Lord Rose-Reid and the Lost Lady (The Contrary Fairy Tales, #3)

Lord Rose-Reid and the Lost Lady (The Contrary Fairy Tales, #3)❮Read❯ ➱ Lord Rose-Reid and the Lost Lady (The Contrary Fairy Tales, #3) ➵ Author Em Taylor – Oaklandjobs.co.uk USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR EM TAYLOR brings you the third novel in the lively Contrary Fairy Tales SeriesLord Jason Rose Reid should never have uestioned why there was a horse out in a blizzard in t USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR EM TAYLOR and the PDF ☆ brings you the third novel in the lively Contrary Fairy Tales SeriesLord Jason Rose Reid should never have uestioned why there was a horse out in a blizzard in the middle of Cumbria If he had not he would not have rescued Lady Rutherford and her babe from the snow He also would not now be struggling with a myriad of emotions regarding the Lord Rose-Reid PDF or not so merry widow herself He would be drinking port and reading Homer like all good rakes should be doing on cold winter evenings Not running about the country widow and babe in tow with a growing desire for the aforementioned widow to boot How had it come to this Fleeing for her life or rather the life or her three month old son It seemed that some men would kill Rose-Reid and the eBook ´ a harmless infant to gain money land and a title She had fled to Lord Whitsnow's estate but due to an unfortunate series of events had ended up in the dower house with both Lord Whitsnow and his friend Lord Rose Reid Two sullen fractious gentlemen; a crying fractious baby and a growing realisation that they were her and her son’s protectors Now every time she looked at Lord Rose Reid he stole her breath And every so often she allowed him to steal than a kissShe wanted to get away Her only problem was how Was she in danger staying or going It was almost as if she was in a bear's den and he wanted to eat her all up And the vexing thing was she was than willing to be dinner Now he said she'd be safer with him in Yorkshire and after a visit from her pursuers she may very well be Based loosely on the story of Snow White and Rose Red Lord Rose Reid and the Lost Lady is a bold erotic Regency tale which will keep you on the edge of your seat. It's a bustHaving read Lady Harriet and the Saint Nicholas day wager I was looking forward to this Em Taylor book Unfortunately it's sex then story ON almost every page there is a talk about Lord Rose Reid' s cockstand In almost every chapter they speculate that her old husband was probably gay Most of the book was them talking about sex Having sex Or planning sex Orally Manually or upside down and backwardsThe very thin story part is our heroine running for her life with her child to escape the crazy relative that wants to kill her baby because he's next in line to inherit Good idea Dismal execution The villain is an inept cartoon character The heroine has a brother that would have helped her She has plenty of money But does she hire guards or lawyers ? No instead she' winds up running around the country in the middle of winter with the baby strapped to her back Then the hero finds her after she falls off the horse and after that it's pretty much all about sex sex sex That is until the last few pages then back to the baby killing plot then it's mercifully over I did enjoy this book It was nicely written and fun to read and I didn't want to put it down The Historical details clothing surroundings dialogue are well done Some readers beware there is lots of 'tumbling' a lot of romance well done too and many many cstands that Jason cannot help All a bit of a girl's fairy tale reallyLOL This story is based a Fairy Tale so please just have fun reading this charming and tongue in cheek story There is drama a lot of innocence some action some blood some plain talking and the mention of 'Mollies' and Byron; you get the driftOnce again my only negative comment as per the last book as well is that there were a few typos One read through by the publisher could have fixed this as they were probably the result of spell check and inattention They didn't detract but I do like to mention things like thisI have the next book to read so on to that one Having read all the books in the series so far I have to say that this one is fast becoming my favourite Jason and Sophia are attracted to one another but given the circumstances in which they met they are both dealing with it in different ways This book is full of lust love and some hairy moments for our couple Thoroughly enjoyable addition to The Contrary Fairy Tales Series Excellent storyGod I laughed out loud in a couple of places really isn't anything like the fairy tale just the names but it is an awfully good read Steaming and funny I look forward to any books from this author I loved this book the third in The Contrary Fairytales I couldn't put this book down the series just keeps getting better and better I think this has to be my favourite so far Jason discovers Sophia and her young son freezing in the snow after she flees from her home in fear of their lives He becomes their protector but they soon realise they are attracted to each otherThis book has everything I've come to love about this series romance lust and plenty of twists and turns Bring on book 4