Facade Sculpted Illusions Saga #1

Facade Sculpted Illusions Saga #1✅ Facade Sculpted Illusions Saga #1 PDF / Epub ⚣ Author N.R. Spratlin – Oaklandjobs.co.uk SPECIAL PRE ORDER PRICE of 299 Price will change to 399 on January 23rd My name is Amelia Blake and I am one step away from securing a once in a lifetime promotion as an Art Consultant at the prestigi SPECIAL PRE ORDER Illusions Saga PDF ´ PRICE of Price will change to on January rd My name is Amelia Blake and I am one step away Facade Sculpted eBook ☆ from securing a once in a lifetime promotion as an Art Consultant at the prestigious Seattle based art gallery Victoria Weston Studios All I have to Sculpted Illusions Saga eBook ✓ do is prove to my boss Mrs Victoria Weston herself that I have what it takes Easy enough right But when exotic art photographer Nolan Carter James steps through the gallery door and proposes a living exhibit of the sensual nature EASY flies right out those Tiffany glass windows This proposal is so out of the box that it will either wow my boss and instantly guarantee my promotion or it'll have me out the door and looking for a new job in five minutes flat Is the risk worth it Is he worth it The closer I work with Nolan the intrigued I become by his captivating work and the I want to know About him About the story within these photos And about how far I can push my boundaries both physically and mentally With stark realization it dawns on me that my job might not be the only thing I'm risking in this art deal When the opportunity presents itself for me to explore about the life and mind of this sexy photographer will I allow him to lure me into a world I’d only ever imagined in my wildest and most wicked fantasies If what I do in the shadows makes its way back to my boss everything I've worked for will be for nothing So the only way I’ll try any of this is if no one besides Nolan knows who I am So I’ll embrace the mystery with a facade While this series will have a theme that is darker taboo with an overall steamy contemporary romance feel this is NOT a BDSM DomSub relationship story Lia and Nolan's story revolves around the sexual experimentations that allows you to find out who you are under the Facade of what is considered normal. Holy hotness wowThis book should be on everyone's TBR list or at least people who have an open mind and don't mind reading about the main character sexually exploring herself a decent story arc and of course don't have extreme sensibilities Rolls eyesWhat I really liked about this book is that it has story and backstory that has been added throughout I'm pretty sure there are backstories added that us as a reader haven't even caught onto yet Perhaps we will after the third time reading? 🤔Story starts of as we meet Lia the main character who has an obsession of amazing shoes coffee and art She's snazy funny and damn right snarky at times My type of girlThe first part of the book is about her important day at work going wrong friends and a lot of world building We slowly get to know her and her awesome personality which at times can come across a little immature I think the authors did a great job in showing that as she's only 23 who turns 24 and has the world at her feet At this early stage in the book she doesn't really know her true self and has not many experiences to grow or learn from One of the experiences she is set to grow and learn from is being chosen by her boss Victoria to put on and lead an art exhibition for Weston studios It's her job to seek protenal art to put on the show She comes across one artist who takes her breath away The art being beautiful speaking to her on a carnal level that is both empowering and sensual  I don't want to spoil or give to much away so I'll stop thereThe other part of the book is about the growth of Lia about how being put in certain situations makes her grow as a person She becomes at lot less immature and slowly becomes the person she is meant to come with help from this guy called Nolan who has awoken something inside of her By turning her life on its axis but in a good way;  allowing her to explore who she truly is I can only imagine what else will be in store of us Roll on May for the next book holy explicitative this book was hot if you have a heart condition you may want to get a doctor's permission because this book will definitely get your heart racing this book definitively has cussing sexy time and hot men so if you don't like that then I'm sorry this book was the first book in a series so it ends in a cliffhanger it introduces you to the main characters and the plotline the world building was amazing I could not put this book down I wanted to cry when it said the end I can't wait for book two Façade is an interesting take on a 'finding yourself' story The book follows Lia on her journey of self discovery in the most exuisite of ways Nolan a photographer with a specific focus breezes into the art studio Lia works at And this sinfully gorgeous man just might be the one that allows her to discover what it means to truly to be herself A tale wrapped in sexual tension and the underlying want to truly let go we're in for a ride with this series This is such a riveting story I could picture every detail in my mind Join Amelia in her journey outside her comfort zone in addition to meeting her friends especially Nolan I read this entire book in one sitting and can’t wait for the next one You won’t regret buying this book I want to start this review by saying that I received an unedited version I have not gone back yet to read the revised copy This review will be based on the copy I received but please note that changes have been made to the bookAmelia works as an Art Consultant with the gallery Victoria Weston StudiesShe has been given a huge opportunity to prove her worth by conducting interviews with potential artists to be the headliner for their Spring ShowMeeting Nolan at the coffee shop wasn't an ideal meeting especially when she realizes he is one of the artists she will be interviewingAfter seeing his work though she knows he is the one that will be perfect for what she has in mindShe doesn't plan for the intense chemistry that is like static between them every time they have to work together I'm not sure where to start exactly with this reviewI enjoyed the plot of the storyI think it was one of those staple relationships cliches you see in booksGirl meets boy Finds out boy is in her workplace Girl falls for boy despite circumstancesWhen I got my copy it was unedited and some of the issues that I had found within it were as followsWords missingSentence structurePunctuationSwitching between tenses in paragraphsI know most of these have been corrected now but it made the book hard for me to follow because I was seeing some many errorsI am not holding this against the authors It is not a reason for my 3 Star ratingMy reasoning for my rating is because I felt like the book was building up a different type of romance when all of a sudden taboo practices jump out at