What Matters Most

What Matters Most[PDF / Epub] ☂ What Matters Most By Luanne Rice – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Família Amizade Amor Paixão O milagre está prestes a realizar se mas tal como a maioria dos milagres só pode surgir depois da noite mais escura e depois do maior desgosto de todos A vida pode ser Família Amizade Amor Paixão O milagre está prestes a realizar se mas tal como a maioria dos milagres só pode surgir depois da noite mais escura e depois do maior desgosto de todos A vida pode ser tão precária como um passeio numa falésia e as suas maiores recompensas só são alcançadas por aueles ue ousam arriscar tudo por amor A irmã Bernardette Igatius What Matters Kindle - regressa à Irlanda na companhia de Tom Kelly em busca do passado – e do filho – ue deixaram para trás há mais de anos Foi ali ue aueles dois antigos amantes passaram uma época mágica antes de o chamamento de Bernardette a ter transformado em Madre Superiora da Academia Estrela do Mar E se foi um milagre ue os afastou um outro está prestes a uni los Entretanto algures em Dublin um jovem Seamus Sullivan sonha em reunir se com o seu primeiro e único amor Do outro lado do Atlântico numa mansão de newport eesa rapariga já adulta trabalha como criada e aguarda com uma fé ue desafia toda a razão pelo milagre ue lhe devolverá o único rapaz ue amou A Minha Verdade é o Amor é um livro marcante sobre os mistérios do passado e o relato inesuecível de duas histórias de amor imortais. A very preachy book about lost love Two couples one the parents of the son of the young couple are drawn back to Ireland where the story began twenty three years ago Bernie and Tom had a child they gave up for adoption because Bernie felt a calling to be a nun in America The son is raised in an institution never adopted and falls for another orphan Eventually the two are split Both become irritatingly emo as well as the parents of the boy After twenty three years the nun Bernie and the father Tom return to find their son Of course he wants nothing to do with them The whole book revolved around Bernie the nun I really have no sympathy for her character She was incredibly unlikable fickle and naive I just wanted to smack her for not taking responsibility for her own actions This was the worst love story I've ever read I actually stopped to read portions to my husband and we laughed out loud at the sappy ridiculous eventsA woman who is now a nun and the groundskeeper at the abbey take a trip to Ireland to see how the son they had together is getting along Horror of horrors they find that instead of the happy family they envisioned him gaining from the orphanage he was never adopted and ran off to be on his own This starts a search for the son a uestioning of the nun's previous choice to give up the child and take her vows and raises hopes in the groundskeeper that he may win his lady yet Laugh out loud awful and I haven't even spoiled the best worst parts My first introduction to Luanne Rice and I think it will be my last I enjoy books with characters that I can relate to that are believable and conceivable regardless of the genre or setting The story surrounds four characters two couples Bernadette Sullivan and Thomas Kelly and Seamus Sullivan and Kathleen Murphy The first couple Bernadette and Thomas are in their forties and have been in love since childhood I get that I can understand the depth of the love and friendship between them What I don't get is everything after Bernadette wants to enter the convent she sees a vision of Mary which she perceives as confirmation as her destiny to become a nun She follows Tom on a trip to Ireland in search of their roots Here they fall in love and she gets pregnant has the baby and gives it up for adoption under the influence of an evil novice mistress They go back to America and for 23 years he works as a caretaker at her Convent while she rises to the position of Mother Superior After 20 plus years she decides she wants to search for their son Are you kidding me? Seriously maybe I can't relate because I'm not Irish Catholic like the characters in the book But I can not see how any woman who is determined to keep her child is that easily manipulated Then she names the child Thomas James after his father and paternal grandfather yet chooses to give him her surname Secondly the character Tom is highly fictional I can not perceive any man who wants his child is going to allow you to give it away No objections just to please you Then you enter the convent and he waits by your side for 20 plus years for you to realize that you made a mistake and the both of you can be together Whilst all the time you are playing games with his emotions because you don't know whether you want him or Jesus Wow So in this supposed depiction of enduring love of the other what about love and respect for the self The desire for peace of mind and personal strength Total hogwash Let me not go on further Completely unrealistic blue people who mate with their tails as in Avatar are believable My library is slim with books on tape I picked this up for the pretty picture as I had not heard of Luanne Rice I apologize to anyone who bothered with my in progress reviews This book was tedious By the 7th cd I was vested enough to want to finish it During the 8th cd I was angry and turned it off for a couple days Then I listened to portions of the last CD and decided to go back and finishI think the end was sufficiently acceptable I did reuire a generally happy ending to tie up loose ends after all the hearts breaking pounding and bleeding the hands shakinguiveringtingling and oh the eyes Luanne Rice loves some eyeballs NO ONE worth a shit has anything but intense eyes Everyone speaks some special passionate annoying eye language that isn't taught in school not in Indiana anywayThis might be a fine book for those that are Catholic Irish believe in signs from God ghosts or who are remarkably patient or can suspend reality during a book that is supposed to read real I am none of those things so I half want my hours and hours back I liked some of the characters well enough Rice moves between times very well but she is R E P E T I V E to the point of reader exhaustion Sister Bernadette was a pain in the ass to the bitter end She got slightly better but a pain none the lessI was glad for the characters in the end I am enough of a glutton for punishment that I might read or listen to a seuel This was an awesome storyloved the characters