Cold Kill

Cold Kill➤ [Epub] ➞ Cold Kill By Jack Olsen ➮ – Olsen The Man with the Candy Son has another winner in his account of the 1984 double murder of Texas lawyer James Campbell and his wife Virginia by their daughter Cindy and her lover David West It is Olsen The Man with the Candy Son has another winner in his account of the double murder of Texas lawyer James Campbell and his wife Virginia by their daughter Cindy and her lover David West It is a somewhat unusual true crime study not because the case was broken by a private detective rather than the police and not because the final disposition of the case is not included but rather because of its searching psychological depiction of the killers The analysis of the daughter suggests that she was a classic sociopath a pathological liar incapable of any emotion or thought that did not involve her self interest uniue in a close and loving family The lover was far complex a weak man an ex Marine who desperately wanted to appear strong a man chivalrous toward women and uniformly unsuccessful with them Their story makes for shattering reading. This true crime book reads like a novel It's well organized moving from perspective to perspective of the many people involved in this case It does end rather abruptly leaving a few minor uestions unanswered but the fate of Cindy and David is disclosed Kevin Pierce delivers his customary outstanding performance He's an excellent reader of true crime NOTE I received a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for this unbiased review Wow what a crazy twisted story This book is one of those based on a true story but one that I do not remember Love story turning into an obsession that ended up costing many lives I don't know why this fascinates me but delving into the mind of a psychotic feeds my curiosity and perhaps defines clearly how a seemingly normal person growing up can physically and mentally committ horrific crimes There was way too much internal dialogue—beyond the pale This was a true crime book not a novel I cannot believe that David West was able to report that much of his inner life to Jack Olsen Were it not for Kevin Pierce’s superb narration of the audiobook I would have bailedPlus the book was supposed to be about the killer couple not about the male of the couple and the wacky but well meaning PI that caught him So very odd Listened to in audio formatWhen David West was introduced to Cindy Ray by his ex girlfriend he was not impressed Cindy barely spoke was over weight and did not bathe preferring to cover herself with heavy perfumeOver the coming weeks David found out Cindy was fun and flirtatious and they started a relationship David put Cindy on a diet and exercise regime pretty soon he had moulded her into his perfect girlfriendCindy was mentally ill and she had been married twice before She had two children who she was unable to look after so they were cared for by their grandparents Cindy told David she had been sexually assAulted by her father She claimed she had been mentally abused by the rest of her familyCindy persuaded David to kill her parents they went to her mother's house during the night and shot them both whilst they were sleeping Although the police suspected Cindy they could not prove it Four years later Cindy's sister was convinced that Cindy had shot her parents in cold blood and hired a Private Investigator Ex marine Kim is given the job of investigating David when he does not confess she lures him into a honeytrap I felt sorry for David and his poor taste in women First Cindy who was a consummate liar and Kim who was trying to coax a confession out of himThis was another well researched book written by the late Jack Olsen I have awarded four stars because the booked ended rather abruptly I also would of been interested of some of the court testimony About 30 years ago I went through a faze of reading true crime books finding them to be riveting in that they reveled an inside look at communities and lives hard to comprehend Then I or less uit the genre from the belief that I should be spending my time on higher brow literature Thinking back on how interesting I found these books I have now decided that if adults can read Harry Potter and live with themselves then I should be able to indulge myself with true crime now and then So I am back with this one Jack Olsen was my favorite author of this kind of fare and he remains so today This was a fascinating look at evil digging its way into mixed up lives One of my favorite things about the book was what the author left out There was no bloating of the book with dull trial transcriptionsNonfiction or fiction I cannot stand when an author tells the story once and then goes on to tell it all over again with page after page of trial testimony Jack Olsen is perfect here No tedious trial mechanics at all Hooray Seems I will be reading true crime once again This is a decent readlisten and adds some interesting insight into the Campbell murders in Houston TX way back in 1982 but the narration by Kevin Pierce really makes it come to life He puts so much gravity into the story that you really feel each emotion as the individuals experience them I wish there had been insight into how the research was conducted and how the story was pieced together since that's often as interesting to me in a True Crime story as the story itselfI was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author publisher andor narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom I agree with some of the reviews that say the book could've been edited better but even the unnecessarily long sections didn't bother me because the story is so gripping As a true crime fan I couldn't believe I'd never heard this story before How has it not been turned into a movie? The characters the crime the undercover PI It's like a work of fiction Another solid Jack Olsen book Recommend to true crime readers TerribleSo much details leading up to arrest and nothing about the trial will never read another Jack Olsen book terrible If there is one thing consistent with true crime books it's that there usually aren't many likable characters That is true about this story except for one private detective named Kim Paris who wrangled herself into the life of a killerDavid West is an ex Marine who described himself as having two personalities There was the kind thoughtful and caring David Then there was David the soldier willing to take on anyone who got in his way I'll call him loser oneLoser two is Cindy Ray Campbell She is overweight dependent on others for her survival and has zero ambition She is in her mid twenties but has never had a driver's license She has never held a real jobWhen David first meets Cindy Ray he see's potential behind that shy unkempt exterior He encourages her to lose weight He helps bring out her best ualities He turns the ugly duckling into a swan But Cindy has issues beyond her physical appearance She claims to be the victim of incest and rape by her fatherA lot of time is spent getting to know the backgrounds of these two losers They are both so unlikable that it is hard to keep reading about their twisted relationship But when Cindy Ray comes up with the idea to kill both her parents to receive an inheritance things kick into high gearCindy is first to slip up David does so reluctantly after falling for the seductive Kim Paris In the end they both get what they deserveMy only issue with the book was the author's decision to get inside the minds of his characters Yes it adds depth to the story but it also crosses the line as a work of nonfiction Even if the author spent hours talking to each individual there's no way that he could know what someone is thinking all the time I would also have liked some images of the people involved in this story Lastly the author never divulges whether or not Cindy's claims of rape and incest were true She had a child that was supposedly fathered by her father I would have thought that a paternity test would have put the matter to rest

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