youThere is a note to our readers at the beginning of the book stating that while this series will have a theme that is a darker taboo with an overall sizzling contemporary romance feel this is NOT a BDSM DomSub relationship storyThere is even a definition for exhibitionism before the book startsWhen I see something like this I have an expectation While I don't expect for intimate relationships to jump out at the very beginning I would think an underlaying tension and concept would be spokenAmelia meets her love interest Nolan very uickly in the book His art is of the sensual aspect and you see some of the tension build between them during this but it is later on in the book the interview showed some but not enoughTheir relationship with each other did not begin until 70% into the bookI felt as if the book was building up to of an ordinary contemporary romance book up until this book then all of sudden he is taking her to a club where they have to wear masks and use code namesIt didn't seem like a natural progression of the relationship or character developmentNothing about Amelia had screamed this would be something she would so easily jump into which brings me to another pointI did not care for Amelia's characterShe seemed like a very shallow woman who cared only about materialistic itemsMost of the time she is talking about how nice items look and how she wishes she could have such thingsShe came across as a very jealous and envious type characterShe talks about her shoes her co workers shoes her bosses shoes and she even talks about her bosses furniture in the officeHowever I did like Nolan's character I think he was described perfectly well and his character matched his perceived attitudeHe was very comfortable in who he was and wasn't afraid to let people know his meaningThere were uite a few people in this story and I believe they will all come into play in some way whether in other books or within this series aloneAt times I found it unnecessary to go into such description of secondary characters I'm not a big fan of the use of switching from present to past in narrationIt is something I have never found appealing in books but especially when I don't think there is a need for themThere was only a few times this techniue was used and one of them I didn't feel was necessary but it has now been changed Finally I felt like the epilogue was lack lusterUsually epilogues tend to give you insight into what the next book will bring or a vital part in the story explained in a separate point of viewWhile this story did have its epilogue in a different POB I didn't feel as if I got anything from itWe already knew Nolan's feelings due to the entire story in Amelia's POVI just wished we got a little insight into his mind or some future conversation he has with a friend about herSomething than what we gotI know this feels like I just completely bashed the story and this was never my intentionI did enjoy the storyI found it compelling and interesting but not what I had in mind for what this story seemed to be aboutI went in with a certain expectation of what was going to happen but I felt almost like I was cheated out of it I still highly recommend everyone reading this storyI think you will be surprised by it and enjoy itI'm not 100% sure if this is a series for me but I am going to give the next book and this first one again a chance before coming to a conclusionI think these are exceptional authors and I know how much hard work they put into this bookMaybe I just expected to much from this book in the beginning and will be surprised by the next one Give this book a try and see what you think This was a bit different from any story I have ever read before It focuses on the taboo and how many are conflicted with what society tells us we shouldn't want And why shouldn't we want it? If it is desired consensual and harms no one what is the harm? Aside from society saying that's bad Is it bad? Or our we allowing society to dictate our lives? This story is about delving into those desires and shedding the constraints of society And I love it Personally I initially had some trouble connecting with the main character Amelia I don't think this is any fault of the story though as I struggled to relate to the girlier aspects of the character the expensive shoes and makeup that are far beyond me But by a uarter of the way through the story those were mentioned far less and I was really able to get into the characters and the story By the end I just wanted to keep going And now I'm left thinking No I can't wait that long for the next book Fiery Feisty Fantastic Fierce Flaming HOT If you are still considering whether or not to read this book just save yourself now and add it to your listThis story is about finding your own personal tastes and pleasures without letting societal taboos change or impact those interests The authors do a fantastic job moving along at a fast pace but in a way that sucks you in as a reader and makes you refuse to put this book down You are inserted directly into Lia’s world with such intricate details there are moments you forget your reading a well crafted story and not an actual setting in time Don’t waste any time considering whether or not to read and just get on to enjoying an AMAZING story I enjoyed reading Facade by NR and NK Our MC Amelia has a lot of growing up to do but you already see results by the end of this book She meets Nolan and together they help her explore things about herself she never knew opening her eyes to new and amazing things The MC was not my favorite in the beginning but she definitely grew on me She is young so you need to take that into account and this book is the set up for the series so we need to see where she started from to appreciate where she is going I am intrigued to see where this story goes will definitely be picking up Book 2 when its available Facade is an interesting book and an intriguing ‘finding yourself’ read centred around Lia who works in a gallery and Nolan an artist This book have some real laugh out loud moments and I enjoyed the moments when Lia had some spunk However there are a lot of moments where she doubts herself a lot and you can see in upcoming books she is going to mature and come into herself Nolan annoyed me at times but I understand that is his personality This story is very steamy and may not everyone’s taste however give it a go as I think this story is going to get better and better as it continues Loved it I hated to put this down The authors did a great job introducing us to multiple characters we will meet over the series without making it seem like roll call While I wasn’t in love with Lia in the first couple of chapters I uickly developed an interest in what she would do next Knowing she was 24 helped understand some of her habits Nolan developed well and I can’t wait to find out of his secrets in the next book If you are looking for a story line that’s going to suck you in and leave you anxiously awaiting the next book this is the series for you