Harmony of Their Souls Soul Tenders #3

Harmony of Their Souls Soul Tenders #3❮Ebook❯ ➨ Harmony of Their Souls Soul Tenders #3 Author Serena Lindahl – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Kiarra and her five Soul Matches have begun their bonding process to unite their souls but a darkness is spreading across the land Forced to flee the city they take refuge in the country where they re Their Souls PDF Ì Kiarra and her five Soul Matches have begun their bonding process to unite their souls but a darkness is spreading across the land Forced to flee the city they take refuge in the country where they realize so much is at of Their Souls Soul Tenders Kindle - stake than just the well being of Megreria's citizens All of the known world's magic depends on Kiarra's growing power making the connection between her and her matches vital to the future Can she save herself and the men she loves Can she guarantee freedom Harmony of ePUB ✓ for the Kingdom's citizens to love as their souls desire Third book in the Soul Tenders Series This is a reverse harem story with a strong fantasy plot which includes intrigue world building and character development Scenes and language included are intended for mature audiences only . A cute enough ending to a cute RH seriesI enjoyed the first part of the book a lot and that the story WS told from dual povs Reading about Kiarra and her bondmates was very interesting and it provided a lot of insight on the love they all sharedI think the ending fell a little flat After all the build up I was expecting a bit Still a good read This little series was okay I guess 35 It was alright Holy MolyWhat a great conclusion to Kiarra and her guys storyKiarra and her Soul Matches find themselves on the run so they may complete their bond and make themselves stronger against the evil force the Prince has brought with him into the kingdomThey know they will not be able to make a stand against the Sorcerer without all six of them bonding together I absolutely loved this storyI am just in awe of the entire seriesFrom Book One I fell in love with these characters and that love grew with each bookI am sad to see them go with the completion of this book but I'm excited to see what else lies aheadThe chemistry between Kiarra and her Soul Matches is off the chartsI love that even though intimacy is a large part to completing their bond they were able to come together as a groupNot only strengthening their bond to Kiarra but with the other men in the bond Standing together as a united front and allowing each other to siphon energy speaks of their love for one anotherThis entire series was pretty fast paced and that isn't any different in this bookThough you don't feel like you are missing anything because of the short time frameEach book especially this one is filled with a wealth of love action and betrayalEach character each moment is vital to the storyEven some of the ones that seem secondary to usI can't wait to see what else Serena has in store for us in the Soul Tenders UniverseThe epilogue gives you a vague idea of what is to come I will be anxiously awaiting for the news of what is nextThese characters will forever hold a place in my heartI recommend this book this entire series to anyone who is curious to know about itYou will fall in love with the characters as much as I did at least I hope you willI know this will be one of the series that I can come back to again and again to enjoy I was a little intimidated to go into this book because all I could think was it cannot possibly be as good as I remember and there is no way the writing could be that magical To put it simply I was afraid that I exaggerated the whole thing in my head But I didn't The writing actually was magical and the story was that good I cannot gush enough about how much I enjoyed being in this world with these characters However While I did love the big picture and the story as a whole the ending kind of fell short First of all I absolutely did not like the way Kiarra decided to handle things with the Sorcerer It was a typically stupid move on her part and I expected better of her Although I did appreciate watching the men work together as a unit like they were actually brothers That was nice Then there was the ending itself In my opinion everything was too easy The people accepted the new ruler with hardly any protest the grand fight was barely even there It just did not feel right I wanted from the story I expected Also I'm just not ready to say goodbye to these guys I hope we'll see these characters in books to come and will be able to observe the changes they made in the Kingdom Endings are hardI enjoyed this entire series but this book let me a little disappointed It’s good and definitely worth reading but it lacked the emotional punch of the first 2 The conclusion is rushed and the ending feels half formed but it’s still something you should readFirstthird person multiple POV Slow burn RHHEARating RCharacter age range 18Pros Love The characters Changing a world is hard The ones you want to have a HEA for the most part Still has the slight melodic tone of the first 2Cons Rushed Good end to a pretty darn good series The ending was a bit rushed but still concluded everything nicely There was so much potential in the first book of this series but this last one was cheesy and generic I found myself skimming to get through it I was bored and uninterested It’s such a shame and a disappointmentThe book begins with Kiarra and her men making plans to leave the city after the murders of the King and ueen They need time to complete their bonds and for Kiarra to learn about her magic The plan is to head towards Acclesh and meet up with a princess from that country who can teach Kiarra what she needs to know They ride for two days before stopping at a farm to rest and work on the bonds That’s where they meet up with the princess and where the sorcerer working with the new King attacks them He reveals that he’s holding their families hostage so they decide to return to the city immediately for the final battleThe whole journey into the countryside felt like plot for plot’s sake It seemed a little pointless after all was said and done It basically gave Kiarra time to have sex with each guy and introduced characters which are going