irritatingly perfect with few faults that weren't really faults if you know what I mean Celestia was okay but such an odd mix of young and innocent and her dark past They reconciled oddly I didn't like how she was only friends with the guys While her whole faults that aren't faults thing was annoying I did root for her at times even when I thought she was a Mary Sue how are people this perfect?This being said I'll read the next one due to the cliffhanger I liked a couple of things in the book Somewhat disappointing First of all let me say that I have read and purchased all of Ms Wilson's works except this one I will read the rest of the series before I decide to invest in it Now onto the reviewYou can read the book blurb to get an idea of what the book is about This is my overall opinion of the book The characters are supposed to be 25 but their dialogue and interactions are much juvenile The MC resembled the MC from another book very very closely to the point they both have basically a split personality disorder The only difference in the MC split personalities I could understand is that the other book's split personality made much sense The fight scenes were very good and I enjoyed them I thought the variety of shifters was awesome I also liked that this is a slow burn with the MC taking the time to get to know each of them Overall I will recommend this book but just be aware that it reads like YA than adult RH I will use my KU to read the 2nd book in the series to determine if I will purchase the series