Some Wildflower in my Heart

Some Wildflower in my Heart[Download] ➸ Some Wildflower in my Heart Author Jamie Langston Turner – Margaret Tuttle's story is one of love unsought for she had been perfectly content with the well ordered and conveniently predictable life she had arranged for herselfBut something dark lurks beneath Margaret Tuttle's story is in my Epub à one of love unsought for she had been perfectly content with the well ordered and conveniently predictable life she had arranged for herselfBut something dark lurks beneath the surface of her placid Some Wildflower PDF or and uncluttered being something dusty with neglect yet painful to the touch Birdie Freeman is everything Margaret is not homely humble and generous It is Birdie who manages through nothing but acts of love to dredge up Wildflower in my ePUB ☆ Margaret's memories of things better left buried Then Margaret discovers that Birdie harbors secrets of her own. This is the first time I have heard of this author and I don't read a lot of fiction but I really enjoyed this book It was well written in how slowly by love the very closed Margaret was won to the Lord Through Birdie's fervent persevering love the walls Margaret had erected over her life due to the many sufferings she had been through began to crumble One of my favorite lines was when Birdie spoke truthfully to Margaret We can't do anything about suffering Margaret she said It's been around forever and we're all going to have our share Just because somebody's had ahard life doesn't mean they've got a right to take it out on other people or on God either Especially on God He knows all about it It's part of his big plan somehow and don't ask me howHer words seemed to be pouring forth with increased velocity and I was aware that I was staring at her in unveiled surprise We're all responsible for how we act Margaret she went on and there are a million ways to be mean We can be mean in big ways by killing people or stealing or cheating or we can be mean in little ways by being rude and snapping at everybody A murderer is guilty in a big way but all of us are guilty when we wrap ourselves up in our own little world and don't think about how we treat otherspg 329 Of the three Turner books I have read the others being Winter Birds and Sometimes a Light Surprises this was definitely the best I thought the statements about pride in one's own suffering were spot on I also appreciated the realistic ways in which the narrator fights against God's drawing her to Himself Birdie Freeman is such a challenge it sounds trite but she really is to me She spends nearly a year just being a friend to bitter and hurting people Christian fiction should be like this an encouragement to Christians to live like Christians As I finished this book I tried to determine exactly why I liked it so much The author is a good – a very good – writer Her prose could not be called ‘concise’ but she does have an incredible talent for helping the reader to empathise with her characters Jamie Langston Turner does not write light frothy fiction Her writing is serious and thoughtful exploring the motivations of the human heart This author exposes the difficulties of life and helps the reader to feel the reality of situations and to immerse themselves within the hardships she portrays I really liked the first book in her “Derby” series called “Suncatchers” I had never come across such an interesting character as Eldeen Rafferty before in literature although some of Dickens’ characters come close This book is much intricate than “Suncatchers” and takes diligence to work through There is a reward though as the reader persists The uestions raised by the main character’s plight do get answered and they are not trite uick fixes Margaret Tuttle has had a hard tragic life Her happy childhood with a loving nurturing mother is replaced by tragedy when her mother dies and Margaret at the age of thirteen is plunged into a world she was neither emotionally nor physically prepared for Now in her fifties the reader wonders if she will ever be able to function normally and form healthy relationships Enter Birdie Freeman “For many years I had used my suffering as a wedge between others and myself I was excused from the reuirement of friendly social interaction because my past had taught me to trust neither God nor man I knew that my friendship with Birdie would force me to recast my life in drastic ways in ways that I thought of as disruptive” Birdie reaches out to Margaret their co workers and everyone she comes in contact with The book itself is supposed to be a character study of Birdie written by Margaret but the we read about Birdie the we understand why Margaret reacts the way she does to Birdie’s repeated unceasing attempts to reach Margaret “Don’t you think it’s interesting” Birdie continued “that God wanted his people to be happy and even wrote laws reuiring them to take rests and have special feasts?” I could not stop the words which sprang from my mouth “It appears to me that God put a great deal thought into providing for the suffering of his creatures than he did for their rejoicing” Can Margaret ever have a normal life and find peace and even joy in her daily circumstances? It seems impossible and yet the reader is not just thrown a bone a uick happy ever after resolution That is probably what most attracts me to this author; she does not gloss over misfortune discomfort or tragedy but neither does she offer uick pat answers that fail to satisfy Even though the vocabulary is challenging at times I made myself keep a list and the plot is slow moving I found this book to be just as inspiring and thought provoking as the first one by this author and yes I will be reading the third book in the “Derby” series “We’re all responsible for how we act Margaret” she went on “and there are a million ways to be mean We can be mean in big ways by killing people or stealing or cheating or we can be mean in little ways by being rude and snapping at everybody A murderer is guilty in a big way but all of us are guilty when we wrap ourselves up in our own little world and don’t think about how we treat others” Five Stars That Are Not EnoughThis book was given to me by my Pastor's wife