and what they went through touched memories that I haveEmotionally charged and beautifully written Luanne Rice has a way of digging deep within the soul and challenging your beliefsWe are all affected by choicesfrom our ancestors our parents our siblings our spouses our children even our friendsit's what we do with those events that can either make or break us I felt such controversy with what happened to these children while growing up and even wondered what my life would have or could have been like if I wasn't adopted If you like family stories adventure moral issues or just something meaningful to think aboutthis is a great weekend readI've already chosen my next book by this author she really knows how to take you to another place and time I think that I have never encountered a self centred self pre occupied nun in fact or in fiction than in this book Sorry but I would like to have smacked the wonderful Sister Bernadette silly Her complete lack of awareness and sensitivity make me very sceptical that she would be chosen for anything least of all for visions or visitationsI used to enjoy reading Luanne Rice's books and was looking forward to renewing my acuaintance but after this one I think it's best just to pass her books by I'm not sure who changed probably me but this one had me muttering I persevered thinking that it would get better In my estimation it didn't and I'm sorry I wasted my time This almost reads like a trashy romance novel Other than JamesSeamus the characters are not really very likeable I've enjoyed other novels by Rice but this one left me feeling yucky about the story and the characters What Matters Most is another great work of Luanne Rice I have read few of Luanne’s books and so far there wasn’t a single book of hers that disappointed me That was the way I felt with What Matters Most from the moment I picked up the book it got hard for me to put it down I needed how it would turn out in the end I loved the way Rice portrayed everyone’s emotions I felt myself being able to feel what they were filling Top of it the scenery she set described especially of Ireland was beautiful and I felt that I was actually there Even though most parts of novel were sad they were also ones that made me smile Rice brought the story to life to me I’m looking forward to reading rest of her novels What Matters Most is follow up of Sandcastles which I read This seuel follows story of Bernadette Ignatius and Tom Kelly Sister Bernadette and Tom Kelly return to Ireland in search of son they left behind 23 years earlier It was also the place for a lot of memories for both Tom and Bernadette before her calling to become Nun Devastating Tom he took job as groundskeeper in Star Of Sea so he could be close to her to the one women that he never stopped loving Will search of their son bring them closer together? Seamus ‘James’ Sullivan also is hoping and dreaming of reuniting with his one true love Kathleen Murphy who he hasn’t seen over 10 years not since she was taking by her parents from St Augustine’s Children’s home Kathleen was the only family that he ever knows While Kathleen cook in Newport is dreaming the same thing dreaming for miracle to bring the one boy she always loved back to her All four lives are about to come together When I picked up the novel I haven’t realized that I was reading a seuel to Sandcastles that I read a year earlier As I read on I realized that the names seemed somehow familiar and then it came to me I was actually happy that she made the seuel I loved Sandcastles and I was curious about the other characters as well I found myself loving Bernadette right from beginning and her dedication to go back to Ireland to find their son However I found myself frustrated with her at times I wish she would just be with Tom she saw how much he loved her I could feel the tension between two of them but that’s what I enjoyed about their relationship the fact that they were obstacles I didn’t actually read description before picking up the book I found myself curious what Tom and Bernadette where hiding when they arrived to Ireland especially how Tom was acting with his cousins Now James and Kathleen I found myself loving them even All through the book I found myself rooting for them to find a way back to each other I could tell there was chemistry between two of them from the first page I found myself being able to easily imagining their relationship; just by the way that Rice described their relationship through the years Now that’s a real bond a bond that is uniue I did wonder what would happened with them two if Kathleen’s parents didn’t come to get her or if she took James’s offer to run away with him I found myself feeling sad when they were separated and horrible for Kathleen for the life she ended up having Ending had a twist as most of Luanne Rice’s books did I just wish it didn’t have result in death However I was happy that at least Tom knew how she felt about him how they both got their feelings out there Of course his heart had go out at worse possible way I though the very ending was beautiful James finally got he wanted a family with Kathleen even if the child wasn’t his he learned to accept it as I hoped he would This story is totally worth checking out If you haven’t read any of Luanne’s books go pick one out It’s worth your time Tom😭 What Matters Most is LoveAnd the respect for the one you love If she doesn't want it You can bleed your heart out but not make her feel bad about it Be there for her even if you know you can never touch her Despite all that never think of replacing her I like kelly's patience for than 2 decades for sacrifice that spend almost all the money saved for college studies be used up to find the love of her life sticking to one person throughout their lives The First and true love Being their for eachother in whatever way they can and family comes firstMy First ever series I know that many reviewers really did not like this story for various reasons I agree with some of them style of writing outlandish plot etc However I loved the story I love when stories come full circle and I can finish my life with the characters As a Catholic I understood the struggle of the decisions that were made by Bernadette and Tom; as an adoptive mother my heart was wrenched with the struggles of Kathleen and Seamus I even get the adult issues of the adult children I'm glad that I didn't listen to the low reviews this one really struck my heartGo Cards L1C4