to be important in a future series Did Kiarra really need to talk to the princess? I mean they only had two short conversations The whole book took place over maybe a week so there wasn’t much time for her to grow into her powers or learn much of anythingIt also didn’t help that the journey took the characters away from the action I never felt much tension because the villains were a bit of a mystery Prince Everett appeared in one brief scene in the first book and we didn’t see the sorcerer until halfway through this one We knew they were both bad guys but just because everyone said so We didn’t witness the bad things they were doing When the sorcerer did show up he was a cartoon villain the kind with an evil laugh who liked to monologue irritating than frighteningWhat I liked about the first book were the interesting characters They turned two dimensional in the second book and things didn’t get any better in this one Kiarra is a rather boring ideal woman Even worse she now has magic that seems to have few limits Everything is way too easy for her I miss the character who was struggling to figure out how to live in a world where she didn’t fit the mold Now after a week with a horrible ruler everyone in her country accepts her without uestion The guys seem to exist only to love and adore her They physically can’t live without her which is a little muchThen there are the sex scenes which aren’t at all romantic Kiarra almost starts scheduling sex in order to complete the bonds It’s like she has to have sex with Clay when they have a bed there’s time for Seb after dinner and these important guests will just have to wait until after she’s had sex with Reed It was all boring and rote with very little passionI had such high hopes when I began this series but the interesting characters disappeared and the plot became all too predictable I’ve been debating between two and three stars but I think I’m going with two in large part because I’m so disappointed This isn’t horrible I just wanted so much This is the third book in the series so this review containers spoilers of the first two books If you have not read the first two books DO NOT READ THIS REVIEWThe King and ueen are dead Kiarra and her men are fleeing the city They need time Time to solidify their bonds time to learn and time to plan Things never work out uite as you plan though and before they know it they are heading right back to the city Hopefully the information they picked up along the way will help them win the ultimate fightSo we left off in book two scrambling in the night to get everyone to safety That's right where we pick back up in this book The gang heads out of the city towards Acclesh for bonding and learning time They get a little sidetracked along the way They learn that there is so much going on in their world than they ever knew possible While building the individual bonds they continue to learn as obstacles keep popping up along the way The Sorcerer and Everett are making moves and time is running out faster than anticipatedAs expected we spend a lot of time focused on developing the bonds individually I love the one on one time we get with each of the guys Luckily they all have no problem sharing so we get some good ol group time as well It's not all about the bonding and sexy time though They gather a lot of information and learn a lot of new things We get to meet some new characters who I adore and we have plenty of action to keep us on the edge of our seatThis is the third book in the series and this book concludes Kee and her men's part Don't fret though we aren't done with this world I'm sure we will see a little of them from time to time I'm sad to see them go I've enjoyed the adventure we had with them but I'm excited to see what is in store for this series and who we will get to focus on next There are some things going on in the end of this book that have you just like what?? Oh god what an epic ending we have hereI think every reader would agree with me when I say that this book was the peak of the trilogy This was where most of the actions happened where most intense emotions were provided This was also the steamiest booknomnomnomjust sayingIt was just amazing The writing The buildup The characters Oh yes the characters They were a strong exceptional and complementary bunchThe romance To tell you honestly I was initially with Kiarra when she said how she didn't trust the soul matches Not the soul matches in this series per season but like the idea of predetermined relationships people refer to as fate or destiny I personally found those things a little too restrictive and just basically contradicts the idea of free will So when it was further explained and shown in the story that soul matches actually only worked well if the matches worked together in hardships to strengthen their bonds And anyway as I have read and noticed Kiarra Mason Jan Clay Reed and Seb were all great compliments to one another The weakness of one is strengthened by another Simply put it was beautifulSo if you are looking for an epic world building intertwined threads and the ultimate love wins in the end kind of romance I definitely highly recommend this series for you DNF 53%It's sad for me to say that I couldn't finish the last book and therefore the whole series because I LOVED the first installment Amidst my RH fatigue I found a book that completely satisfied me So I'm terribly disappointed and utterly dejected that I couldn't continue loving the characters and the story as much as I had the first timeI stopped at the part where the Sorcerer made his terrifying introduction to our lovely heroine and revealed a part of his cards how much power he has and how he can control her through her loved ones I hate that when someone risks so much to save some people because they don't feel like they have a choice I can't elouently and articulately explain why I hate that situation and when it's used in stories to keep the mc dancing in the evil tune It's good when used properly but sometimes it just feels cheap Argh I can't explain why I hate it in this particular story but it ruined such a good series for meI'm crying seriously devastated that this didn't work out for me It's probably time for me to uit RH for now and maybe come back to this when I crave it again