She really liked the book but she said she thought of me the whole time she was reading it because of the style of writing and the author made references to many books that are classics she was sure I had read as well She was correct and the author also happens to be a professor of creative writing at a university From the very first chapter I was drawn into the story line of the two main characters Margaret Tuttle and Birdie Freeman This is a slow read not because it's hard to read but because you want to savor every word and phrase as the story develops It is beautifully written and very poignantly told through the narration of Margret Tuttle It is a story of great sorrow yet full of great joy and laughter Anger and despair but truth and light through each chapter It is a true story of forgiveness not such much because of what the characters endured but because when a person has been so severely abused you sometimes have to forgive yourself even though the blame is not yours the love in this story is slow and careful but beautiful beyond descriptionThis book can fill who ever reads it with a inner light I have found there are 3 different kinds of people those whose hearts only care about themselves self absorbed spoiled etc those that their hearts have been rejected hurt and so they protect their hearts and have a wall around them then their are those hearts that love and do not give up on others This story is about two women Margaret and Birdie one heart is protected and one heart loves Turner always writes with great detail and she does in this time as well If you have the patience you will appreciate the details and not hurry so much thru the book The story is reflective and reveals life that happened to each woman and how she dealt with it Margaret's heart was protected and during the story she realized that she had a heart that was pride of suffering Margaret was trying to work thru her heart difienicies It is very easy to give parts of this book away and I don't want to do that because it would spoil it for the reader to seek the treasure that is in this story I will have to say it is the most emotional ending I have read lately I pray that my heart is like Birdie that I love and fight for those hearts that can't Had a hard time getting involved with this book I wanted to I liked the characters but she went on about things other than the current subject that seemed to get me off track About half way through I was totally involved It was slow moving but the characters were very interesting The main one Margaret and she tells the story was very strict and set in her ways and no one was ever going to change that The other main character named Birdie was so outgoing and such a positive person that you couldn't help but love her and hope she would some day get through to her friend Margaret It's about personal heartache and how they coped with it individually Very uplifting and such a tender story Second time through this and I absolutely devoured it I can't believe I forgot most of the story but I do remember now how much I love JLT's writing This book is interesting because it reads like an unedited manuscript and also contains literary improbabilities that the writer acknowledges to be unlikely and that would not be realistic if written in a novel The reader would almost conclude the writer and her story were not fictional I have laughed and usually cried over each of the JLT books and love how all the characters interweave into among her stories carrying their gospel message out in their daily lives and touching the hurting in loving meaningful ways Deep in detail tale about friendship and love finally accepted We have two very different women It's a slow process Faith and trust develop with example and sharing And within a circle that expands and does not limit Birdie is a character to remember This is set within everyday life in a South Carolina small town It moves slowly and yet pain of the past is overcome Finally and in a way that breaks the solitary shell This book was recommended by one of my best friends It did not disappoint It's impossible not to fall in love with the main characters Birdie and Margaret I also fell in love with this authorMargaret and Birdie came to life in a profound way on the pages By the time I finished this book I felt like I knew them both The story of their relationship beginning as co workers and ending as close friends made me look at my own relationships differently and wonder about my own ability to give and receive unconditional love The love exchanged between them changes their lives for eternityJamie Langston Turner is an incredible author I love all the literary references she used throughout the story Her portrayal of real people loving others in a real way as Christ does is never religious but rather always God honoring I left this book wanting to be like Birdie in my everyday life because I saw Jesus so clearly in her This book beautifully illustrates that we as Christians are the hands and feet of the Gospel to those we meet each day It reminded me that God uses simple acts of obedience to touch those around us for His glory Great bookI've read every book written by this author This is one of my favorite books of all time I'll admit that Jamie Langston Turner's books are not action filled and some might find them to drag but her characters are so realistic that I find them a delight to read This story about an unlikely friendship between two women with secrets really touched me The main character Margaret has suffered much pain emotionally by events in her past causing her to close up her heart and isolate herself relationally But she is befriended by a cheerful co worker that doesn't seem to realize when she's getting the cold shoulder This new friend Birdie has her own pain from the past but has learned how to overcome it The dialogue is both touching and humorous and I felt like I really got to know these womenThis is the 2nd book set in the same Southern town but it's not really a seuel I do like to read books in order but I read this one first it was how I discovered the author and it was no problem to go back and read the 1st book later

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