Blitz in Gefahr Blitz #11

Blitz in Gefahr Blitz #11[Read] ➸ Blitz in Gefahr Blitz #11 ➵ Walter Farley – Auf seinem schwarzen Hengst Blitz reitet Alec Ramsay von der Farm aus in das unheimliche Sumpfgebiet der Everglades Am Abend dringen schrille gespenstische Heultöne zu dem Reiter und seinem Hengst Al Auf seinem schwarzen Hengst Gefahr Blitz ePUB ☆ Blitz reitet Alec Ramsay von der Farm aus in das unheimliche Sumpfgebiet der Everglades Am Abend dringen schrille gespenstische Heultöne zu dem Reiter und seinem Hengst Als wie ein Geisterpferd die schöne Stute Silberfee auftaucht beginnt eine Höllennacht in den Sümpfen. Plot it tells the story of The Black Stallions love affair with French circus horse Ghost owned by a mysterious and evil man It was really weird and scary as it was set in the Everglades and was full of suicide danger crocodiles and witchcraft Warning graphic details about suicide witchcraft and crocodiles Recommend for older readers who love horses Englishmen and adventure Rating 3 stars Read55 1820 I really thought that The Island Stallion Races remember? ALIENS would be enough of a ramble into the world of the alien and supernatural for Farley but he ventures there again in this completely pointless story I’m not even going to bother describing the plot Suffice to say Alec spends most of the story running around the Everglades in the dark pursued by some sort of supernatural beinggod who scares another guy to death The book has virtually nothing to do with the Black; a race is thrown in at the end for no reason; the storyline of the series what little is left anyway is not in any way furthered by this book The last few books in this series are really bad and what's really sad is that as much as I hated this one there are worse books in the series Re reading this childhood favorite has been a real love hate relationship The books I remember liking the best I still love I think the ones I didn't like I hate even In this book Alec and The Black get lost in the Everglades and spend the night with an old man determined to steal a mating for his mare with The Black The night is filled with terror and voodoo Really horrible book Alec Ramsay is back in this adventure with his 17 hand high Arabian stallion the Black On a break between racing campaigns Alec and the Black are housed on a stud farm passing time whilst the Black’s trainer Henry is dealing with business elsewhereWhilst out on a ride to exercise his horse Alec finds himself drawn to the Everglades a haunting and unusual swampland Read at YUCK I just wanted to yell at Alec Go home It was such a weird book One of those books where Alec lives some experience and he falls asleep right before that so you think he is dreaming but he isn't so it portrays the fact that there are ghosts and the like There are several books in this series that are the same and I did not like any of them Wow This one may be even worse than the rabid bat one Or the one with the alien horse race aficionados Either way it's near the very bottom of Farley's oat bag Ludicrous plot No Henry to speak of Weird gods Inexplicable characters who flicker in and out Give it a miss The main characters in this book are Alec and a new guy he met in the swamp named Captain Philippe de Plumminel He is in the circus unit He has a horse named the Ghost because of her swift movements The setting takes place in the Everglades with the captainThe conflict in this book starts when Alec met the captain and the captain wanted Alec to come back with him to his house in the middle of the Everglades The captain wants to breed the Black with his mare but Alec can’t because the racing season isn't over yet There was a storm so Alec couldn't head back to his house The captain put the Black in the barn for the night Alec was worried because his stallion was in the same barn as his mare and didn't want the Black to get out of the stall and get to the mare Alec had to sleep in the upper part of the house that night The captain had told some stories about the legend of Kovi The captain didn't listen to Alec about him breeding and so that night the captain went out to the barn and tried to breed the two horses Alec caught him beating the Black because the stallion was trying to attack the captain Alec attacked the captain and the Black ran out into the Everglades toward the home of Kovi The captain apologized to Alec and they set out into the Everglades on the search for the stallion They ran all the way to the home of Kovi The captain went somewhere and came back so terrified he couldn't move Alec took off to go look for the Black so they could get out of the place Alec wasn't scared of Kovi because he thought it was all an imagination He was caught by Kovi and was sent into darkness He eventually got out of the darkness and had figured that it was what the captain had saw When Alec found the Black he got on him and went back to the area he had left the captain He wasn't there so he went searching for him He found the captain dead by a tree with wounds and blood surrounding him He went back to the captain’s house to tell Odin another man at the captain’s house to tell him the captain was dead When he got to the house both the barn and the house was locked so tightly Odin had left with the mare A few weeks later he went to the circus where the mare was playing Odin had sold her to some other circus man who would show her in the circus After the mare was done with her act he went past the security guards and found the mare in her stall He talked the man into letting him buy her for 30000 He bought her because she was pregnant with the Black’s foal and for other reasons I think this book was really awesome At the beginning I didn't really know what was happening but as the book went on I understood I was so into the book It was great I was so shocked when the captain had died I wasn't expecting any of that to happen I would recommend this book to my friend Abby Sparks and any other person that likes a lot of surprises I hated this one It was surreal and far fetched and horrific and not at all what I was expecting all in the worst ways possible And yet again there was no point as this is never mentioned again and we're not sure if view spoilerthe Ghost is pregnant or not hide spoiler This is the only book from the Black Stallion series that I kept; This one is a scary horror story with a raging storm that traps them deep in the Everglade swamps with a sinister stranger Then a ghost story about a swamp demon begins to come true shiver HORRIBLE

Blitz in Gefahr Blitz #11 MOBI õ in Gefahr Blitz
  • Hardcover
  • 184 pages
  • Blitz in Gefahr Blitz #11
  • Walter Farley
  • German
  • 28 July 2016
  • 9783505100185